Y&R’s Nina Returning With Company?

Is Nina bringing along something extra when she returns to Genoa City? As first reported last month by TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco, Tricia Cast (Nina) will be heading back to The Young and the Restless next month. A little birdie told me that Y&R had a casting call for a character named Edward, who is actually her son Phillip. The role has been snagged and the character, an ex-Navy SEAL, will make his screen debut on May 4. Viewers may recall Nina explaining that her son Phillip wasn’t able to attend Katherine’s (Jeanne Cooper) funeral because his unit was deployed in Iraq. Stay tuned.

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    Yes I am liking this! I can already see her and Jill go at it over Phillip! Maybe Phillip will add a little something to that teen cast. I have to be honest though. Eden isn’t as annoying anymore. I guess now that she isn’t on all the time I can take her. Acting still needs work though.

    Could you see Abby falling for Phillip?!?! or Colleen because she needs something or maybe him going with Rafe?!?! Oh my lord the possiblities!!!

    Jillian I thought Monday morning’s were bad but you have just started mine off on a great note…now just tell us who that third wedding is going to be in May…

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    Additionally, I am excited to have both the return of Nina (reminds me of catfights with Jill of yesteryear) and her son arriving in Genoa City.

    Perhaps Kay, Nina and Phillip III will research exactly who Phillip II was as he apparently wasn’t Philip Chancellor’s son with Jill. I’d imagine young Phillip would want some closure on his father’s origins.

    I’m actually surprised that Jill has taken no steps to uncover the origins of the boy she raised thinking he was her son.

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    Can I see a bisexual triangle with Rafe, Phillip, & Colleen? HOT!

    I don’t really know how I feel about Phillip coming back so soon, though. Nina should have been able t settle back into GC by herself first.

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    Does Tricia Cast (Nina) and her family still live in TN? If so, the commute would be challenging to have her be a regularly featured character.

    Perhaps the intent is to have her be the segway for son Phillip to be added permanently to the canvas as where Tricia will be on reoccuring basis.

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    Thank you the additional info, AlistairCrane.

    I’m an avid fan of Nina’s having watched the show since prior to her initial debut. So I’m thrilled that Tricia will be regularly featured on our screens!

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