Last Week’s B&B: The Stephmonster Strikes Back

As much as it pains me to type it – last week I was reminded why I used to want to slap Taylor upside the head. She and Ridge put Brooke on the spot about Rick, Taylor spouting, “your son is sick, Brooke. Wake up! He is psychologically damaged.” While this may be true, how can she be so sanctimonious? Taylor’s own son, Thomas, is undergoing psychiatric help for his demented arson and car bombing attacks. I mean, really, take a look in the mirror, girlfriend. Taylor’s own son is nuttier than a fruitcake, and if it hadn’t been for Rick’s invention last year she’d still be drowning her sorrows in LA’s finest door-to-door delivery vodka.

During Taylor’s lunch date with “world-renowned” quack James Warwick, ex-husband Ridge and fire-starter Thomas, it looked like someone might take some responsibility for their own actions. Alas, it wasn’t to be:

Taylor: "Sweetheart, you were defending my honor. I was the one who was all caught up in these feelings, and I -"
Thomas: "- you know, let’s not blame ourselves. Let’s blame Rick."

Yeah, great idea Thomas. Let’s blame Rick. In amongst the insanity that was Taylor/Ridge vs. Rick, Brooke at least came back with a zinger when Taylor accused Rick of having an Oedipus Complex:

Brooke: "When did you come up with this diagnosis? Before or after you slept with my son?"

Tee hee. Go, Brooke! Sadly, that was about as good as it got for Brooke, as the rest of the week she continued to act stupid and play cheerleader for Rick and Steffy’s quasi-incestuous romance. In case you haven’t seen an episode in over three months – they’re getting married and it’s all rather gross.

On a brighter note, Jackie M managed to snag yet another Forrester – Stephanie, who’d been recently fired from Forrester Creations by Eric “Honey Bear” Forrester. This set the stage for what could be an engaging and explosive rivalry between two fashion houses, going back to the roots of B&B history. Stephanie brokered a sweet deal for herself by demanding stock in Jackie M if she is able to turn around the faltering company’s fortunes.

With Bridget as head designer and Stephanie helping with business affairs, Nick, Jackie, Owen and Clarke could actually provide Forrester Creations with some serious competition. Factor in that Eric’s “muse” is an airhead who only seems capable of slathering honey on herself and designing a flop surf line… well, I smell trouble at FC.

By the end of the week, it was official – Bridget was Madam X, and her collection was a hit. The press went nuts to learn that ball-breaker Stephanie was on board at Jackie M, and Eric and Donna watched in shock as Stephanie said, “eat your heart out Honey Bear.” Ha. Serves the horny old goat right.

Owen continued drooling over Jackie, which is surely going to lead to some drama with Bridget down the line. With all three working in the same building, plus Bridget’s ex-husband (Nick), sparks should fly and we might finally see some heat in the Jackie M offices. Lord knows, Nick and Katie’s lacklustre smooching certainly isn’t bringing it.

By the end of the week, Ridge had come up with a plan to break up Rick and Steffy for good. How many times have I heard that? It’s getting tiresome. At least they weren’t on the roof this time. Anyway, Ridge’s genius scheme was to record Rick parroting his “I own her” spiel. With Ridge looking at his laptop, which was on RECORD – just in case you didn’t get it – he egged Rick on:

Ridge: "Keep talking, Rick."
Rick: "Oh, I will. You ain’t heard nothing yet."

These people really are quite idiotic, aren’t they? Let’s hope Rick and Steffy fall at the last hurdle, and don’t make it to the altar. This silliness has gone on long enough and other characters on the canvas are getting a chance to shine at last. Please, Mr Bell, don’t mess this up, some of us are actually enjoying the show again.

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    The Bold & the Beautiful displayed signs of life and improvement last week. But I still FF’ed through every scene of Rick & Steffy. Rick & Steffy’s “love story” has to be the WORST story in B&B history. I have been watching the show since day one and I cannot remember a time in its 22 year history when I have been more apathetic/disgusted by the show.

    I am going to be cautiously optimistic about this “resurgence.” I truly hope that B&B can get back to being good, soapy, guilty pleasure entertainment.

  2. Profile photo of elvara

    I’m watching B&B again and I’m actually enjoying the Jackie M stuff. Of course I FF everything Rick, Steffy, Ridge….That is just awful.

  3. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    OK, Darren, Rick/Phoebe/Constantine was bad too. LOL! BUT, they did not swallow the show whole the way that Rick and Steffy have the past 3+ months. It has been as if the story was written, taped and they had to air it to fill air space. I do not know a single B&B fan who enjoys the Rick and Steffy pairing. And in the past B&B has been very good about “righting the ship” when stories are clunkers. But this past year they have tried to force characters and stories on the viewers that just do not work. (And in a twist to the old saying, “If it does not work on the stage, it should be changed on the page.”) After last week’s glimmer of hope with Stephanie and the Jackie M story, I really hope the show is moving in a new and improved direction.

    Thank you for your undying devotion to the show. I love your witty and very honest commentary on a show that obviously means a lot to you.

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    Darren Lomas

    SoapSnob, thank you  Believe me, it has been like extracting teeth, sitting down to watch over the last few months (maybe six months!)…. I think if it wasn’t for DC I would’ve just gone cold turkey… 

    Actually, you’re right – Constantpain and the Rick/Phoebe nonsense sing-a-thon didn’t swallow the show in such a ridiculous way…     

    There are one or two Steffy/Rick fans out there, but I’m convinced they’re writing from a secure facility under the care of trained mental health professionals

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    Well said about some people actually enjoying the show again.
    Stephanie is really picking up the pieces.

    Let me first start off by saying, I do not like/enjoy/care to follow ‘Sick’ at all. Bu I must say that on paper it must have looked quite good. Brooke and Eric’s estranged son going after everyone in Taylor’s family that is connected to his childhood nemesis Ridge. But this idea of him whooing Steffi over night is ridiculous. The only thing I’m getting out of this storyline is A) More Brooke bedroom scenes (how many times does Brooke have sex during the day?) B)Hunter Tylo. I love me some Taylor but I don’t understand why Hunter stays on that show because for the past year she has been given nothing but a supporting role.

    Who knows right? Just when that ‘sick’ storyline feels like a major breakthrough is going to happen…or we won’t see them till the wedding…they’re back doing the same thing they did before Christmas…making me sick!

  6. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    DaytimeFan, Brooke has a lot of sex during the day… I just wish it wasn’t with Ridge

    As for Hunter’s lack of screen-time – she’s said (and I *think* it’s true) that it was mostly her decision not to be featured heavily. I know I’d much rather watch Taylor than Donna or Katie…

    And… yup, Sick is sick

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    Hunter Tylo is a beautiful woman who cannot act. Her “lip job” is very distracting as well. Taylor is a psychiatrist & it doesn’t mean that people in that profession never have mental problems. On the other hand Brooke is more dysfunctional. She is less realistic about life than Taylor is. Brooke is guided by emotion more than she is by logic. Oh yes, the actress who plays Brooke is very beautiful and she too is a poor actress.

  8. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Cornelison, if we’re singling people out – I hardly think Hunter Tylo is the worst offender on B&B. Sure, she’s not the best actress out there, but there are several on the show who suck worse…

    As for Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) – she can act just fine and most viewers agree on that… she has been giving some crummy stoylines and dialogue, which make her character look foolish, but KKL is pretty darn good IMO.

    Rick & Ridge? Yes, I’m sick to death of them. Kyle Lowder had grown on me, but I am now sick to the back teeth of their blustering, overblown nonsense…

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