Y&R’s Gay Character Revealed

For the past few weeks my inbox has been getting a workout thanks to curious fans of The Young and the Restless wanting to know which Genoa City resident is gay as first reported by TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco. Well it is none other than pro bono lawyer Rafael Torres (Yanni Gellman). Rafe’s secret will be outed when Lily (Christel Khalil) pretends to be cupid and tries to set up the legal eagle with her BFF Colleen (Tammin Sursok), not realizing Rafe plays for the home team.

A little birdie also told me Sharon (Sharon Case) will also end up knocked up, and you’ll never guess who the father is. Seriously try to guess because with all that snatch tossing Sharon has been doing, it could be the desk clerk at the GCAC for all we know!  I had to give a lil’ something out because it’s too hot to keep all to myself and DC reader Timepass nearly fainted with the news. I told you that they weren’t playing over at Bell Studios.

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    I’m hoping that Sharon’s baby is Nick’s…

    Rafe is gay?! Hotness…
    He is such a cutie pie. I hope that this won’t all be for nothing. I wonder who he’s going to turn out. Devon, maybe? :)

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    Remember when Cassie was on her deathbed? She told Nick and Sharon that she could see that one day they would have a little girl….Just throwing that out there M.A.B, just in case some of the writers forgot about that little nugget of information…lol….Drive-by Gay:0)(Brings the LOL’s)Jillian I am going to be up all night now trying to figure out who the father of Sharon’s baby is…Thnx….I still cannot figure out who they could have come out of the closet in GC…I heard Raul was coming back….Hmmmmm…..Adam?Daniel?…All I need is a first letter Jillian…lol.

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    I haven’t seen him on the show yet but he’s hot! I’ll have to tune in for him for sure. I hope they hook him up with another guy and they get the same amount of storyline GL’s Otalia gets.

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    Rafe? Serious? I thought it was suppose to be a MAJOR character…!? Anyway, I hope they give him a storyline then and keep him.

    As for Sharon I hope that they don’t mess up this character. With her kleptomania and her sleeping around they made us believe that she is sick in a very serious way. To let this end with a pregnancy … don’t know if this is the right way.
    As for the father – when Sharon has to be pregnant it should be Nick’s. Billy just became a father and we don’t need a baby that ties Sharon and Jack forever – that’s for sure.
    Oh and with Sharon pregnant it should be clear that Ashley’s kid doesn’t survive and she revisits a very dark place… :(

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    Jillian you are right! MAB and Co. are killing me. I can’t wait to watch Y&R everyday.

    I think that’s a nice twist with Rafe. A lot of potential with that.

    Now Sharon the only person that I don’t want her to have a kid with is Billy. I am hoping Nick, but I might be able to accept Jack. Come on let this finally brng Shick back together for good!!!

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    I predicted it was Rafe from the Get-Go. By process of elimination, with the exception of Anna and Abby, he was the only person not to sleep w/Sharon. AAAHA! No, but the day this word broke, the NEXT was the day he was helping Adam manuver ’round the ranch, so I said “It’s Rafe. And he’s going to fall in lust w/Adam” and then I thought “If I’m Adam, I’d take Rafe over Assistand DA Dim Bulb anyday”. As for Sharon, NOOOOOO suprise here either. If your mental state is off the charts, and you LITERALLY sleep w/anyone that walks through your door at the club, you probably aren’t taking the time to refill your birth control. You’re too busy stealing tacky ceramic eggs from Living Rooms. So it’s either Jack, Nick or My Billy. I’m sure the news that Sharon and Billy were ‘doing what they were doing’ will break and destroy Jack. But then the dust settles, a daughter will be born to Nick and Sharon they’ll name her Casey in honor of his aunt, who will probably succumb to her cancer, and also in reference to Cassie. But we won’t find all this out the bambina is born…she slept w/ALL THREE in a months time. Ohhhhhh, Sharon…….

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    I had Rafe pegged as soon as Esmeralda was revealed as his aunt. Rafe is the next logical step for: Kevin. Sharon no suprise — especially when she felt sick at Billy/Cloe wedding. Before she died, Cassie told Sick they would have another baby.

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    I agree with soapjunlie88 I too hope they really address Sharon unstable state, and don’t sweep it under the rug.

    They already sweep under the rug the fact that Tyra was NOT suppose to be able to adopt Ana, because she forge Yolanda signature. That is why the Winters wanted to adopt her.

    I don’t know who is responsible for that decision, but I don’t appreciate laziness that does no deal with their own crapola!

    Any corporate twist in May? We love the corporate stories, they are very rare nowadays.

    And 3 babies, and 2 WTD, in a row? We deserve better than that old soapy predictable plot!

    Good spoilers as always Jillie, thanks for th head’s up!

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    I second the sentiments of other posters that I’m hoping the writers develop whatever ails Sharon. I’m a fan of Sharon’s and though seeking men to validate her shaky self worth is true to her character, the quantity of men (and the klepto) is not.

    Nick being the baby’s daddy would be poetic justice given Nick’s history with Phyllis, and appropriate given Cassie’s prediction of another girl born to them. Perhaps as he and Sharon are attempting to rebuild a relationship, the true source of her erratic behavior (bi-polar? split personalities? depression?) is discovered. You know there will be further rocky seas for Nick & Sharon, and it all can’t be in the form of Phyllis. One negative outcome of Nick and Sharon having a child – I can already see Nikki’s sanctimonious side emerging… again.

    As for Rafe being gay, the chemistry between he and Adam was spot on. Though Adam is on a war path against all things Victor, I’d like to see Adam evolve as a character. If he were to evolve into a relationship with Rafe, that could be very interesting entertainment. We already know he has a thing for lawyers (Heather). :)

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    snatch tossing – hilirious!!

    so the sharon/nick/phyllis triangle – is nick the new ridge? i mean really if there are stones to be thrown it should be at him.

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    I just hope Y&R does right by its gay storyline and not “nuke” it up, so to speak!

    Yanni Gellman is one hot hunk of man. I hope Adam falls for him and/or Noah. I don’t think the couch sex with Eden really did it for the poor kid! I want Noah to fall for Rafe but have to wait til he’s 18 before they can be together!

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    Why not fix him up with Raul,David Lago is returning.This would be the first true gay couple on YR,I think it would be such a great story! :love: :love:

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    That Sharon would turn out to be pregnant with Nick’s baby would be such poetic justice. After all it shouldn’t come as any surprise with Phyllis dropping anvils lately about Sharon TAKING HER HUSBAND AND LITTLE GIRL.

    As for Rafe and Adam what a great way to watch Victor the alpha male’s head actually explode. tee hee hee

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    I hope the writers of Y & R are ready to take the responsibility for the drop in ratings that will inevitably happen if they run with this story! Just look what happened to GL and ATWT. A very small percentage of viewers will appreciate this controversial subject. I will regret losing this show
    :( to poor ratings.

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    ynrfan said:

    I hope the writers of Y & R are ready to take the responsibility for the drop in ratings that will inevitably happen if they run with this story! Just look what happened to GL and ATWT. A very small percentage of viewers will appreciate this controversial subject. I will regret losing this show
    to poor ratings.


    Jillian & Jamey,

    Do we know how AMC, ATWT and GL’s ratings compared in terms of pre-gay storylines to ratings while the shows included gay storlines?

    As we know Kay’s near-gay experience storyline decadeds ago was abruptly stopped due to viewer reaction. However we currenlty live in a different culture, so I’d sincerely hope that long-time viewers wouldn’t abandon the show over one storyline that doesn’t fit their liking.

    Personally I’m thrilled with the upcoming gay storyline and have complete confidence that it will be written in a respectful, intelligent manner.

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    Sharon pregnant? Snooze. Wake me up when it’s over unless it isn’t Nick’s or Jack’s. If I had been writing for the soap I wouldn’t have made Adam blind. The kid wuld have been either Billy’s or Adam’s.

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    Gay character? Boring. How about a character hiding a secret that could bring down both Jabot and Newman Enterprises? How about this character coming from some megarich family? Jabot IS expendable. Chancellor Industries is just a ghost. How about a company as strong as Newman Enterprises? The so-called powerful women on the Y&R are powerful in name only.

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    Actually, ynrfan, the ratings for ATWT initially *increased* as a result of the Luke/Noah pairing: they jumped from #7 to #3, drawing in younger viewers for the first time in ages. Unfortunately, TPTB messed up the opportunity by 1) instituting a kissing/no sex ban that lasted for months and frustrated the new viewers and 2) writing dreadful storylines for the characters.

    As for GL, the Olivia/Natalia pairing is, from what I understand (I don’t watch that show, but follow the gossip), the most popular pairing on the show, again bringing in newer, younger viewers, but not enough to raise the ratings wholesale as it did with ATWT. GL’s cancellation has nothing whatsoever to do with Olivia/Natalia.

    Considering how strong the writing is for Y&R right now, and how wonderfully, seamlessly they introduced Rafe being gay, I have confidence that not only will a Rafe storyline bring in new viewers, it will also be much better written. I’m very much looking forward to see what happens.

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    Pepe1958 – Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the history of soap ratings as they pertained to introducing gay characters/storylines.

    I agree that the initial introduction of gay content in a soap provokes additional viewers. The key of success certainly is in how the characters are writing and what is written for them to do. GL seems to be doing it right. I’m confident that Y&R will as well.

    I also agree that the introduction of Rafe being gay was handled perfectly. He isn’t a core character so there wasn’t need for a traditional “coming out” scene, it was more like a simple conversation that eluded to Colleen already being privy to Rafe’s sexuality, Lily just wasn’t. In reaction to JT suggested in time Rafe and Colleen would be an item, her stating that JT was more his type and JT’s “ohhhhh” reaction was entertaining.

    According to TV Guide’s Nelson Branco’s 4/24 “Suds Report” Rafe Torres will be further developed in the months to come and that viewers “will not be disappointed”. Fun!

    Full article, which includes great news regarding Michael Graziadei (Daniel):

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    :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    Yayy….it’s about time a gay Character comes on! And Rafe is such a hottie, that it had to be him.

    At first I was hoping it would be Adam….but he’s such an a$$hole that nope….let him remain with Heather.

    I just love the idea of RAul and Rafe….though I always maintained in myown forum that Raul and Billy had such a chemistry together that they should have been a couple. I do like the Daniel storyline with Rafe too….as it would drive Phyllis over the bend to hear Daniel switched teams…..and it’snot far fetched, as most gay men live a secret life behind the cover of a str8 man.

    I too hope that TPTB will push forward and make a real couple for Rafe….with a kiss and sex scene (of course with taste just like all other couples)….basically show them as a regular couple just like all the other couples on the show…..ok wait….show them like a real couple instead of the couples on the show…heheheh

    To the one poster in here that threatens to drop the show if there’s a gay couple….goodbye! The world is a different place now and there’s no more room for Anita Bryants in today’s society!!!

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