Is David Canary Being Written Off All My Children?

Well it looks like today is unfortunately Twins Day in Pine Valley casting hews. TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco is reporting in his Nelson Ratings that All My Children is killing off one of David Canary‘s beloved twins, Adam or Stuart Chandler, this May Sweeps.

Another reason to trust The Suds Report: Months ago I reported that David Canary’s illness would result in All My Children’s Adam Chandler’s demise. Yes, Pine Valley’s most memorable villain to date will be murdered in a whodunit this May. Is the dastardly villain dead? Looks that way, but viewers may later learn that Stuart is the twin who actually dies as a fearful and cowardly Adam impersonates his deceased twin brother. Emmy winner David Canary’s (Adam/Stuart) undisclosed illness has prompted this plot twist. In Canary’s defence, you would never know that the actor is suffering any medical issue by watching his brilliant performances. Word from the set now is that should Canary’s illness prove to be disruptive, he will be written out all together when his contract expires — à la Michael Zaslow (ex-Roger, GL). Head writer Chuck Pratt will probably blame Eden Riegel (Binks) when he speaks to TV Guide’s Michael Logan next."

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    Of COURSE they are!!!! I’m sure Fron’s will be creating Cam Matheson’s twin, Bryan Lavery before Stuart or Adam’s corpse has a chance to chill. As twisted as this news is, I totally take it like a champ. This is what ABC does. Ruins every show… That’s why I don’t watch! It’s plain and it’s simple. ABC SUCKS!

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    That’s sad that David has an illness, hope its nothing terminal!!!
    And it would be sad to lose Adam and Stuart from the show, the show is bad enough as it is!

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    Jillian Bowe

    See UpChuck has been getting off easy with me but THIS! Oh hells to the NO! I read that a while back and refused to believe that mess…. Now…….. Oh its on now.. Not my Stuart!

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    Is that one of the reasons why Scott Chandler (Stuart’s stepson) was brought back to Pine Valley?

    btw – That actor really does look like a younger David Canary. It’s a bit freaky.

  5. Profile photo of appleridge

    Someone at ABC Daytime needs to ask GL how it was when MADD fired Michael Zaslow back in 1997 and the flack from that.

    Its funny now with ABC possibly pulling the same thing. This is the same network that in 1998 brought Michael Zaslow back to OLTL and let him work until he died but then again that was angela Shapiro and that woman at least has a heart and soul.

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    As sad as this is going to sound, I wouldn’t really feel *horrible* (I would be saddened yes) if Stuart was killed off ONLY because we RARELY see him anymore. I don’t get why Pratthole thinks trimming away more history from the show will save it though…. idiot.

  7. Profile photo of rebecca

    Maybe he was NOT fired? Maybe he quit because of his illness.I hope it is not terminal,that would be SO SAD!
    My thoughts & prayers go out to him & his family.

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    And I just read that Nelson posted the news that Crystal Strauss is high tailing it out of Pine Lavery. Too bad, she’s adorable and can actually act! She made Amanda so fun to watch. I hope David Canary is okay, and that he and Adam and Stu stick around. For if not for him and MEK, Debbie Morgan, Darnell Williams, and Thorston Kay ……..I dunno……this won’t turn out well.

  9. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    OMG the AMC news just gets worse and worse! Jesus take the wheel! What would be the best way to handle a situation like this. A beloved longtime veteran actor may have physical limitations. He no longer drives the main storylines but fans have fond memories of the days he was the main go to guy.
    I believe it would be a mistake to fire him when his contract is up. Public relations nightmare. Can’t they work something out?

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    UpChuck is a worthless loser if he does this, its bad enough David Canary is ill in real life but to kill of Stuart Chandler in a pathetic whodunnit (because we all know it’ll be badly written) and then turn the mighty Adam Chandler into a coward is repulsive.

    If David Canary’s illness requires him to quit the show at least write off one or both of the Chandler men (I don’t regard Scott or JR as men)in a storyline worthy of the characters history and DC’s talent.

  11. Profile photo of melliebabi

    He has ANXIETY! Is it not OBVIOUS??
    That can be debilitating!

    I hope they (the writers and producers) DON’T RUIN ADAM or WORSE YET- David!

    THEY BETTER HONOR HIS EXIT! I’ll lose all interest in AMC if they screw up David’s exit!


  12. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Maybe David asked to be written out because of his illness. If he wasn’t, I don’t know what to say. I have had just about as much as I can take from AMC…

  13. Profile photo of brtedi

    Awww!…I really don’t know what to say about this. Couldn’t they kill off “Colby” instead. I bet the young actress in the role would be better as a different character,on another show.


  14. Profile photo of ABC_Faithful_Fan

    I’m confused why people are mad and upset.

    David is ill .. he wants the time off to care for himself … or to spend with his family if it’s something that’s fatal.

    I’m truly going to miss him.

    His departure is going to be a challenge for the crew personally and professionally.
    JR losing another parent, Erica losing one of the men that was always there for her. And if they do end up making it Stuart then Marion and Scott will getting the bad news if they switch it up to be Stuart rather than Adam.

    These stars have put in day after day to entertain us. And we owe them the respect that if they want to be less of a focal point so thank you David … I remember on story that was told at a SuperFan interview … They said that David was notorious for spitting apple pieces while doing scenes … David would eat apples in between scenes for the energy boost.

    So, again Thank You David for being one of the best villians on AMC … when Dorian made the crossovr during the Ace/Little A debacle … what a great storyline it would’ve been for them to have a relationship.

    Please take in consideration .. sometimes the star that needs the time.

    God Bless and keep you David & Canary Family.
    Thank you for entertaining us.

  15. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I don’t think anyone’s really upset that David wants to retire, I think people just think that this storyline is insulting to him and his character.

  16. Profile photo of ABC_Faithful_Fan

    David was very vocal and adamant when they were making Adam do somethings he didn’t like during the s/l with Krystal preg w/Jenny. So, if this was a s/l he didn’t like … I’m quite sure that David would’ve said somethng.

    Thank You David Canary for being on of the villians we love to hate but love too. You’re right up there with Dorian on OLTL.

    God Bless you and your family @ this time.

  17. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Trying to see this from TPTB and David Canary’s perspective in how getting rid of either Adam or Stuart without getting rid of David Canary would work or be mutually beneficial to both. Let’s say David Canary is facing a health challenge but it’s not grave, he just need some time away to deal with it and let’s say recover or right now his prognosis is kind of “iffy” and the producers are thinking well should we terminate but what if he takes a turn for the better and is well enough to return to the set – what do we do with Adam/Stuart and in terms of Adam/Stuart, you can’t have either one w/o David Canary. Do the writers have Adam disappear for awhile as I believe they did that recently or what do they do? If David Canary does not return, then there’s no Adam or Stuart. They literally can’t kill off one character and have the other one continue without David Canary in the role – they’re twins. If either Adam or Stuart did receive the fatal gun shot and David Canary isn’t returning, then the surviving twin will have to be written out.

  18. Profile photo of ABC_Faithful_Fan

    I think sometimes when characters leave we’re sooooo use to TPTB cutting them out we automatically think it’s them doing their stuff again. But I believe in this situation it is the actor’s wish. It was really creepy watching Stuart/David on that slab in the morgue .. I mean .. whether his situation is deadly or not … we have no certain announcement .. but .. it’s eerieeeee seeing him lie there. I’m waiting for the announcement about James Mitchell. We haven’t seen Palmer in a bit and God Bless him .. he’s up there in age. All our good friends moving on to that big Soap in the sky. Another one of our fine villians.

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