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Here’s the Scoop! 04.21.09

It’s gonna be a quickie since I’m running behind schedule today…

Ric or Sonny? Who knocked up Claudia? Ric wants a paternity test, an amnio at the earliest time possible. IF the results say the baby is a Lansing will that be the next secret kept in PC? One RUMOR has Claudia putting herself in a pickle and losing the baby. Will Ric accuse her of deliberately putting his child in harm’s way? Will Sonny and Jason let her live once the baby is gone? COULD Sonny not care that his wife is responsible for Michael’s shooting when it’s all said and done? Will Jason? IF Claudia loses her baby will she pretend to still be with child? That’s a classic soap go to move.

Carly’s baby… Will this storyline be another round of Sonny vs. Jax? RUMOR has it that Sonny is concerned about Carly’s delicate condition and Jax wants to know why. Will Sonny know about Carly’s potentially life threatening disorder before candy boy?

Working for Helena or not? What is Rebecca’s deal? Some REPORTS have Nikolas helping Rebecca to free herself from Helena’s clutches. There were RUMBLES of an Elizabeth-Nikolas hook-up but is it Nikolas and Rebecca who are actually hitting the sheets?

Jason… He’ll be spending time with Carly and Michael. Will Jason be in Michael’s good graces? Why can Jason be a part of everyone else’s life except his own child? Sorry, it’s frustrating.

Who will Michael turn to when he comes out of his coma? RUMORS have had him upset with his parents and possibly connecting with his cousin Lulu. Let’s not forget that his sister Kristina is also getting aged and the two MAY find a common ground… their parents.

Will Michael and Kristina be a way to have Jason and Sam in more scenes together? That’s one POSSIBILITY as Kristina will be turning to her big sis and Michael MAY only want Jason around.

So much Kelly Lee! I’m not complaining as I think she should be around more, her and Laney. Obviously it’s the pregnancy storylines that have the OB/GYN on our screens so much. She’s also RUMORED to be the one who tells Patrick that Robin trashed her meds. Remember there’s an intervention coming.

Leaving on a jet plane? The GOSSIP says Tony Geary is headed out on another vacation and this time he’s SUPPOSED to be looking for Robert Scorpio. While you’re out there could you search for the real Luke Spencer as well?

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  1. Profile photo of curacaoman

    What a missed opportunity today: why didn’t Helena just slit Teethan’s throath and rid us of our misery? And wow, Luke actually cares about someone: his boy toy Teethan!
    Another day, another sick, disturbing scene!

  2. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    It seems that Nikolas and NotEmily are the route they are going with a few Guza style bumps along the way.

    Why is a pairing so unpopualr being pushed front and center……Oh wait almost forgot who’s writing the soap and whos in charge of ABC daytime.

    Like they care about what fans want.

  3. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Hmmmm…so its okay for Liz to hook-up with Ric, but so freakin’ disgusting that Sam hooked-up with the same man? Very, very interesting. Lol and yeahhh, Alexis was married to Ric at the time, and I guess thats ickkyy, but what soap character hasn’t done something ickkyy? Lol.

  4. Profile photo of liason4real

    If Ric gets within two feet of Liz, I have a feeling Jason will forget about his ‘danger, danger’ speeches and claim his family! Oh wait, that’s a good idea…Ric? Oh Ric!

    Regan thanks for spoilers! I’m with you, there is NO reason for Jason not to claim his family and stop acting like a douche.

  5. Profile photo of jaden316

    I love Kelly and the actress that plays her (Minae Noji). She has a very natural presence on screen that just seems “real”. Perhaps Minae could spare a few hours a day and offer NL some acting lessons. Or is that just a lost cause? I fear that if NL sticks around much longer I will just have to boycott this soap once and for all.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am all for Michael and Jason bond , I think it will be great more that Michael hates Jason……
    Also the Q’s can be involved and maybe we Michael bond with them will bring Back Jason to them now this is a great S/I
    Also I am also hate the fact that Jason is with every child in town but his only Son!!!

    Yesterday I was happy when Carly told him the girl will have uncle Jason – and than someone wrote to me what about Jake – and I felt like idiot …………
    I want Jake to be with JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Profile photo of lene91

    Is Nikolas and Rebecca unpopular now?!?! maybe the majority on this site thinks so, but not on other board.

    I really don’t think Rebecca/Emily and Nikolas should be counted as a unpopular pairing. That would be like putting them in the same category as Nikolas/Courtney! LMAO! And Nik/rbecEmily has more than 10 fans; )

    IF Claudia loses her baby will she pretend to still be with child? That’s a classic soap go to move.

    hmm, isn’t DAYS OF OUR LIVES already doing that..

  8. Profile photo of LiasonLuv

    My point was there is no person on earth that Jason hates more than Ric. Seeing the twice-married exes reconnect would BURN him. There’s no way he’d let Ric near his son (that he forgets he has!). I’m a LIASON fan, but I just think it would FORCE the writers to point Jason back in Liz’s direction!

    Although….I wouldn’t mind seeing a little Nik/Liz action.

  9. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Lol LiasonLuv, I know what you meant. With the way the writing on GH has been lately, if they put Liz and Ric back together, they would probably make Jason hate Liz just as much as he hates Ric.

  10. Profile photo of liason4real

    Ric sniffing around Liz? At least Jason would have scenes with Liz and it stands now, it makes NO sense in the world for him not to see them! dumb can this show get? There are 30 people in PC and the ‘no contact’ would have been better if Jason, Liz and the boys ran into each other all of the time, with Liz and Jason realizing they are stronger together than apart…JMO

  11. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I agree with Regan and several others here, and have stated numerous times that this is my biggest problem with Jason right now. His not claiming Jake, I understand the Fruza decision about JaSam or for that matter Jason & (insert anyone not Liz), but showing Jason being all parental with Spin, and giving advice to Robin and wanting to know who shot Michael grates me to no end. I mean if they at least acknowledged Jason saying to Carly that him doing all these things are a way to help him deal with not having Jake in his life I could sort of live with that. I can’t even remember the last time he looked at a picture of his son, I mean sneak a peek, something, my gosh the kid is already walking before we know it he will be in depends.

    But this to me is the real reason I have not watched the way I have, yes I want Liason but in reality all I want is a character that I love so much to be the man I grew to love not some joke.

    The same can be said of TG I have never loved the character of Luke but I cannot believe the crap he is spewing now

  12. Profile photo of liason4real

    There are lots of spumors, including GH not wanting a domesticated Jason (I guess domesticated equals not manly???), anyway, Guza is returning Jason back to his roots of his ‘core family’ Sonny/Carly/Jason/Michael. I’m still not watching, Jason looks like a tool.

  13. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    lene91 on all sites. Nik and Rebecca are unpopular. Even behind the scenes gossip said Rebecca and Nik are unpopular. And what does Nik and Courtney have to do with this? If it was to hurt me sorry to tell you but I never really liked Nico. I never really liked Nik. I was a Journey fan.

  14. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I agree Jason must step up to raise his son.

    Failure to do so has hurt his character and his development. I am hostile to renewing the Jason and Michael bond because of it and view the story, which could be great if done correctly, quite cynically.

    If Jason can’t be with Jake again how can be be with everyone else?

    How can Jason believe Lucky is better for Cameron and Jake?

    I am just not buying it anymore.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am hoping that Sam encourages him to find a way to have some contact with Jake, but I am not sure how they do that safely. Again, the issue is that Michael is already in danger because he is Sonny’s kid. Yes, that chance of being caught in crossfire comes from proximity, but all the custody papers and avoidance doesnt chance the fact that Jr. IS the son of a mob boss and could be killed or kidnapped to send a message to his father. Assuming that no one knows Jake is Jason’s, those issues are null. Now why they cant show us more of Jason’s grief about being away from Jake, I dont know. It seems to me that with the return of Michael and Carly’s high risk pregnancy we will find out at some point that he does watch jake from afar on occasion or the guards are taking pics for jason or something like that.

  16. Profile photo of jpp1975

    I would like Ric and Liz if Ric would reform for her, honestly REFORM and put his sick Sonny obsession behind him. (The reason that Sam and Ric were gross was because he was her step-father / father of her little sis. Plus they had sex on the floor of her mom’s house, increasing the ickyness.) And it would serve Jason right if his son was raised by his mortal enemy.

    Also, Sonny’s selective morals always make me chuckle. He probably tries not to order murders on Holy Days of Obligation. :)

  17. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regan thanks as always

    i read elsewhere the whole lohan replacing kelly monaco, but that kelly wanted to return to gh and not extend her stay. have you heard anything? is the show pressuring her back or not to bother to come back at all? or is it that they think she’s missed by her fans and hope more airtime will equal more ratings?

    these are just a questions, not an attempt to start any meanness or huge debate – i’m just curious.

  18. Profile photo of liason4real

    If Jason wants to see his son, it’s up to HIM, to get up off his backside, grow a pair and go see Jake! It shouldn’t be up to Liz, Sam, Monica, Carly, the clown on the corner, it’s up to Jason to step up and take control. Liz told Jason before the last Jakenapping to go public, but Frons put the kabosh on that, didn’t he? All I see on the various boards, is a grown man running all over town in everyone’s business but taking care of his own with Liz and Cake.

  19. Profile photo of River

    Okay GH is finally bringing characters my own age into the mix but I have a feeling that its going to blow big time.Micheal and Kristina?Wow , if they end up being paired together I’m going to gag,throw my tv out the window,scream at the top of my lungs,jump from the top of abc studios and then come back as a ghost to haunt the writers forever and give them a taste of Tracy and Alan.My neighbor brought this up to me this morning when we were discussing soaps and stuff.They aren’t “techniqly” related at all , and it wouldn’t be very suprising according to her if the writers ended up putting in some teen angst/ forbidden romance in their storylines especially since no other characters are being rapidly aged.Of course I find it utter repulsive even if they don’t share a drop of DNA but the way soaps have been written latly anything – and I do mean ANYTHING- is possible.

  20. Profile photo of MISS LIASON

    Maybe Michael coming back into the picture will let Jason know just how much he is missing being there for his own son.

    If I was a writer, that is the direction that I would go. There is such a huge fan base for Jason/Liz, that the writers should explore that more to get the ratings back up!

  21. Profile photo of River

    I agree with petitejolie, classic soap opra move.Carly would KILL her though , there would be no stopping her once she finds out and we all know that she WOULD find out.I think Johnny would draw the line @ helping his sister steal babies though , Claudia should have packed her bags and ran away a LONG LONG time ago.

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