Quote of the Day: “Whoever You Are, Can You Please Stop Talking!”

Thank you Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) for saying what we all want someone to say to Melanie (Molly Burnett)! What was your quote of the day from you favorite show?

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    Luke I am surprised you didn’t mention Y&R’s Jill Foster Abbot’s line to Ashley today.

    They were in the GCAC and of course the insults were flying between Jack, Ashley, and Jill when Ashley started to feel ill. Jill says to Ashley, “Is Satan’s Spawn giving you indigestion?!?! I was LMAO when I heard her say that.

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    Nathang I agree about Mactavish especially about her last AMC stint just alful but and i cant believe im defending her now but her GH stuff was better than what’s there now. She still wroyte for the vets. They were used a lot. The Q’s were still previlant. We got Alexis’s sister, Kristina and Mctavish wrote the 10,000th episode which was Audrey’s 10,000th day of work. I cant remember when GUZA wrote a special anything unless it was mob related. Oh and speaking of the mob it was there under Mctavish but it didn’t eat the show.

    As for Stavros that was supposed to end differently but then 9/11 happened and the story was scrapped and so was Stavros.

    With the way Pratt is ruining AMC I think Mctavish did better and i cant believe I sad that

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    Yeah, Luke, AMC is bad. The Pine Valley Podcast is so funny and correct about how bad the show is. Love Ashley and Jordan. Days is getting better, but it still needs a lot of work.

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    I think Dena Higley believes in the tooth fairy judging from the crappy storylines that she’s currently residing over. Erika Slezak was right: She does create storylines nobody else gives a sh** about!

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    I agree about Megan McTavish. Back when I still watched General Hospital before the mob took over, I remember her stint as head writer in 2001-2002 and that god-awful storyline with Stavros coming back to life. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Robert Kelker-Kelly as Stavros, but the whole frozen body come back to life thing was ridiculous.

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    Yeah, Days seems to be getting better, but there are things that could improve about it (namely Hope and Bo’s storylines). I can see why you “torture” yourself when it comes to GH. They’ve got the same people on there day in and day out, just like on Days. They’re obsessive! :)

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