The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Rick Overplays His Hand

Rick/Ridge: This round for L.A.’s most pompous ass was won by Rick when he decided that Ridge was too dumb to ever get out of being blackmailed. Ridge, who is as tired of Rick playing a nice guy for everyone else as we are, set Rick up to have a conversation with him and a laptop recorder. Rick’s tirade of how much he hated Ridge all came out. Ridge encouraged the dumb kid to keep yapping, and yap he did. Rick admitted that his relationship with Steffy was all about revenge, not love. He also stated that if Ridge blew it for him that he would take Steffy away and he would lose another daughter.

After Rick left, he suddenly got smart and realized that Ridge didn’t put up a fight. Curious, he went back and overheard his conversation being played for Taylor. Suddenly scared, he ran off to Malibu to break up Steffy’s bridal shower and hightail her out of town before Taylor and Ridge showed up with the laptop.  When they got to Rick’s place, the guests informed them that Rick took off in a heated rush. Taylor surmised that Rick might be onto them and huffed, "I’ve had it Ridge! It has to stop tonight!", as she flipped back her gorgeous dark hair.

Jackie/Owen: After the revelation that Stephanie and Bridget were the flash behind the trash, Jackie retreated to her beloved bathtub. As always, she had company and today it was in the form of Owen. Bridget was in a playful mood, but would not tell Nick who she wanted to play with. Too bad Bridget will lose another man to another older woman.

Marcus stopped in at Steffy’s shower to talk to her privately. When he started to tell her that he was happy for her, she interrupted with, "I don’t understand", to which I thought, "no kidding".

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    They should have written it as Rick using Steffy all along. We went through weeks of them declaring their love for each other, just to have it turn on a dime? This ham of a story may have been tolerable if the audience was let on from the beginning that Rick was playing Steffy.

    How could he had been so stupid as to go popping off at the mouth like that? Ridge may look stupid, but sometimes, he’s not. This will all backfire once Steffy dumps Rick, and he decides to press charges on Thomas for trying to kill him…

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    Luke Kerr

    I just finished watching the episode and all I have to say is Run Rick Run! The poor boy better have a dang good plan to get him  out of this mess or he’d better find a justice of the peace asap.

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    I also thought that it seemed it bit odd for Rick to suddenly be all about revenge….I mean, Ridge has been saying that from the beginning but he’s an idiot and Rick really didn’t drop many hints….they really should have had him as definitely being up to no good from the beginning…..It’s almost as if they switched gears and this isn’t what they had in mind but they had to deal with the backlash this stupid story has been getting….

    “When they got to Rick’s place, the guests informed them that Rick took off in a heated rush. Taylor surmised that Rick might be onto them and huffed, “I’ve had it Ridge! It has to stop tonight!”, as she flipped back her gorgeous dark hair.”

    Now that really made laugh Mike…..Actually I laughed when I watched the scene as well…..

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    Mike Jubinville

    I wonder if they are just trying to wrap this up ASAP since all the other stuff is so much better.

    ghaddict…thanks…Recapping can be dry, so I’m just going with what’s in my head…it was my first one, so I’m sure they will get better as time goes on!

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    I think Kyle Lowder is one of the best things to happen to this show. His expression when he came to get Steffy was great. He looked embarrassed to be almost caught. Other soaps would have had him seem tough, but Rick was vulnerable and it was interesting to see.

    Cheers to Owen in the tub, I hope he installs one in his office like Brooke.

    I also suspect that Stephanie at Jackie M is going to be undone, and that would be tragic – her new direction and the speech about how she thought Eric would be there for her as they got older is really good.

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    Rick and Steffy is on the of the worst couple on B&B history, next to Bridge. I didn’t believe that crappy love s/l and glad that he is using her. I sorry, but Jacqueline can’t act to save her life and I and the viewers can’t take anymore of this awful and sick romance. I think that Rick is turning into his mother and going through women to ease the pain of not having his mom being a mother to him and always doing everything to get with Ridge instead of tending to Rick. I think that Rick should do everything in his power to crush Ridge because what goes around comes around.

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    I knew they wouldn’t make this crappy story play out. Rick could never be trusted, I never believed that he loved her at all, and even if that was how they were playing out the story, the chemistry between them was awful. Hated it. Glad that’s over. Plus could one girl be that naive and dumb? She should’ve seen something was up from the beginning, i mean Rick didn’t even try to hide his guilty face. NOw get rid of bubble head donna and the sisters from hell. I hate the Logans. Except for maybe the mother and father, and Marcus, but the sisters and rick? ewwww…

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