Lisa Rinna’s Playboy Pictorial

Zap2it has pictures from Lisa Rinna’s Playboy photo shoot and they ask the question, "Was it worth the hype?" I thought it was a good question.

Was Lisa Rinna’s photo spread worth the hype?

Lisa Rinna's Playboy Pictorial

  • Hell to the no! (83%, 373 Votes)
  • Yes! (17%, 79 Votes)

Total Voters: 452


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36 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    Yeah, and the area under her nose does not look right.

    Plus, is she wearing a wig? Everything about it looks fake to me and, of course, we know there was airbrushing because they all do it.

    Is Playboy that bad off that they can’t find a new face/body? If I were a subscriber, I would cancel my subscription.

  2. Profile photo of goyankees

    the HYPE? It was hype created by Lisa Rinna herself! She has no shame. She probably gave copies of the issue so her kids could take them to school for show and tell. I almost feel bad for her, but then I remember how obnoxious she is!

  3. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Good gawd, she is scary looking!! Now that’s the stuff nightmares are made of!! Surely to goodness Hef can find someone better than this??….and Lisa Big Mouth Rinna thought the soap world was bad…well this has got nothing on it!!

  4. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    EET: Word. Lol it was a pleasant surprise to see Kelly Monaco as a judge on the Miss USA pagent. So looked stunning, as always.

    As for Lisa Rinna, she really should not have had someone touch her face. I thought she looked perfectly fine before.

  5. Profile photo of timepass

    WTF is kemo doing in this thread, whatever!

    Wow does she look bad. What were they thinking! The make up is all wrong and nothing in there is sexy!

    Poor her!

  6. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    Good God! Her lips….is she trying to form a kissy face? And she’s definitely had a boob lift, no woman that old has them that high…lol. Very scary picture.

  7. Profile photo of

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  8. Profile photo of melliebabi

    I agree! I was thinking just that the last day or so when i hadn’t seen a mention of it anywhere on DC (or other sites).

    KELLY MONOCO seems to get shafted (LOL- bad choice of words) by the daytime press a lot.

    Is it intentional EricasEvilTwin?


    QUOTE: Kelly Monaco just helped judge the Miss USA pagent – how about covering that instead of yet another Lisa Rinna does Playboy article.

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