The Young and the Restless Promo

Lane fans rejoice and start doing the cupid shuffle. Damn I kinda feel sorry for big red. I said KINDA not all the way!

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    Is it just me or could they have played this promo for the last six weeks!? LOL
    The Phick problems seem to be the same every week, only that they hit a new high on a daily basis – which ends with Nick returning home anyway.
    And Cane’s marriage proposals to Lily … WTF … who is still counting???

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    They’re dragging the Phick/Shick and Cane/Lily stupidity much too long now. This has become just as boring as the Winters s/l and the Katherine/Marge dragged out memory loss. Thought we’d never see the end of that one – AND – Mrs. C didn’t even have dementia or Alzheimers. What a joke that was. Why does Nick keep going back for more nagging from Phyllis, hasn’t he been bullied enough by this crazy woman. Phyllis deserves what she gets for the way she’s been manipulating people’s lives in GC. I’m looking forward to seeing Phyllis get what’s coming to her for all she’s done and pushed to the edge. Nick doesn’t have a backbone at all – if he did, he’d be out of that house and in a place of his own. What a wus! Sharon needs a psychiatrist and possibly get committed to an asylum so they can straighten out whatever her screwed up problems are (no pun intended). Right now, there’s an awful lot not making sense on Y&R and it’s dragging miserably. I find myself not looking forward to watching it lately.

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    I am a very very happy LANE FANS so glad the custody crap is OVER and i dont care how many proposal it took to get to MAY 15th wedding bet your ass I am over the moon with mad love for my couple..
    I actually LOVE phyllis nick is not a man he is weak and a jerk.I just which the writers would STOP having phyllis begging him to stay she so deserve BETTER than nick right now…love me some phyllis.

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    I couldn’t care less about this Phick/shick anymore its beyond ridiculous that that grown man still doesn’t know what he wants…anyways LOVE LOVE the lane part ..aww they are so happy I freaking love it . I am a very very happy lane fan right now .

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    I agree – the writers have overplayed their hand by months and months with this stupid Shick/Phick storyline. I really don’t care anymore. How many times will Nick tell Phyllis they have problems, he leaves then comes back and they have sex?! It’s ridiculous. From his latest interview with Michael Fairman, seems JM really isn’t acting when he plays a jerk as Nick. He’s killed Shick and Phick. Good job.

    I’m happy for the Lane fans. It’s nice to finally see Cane come to his senses and drop the stupid custody suit for Delia. I’ll definitely tune in to see their wedding.

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