Does All My Children’s Babe Carey Have an Evil(Good) Twin?

Insiders are whispering that Pine Valley’s most lamented antiheroine, Arabella "Babe" Carey Chandler, could soon have a twin pop up in town. Don’t expect Alexa Havins to reprise the role, or Amanda Baker for that matter. According to our mole an entirely new actress will be playing the role of Babe’s twin. Okay, soooo isn’t the point of twin/look-a-like stories on soaps for the show to be able to bring back popular actors whose character were killed off? What’s the point of a Babe twin without Havins? Reportedly the show wanted Guiding Light ingenue Marcy Rylan for the part, but the actress turned them down. Keep checking DC as the bizarre bit of casting news develops…

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    Jamey Giddens

    Hey Appleridge,

    Well, I wasn’t gonna spoil that, but since you asked, yep, it’s the Marissa character! LOL That’s what we’re hearing. I don’t know why the networks bother trying to fool their fans. Y’all already know more than they do!


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    And will this twin hang the stars ‘n moon too?? So take ANY beloved and respected Vet Actor from this show (insert hardly -seen Jill Larson or Cady ‘Pancakes’ Mclain here) and replace with a moronic type character to give the annoying and ruined KWAK more airtime. Hmmm. yep. Sounds ’bout right.

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    Why a twin if you aren’t going to use the original actress? Why not just make it a long lost daughter instead???
    Interesting that Marcy turned it down. Maybe she plans on going on with GL if it goes to another network, or if not maybe its because she’s going back to CA in August as her myspace said.

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    I’d bet either Marcy stays with GL…Or it is very very possible that she has been offered a job in LA.
    She could have been offered something on BB or Y&R.
    There was that rumor that BB was going to attempt to keep some of the actors and actresses on CBS.
    She is having a baby and isn’t her boyfriend also in the industry.

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    Luke Kerr

    Go figure, in a seven day perioed that Pratt blames Eden Riegel and Bianca, he goes and brings back the twin of Babe, who was so cruel to Bianca…these people really have no fresh ideas.

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    I’m sure Marcy turned this down for 1 of 2 reasons: 1) She assumes that -like every female in that loony town she’ll (or her character) will have to sleep with Ryan, and no one wants to do that, or B) she’s watched an episode or two of this show. That’s a smart girl.

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    I hope the Light gets a new home, and I hope that Marcy goes with the Light. She is too good for B&B, as well as just about the entire cast of GL, IMO. B&B can gave Daisy and/or Ashlee, they’d fit right in over there.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh and don’t forget Luke, Pratt is bringing back the corniest villain in the show’s history, The Satin Slayer, all to dig the knife deeper into the hearts of Cady McClain fans by saying he didn’t kill Dixie.  Y&R is cleaning up all of the messes of past regimes, while All My Children is proving that Pratt makes Megan McTavish look like one of the Bronte sisters.

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    This is all interesting stuff. The industry is in such dire times right now I would be afraid to sign on with any show that wasn’t Y&R or B&B. Since GL doesn’t end it’s run until Sept, I suppose these people will be employeed until July. If GL does get picked up by Lifetime, I’d think they would have to give the show a two year contract to make room for ATWT’s when it’s contract with CBS is up. If I’m an actor or actess on the show I think I might take my chances with Lifetime over signing with any ABC show. Those shows are just such a mess right now. I could see them all ending up on SoapNet sooner than we all think. So having a choice to work for Lifetime vs Soapnet, I’d go with Lifetime and anything Frons isn’t part of.

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    Good girl Marcy!
    If another network picks up GL she needs to be apart of it and if it doesn’t I’d rather she try something else.
    Don’t want to see Frons get her hands on her and have her sleep with Ryan and prance around in her underwear.

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    If it’s not Alexa, its not worth it. Alexa was the only thing that made Babe worth existing. If they can’t get her back in the roll what is the point?!?! AMC doesn’t need another non-core character to devour screen time from LaLucci and MEK ect. ect.

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    I guess I’ll be the maverick and say I’m thrilled David has another daughter, only this one is smart, ambitious and thinks Daddy is wonderful vs. Babe being all about Mama! :)

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    Marcy Rylan is now the smartest woman in soaps! Anyway, they talk about Babe now more than they did when she was alive. Fans cheered when Babe died, why would they bring her back?

    We were warned by the cartoon version of Pratt in Episode 4 of Pratt Falls. At the end he says he is bringing Babe back and will blame Reese. Ugh…if it weren’t for Reese and Eden Riegel, AMC would be fantastic.

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    Bizzarre bit of casting news is right. It just gets stranger and stranger. They finally got rid of Babe not that long ago. Bring back a twin….yea because the fans are just clamoring for it huh?
    I’m very afraid for this show. Very afraid.

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    I never hated Babe the was many fans did but i know that to possibly lose David Canary’s Stuart or Adam and Stuart and then to have another Babe would be a blow to the fan morale. I would tolerate a Babe twin if it was played by Alexa. Otherwise i say cut your loses already Pratt. While you’re at it cut this Alex Cambias Sr. SL before it even starts. The Satin Slayer was not good, and it will not be better in 2.0 format.

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    I’m pretty sure that it will be written that Adam tried to kill Babe and Dixie was “killed” instead. This would give JR & Tad motive to kill Adam, if the chracter does die in May…This may be it for me & Pine Valley.

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