Wishful Casting: Amber Tamblyn as Emily Bowen Quartermaine

In the interest of seizing the opportunity, with Amber Tamblyn‘s latest primetime vehicle sinking faster than Chuck Pratt‘s approval rating—or I.Q. for that matter— I say Brian Frons get on the horn and ask Tamblyn to reprise the role that made her famous, General Hospital’s Emily Bowen Quartermaine.
Since Bad Granny (Constance Towers) is in town for a spell, why can’t GH simply say she’s been holding the real Emily captive, before slicing NotEmily’s throat, as part of Guza’s next Sweeps fartacular? I’m sure GH fans would turn a blind eye to Emily suddenly having her original face, the way One Life to Live viewers did when Max Holden came back with his old kisser, or when Amerasian Blair Daimler suddenly became white and from the South.
I have always been fond of Natalia Livingston, but like all the Luckys after Jonathan Jackson, she’s a pretender to the throne. All of Emily’s quirk and spunk left with Tamblyn, and this Q fan wants some of that action back! So what are you waiting for Fronsie? Get Tamblyn back in Port Charles before she ends up agreeing to Sisterhood of the Traveling Vagina Monologues About How He’s Just Not That Into You, or worse, another costly series for ABC primetime to produce, pimp, promote and then kill next season. I’m sure Disney’s shareholders will thank you! I know I will.

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    Well firstly, Frons would have to pay her a decent salary to get her back and since she doesn’t have a d*ck, that ain’t gonna happen. Besides, I have a feeling Amber would rather do 100 Lifetime movies rather than come back to GH.

    Though the thought of Soily 2.0 with Amber as Emily is really amusing, lol!

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    Luke Kerr

    Daisy, how could you wish a soily pairing on Amber? FOR SHAME! I love Amber and would love to see her back on GH. However, because of GH being the way it is for her sake I wouldn’t want her to come back. Guza would screw the character up and then blame it on Amber like Pratt has done with Eden.

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    Oh c’mon Luke! Are you saying that the idea of Amber and Maurice doing a love scene isn’t funny to you?? That would be Hilarious!! If people were grossed out by NL & Maurice, could you imagine their reaction to Amber and Maurice?? >)

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    Amber’s a great actress and doesn’t deserve to be on a show that’s that bad. Even if they managed to get her and JJ back on I couldn’t tune back in because they’ve done the fans so wrong lately even great actors couldn’t help. I’d be more likely to tune back in if they got a whole new writing staff.

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    GH is a hot mess! I don’t see the actress returning unless they cleaned out upper management, starting with Frons, new writers, better use of the entire casts, and, stop focusing on 3 to 4 actors at the expense of everyone else…JMO

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    I’d be so damn happy if Amber decided to come back. But given the trainwreck that is GH she wouldn’t.

    Natalia is HORRIBLE. Amber will always be Emily.

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    Amber will always be Emily to me. That being said, I think she should run far away from anyone remotely connected w/ GH right now, unless they also plan on bringing back “The Real” Lucky, JJ, and resurrect Alan Q. somehow. I loved AT and SD’s scenes together, and Emily and Alan never had the same connection once NL started playing Emily. Bring back Sidney The Bear! :)

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    I’d love to see AT back as Emily Q all grown up and kicking ass. Amber would rock it, but seriously, I wouldn’t wish Guza on any talented actor with a career and while Amber’s latest project isn’t working out the woman has a career.

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    Did you see the second Sisters With Traveling Tampons?

    No, I try to avoid movies about feminine hygiene products. I find them a bit lacking in plot.

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    Why,so she be on another AWFUL show that is on the verge of being canceled,or should i say SHOULD BE CANCELED?
    Do you just hate her or what? Why would you suggest she RUIN her career by going back to that CRAPFEST?

  11. Profile photo of Beth

    Jamey, I hope this doesn’t come off as a personal attack, because it’s certainly not meant to be, but I’ve got to say my peace here.

    I realize you indicated you like Natalia, but I think she takes an enormous amount of flack for things that are out of her control here. Yes, she has quirks and makes bad acting choices from time to time, but who hasn’t, on this show or any other? I’m not convinced that this role is for her, but I think it’s a little difficult for her to know how to play it when all intents and purposes indicate TPTB don’t have a clue where this story is heading. She’s given interviews where she says she doesn’t know, Tyler’s had PAs where he came out and said the show doesn’t know where they’re going, and it’s pretty obvious from the story they don’t know where to take it. It’s like one day they want her to be Emily, the next day they want her to be the bad girl, the next day they want her to be from Mars. And considering the time and money constraints put on these actors in daytime, how is she supposed to grow into the role when no one will give her direction because they’re STILL making up their minds about what to do with her?

    To me, this is classic Frons, Guza, and Phelps. They killed off a popular character and ruined a popular pairing, realized their mistake too late, and then tried to rectify it by putting the actress back into a cookie-cutter Guza special – the bad girl in leather (as though we don’t have enough of those already)who doesn’t have an actual story. Natalia took the role to try something new, and maybe her acting abilities don’t live up to it, but I know of only a handful of actors, especially in daytime, who go out of their comfort zones acting-wise. I give her credit for at least trying. She may not succeed, and maybe the story isn’t working for some people, but I challenge anyone to tell me what IS working on GH these days.

    I loved AT as Emily, but she’ll never come back, and I don’t think I’d want her back. She as Emily could never achieve the same chemistry with Tyler Christopher that Natalia has, and I think the character has progressed beyond the teenage Emily with a crush, which is what AT will always be associated with.

    Natalia may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she was and is popular on the show, and there are those of us who were happy to see her return. I don’t think that her Emmy win is the sole example of what’s wrong with the Emmy nomination process. I think she brought things to Emily that AT did not, and they were for the better, IMO. And who’s to say that this story isn’t going in the direction to bring Emily back, played by Natalia?

    My personal feeling is that there are a long line of things wrong with this show that rank much, much higher than whether or not Natalia is the right person for Emily in someone’s opinion.

  12. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    No, Beth, that didn’t feel like a personal attack at all. You were just stating your opinion. Here’s my thing. I liked Natalia well enough the first time around. I do not think she has ever given an Emmy-worthy performance, but she was okay for the fairy tale, soap operatic true love story with Nikolas. However, when the actors broke up in real life, they stopped being able to sell their storyline. It became painful to watch. Her return, in my opinion, has been a failure on so many levels. Yes, you are absolutely right, the blame starts with her bosses, but her bosses aren’t the ones acting out the scenes. Natalia was absolutely hideous in those recent scenes where she was calling Alexis a bitch and later trying to act angry and indignant with Nikolas. You do not put Natalia Livingston in a combative scene with Nancy Lee Grahn, one of the best actresses in the history of daytime, when the actress so clearly can’t bring it. Amber Tamblyn could bring it at 15. She was a breakout. Natalia barely found a handle on one role, two roles is one too many.

  13. Profile photo of BrookeB

    I could not disagree with this post more. Natalia is Emily. Emily has progressed past where the character was when Amber played her. AT brings up memories of a teenage Emily, while Natalia brought the character to an adult. Yeah, she may make some annoying acting choices at times, but no one can ever replace Natalia Livingston as Emily. Let’s not forget the huge uproar that Natalia leaving GH caused last year. She apparently has a huge fanbase.

  14. Profile photo of Ferris

    I disagree. Natalia IS Emily now. AT was fine as teenage Emily, but I don’t believe for a second that she could have done what Natalia and Tyler did together in that pairing over the last few years. And in all fairness to Natalia (who may indeed be a little slow in finding her footing as this new character), of all the actors who have been let go from this show over the last several years, it is HER that TPTB wanted back. And they barely waited 6 months before asking her to return. So I guess there are some folks out there watching who think she’s worth a little something.

    I hope there are articles that get written when she does something well for a change. Because there really seems to be an angry pack mentality when it comes to Natalia and Emily that I don’t understand. She’s nice and she’s an easy target so everyone piles on. It’s like people can’t wait to get their digs in. But I adore her and I’m thrilled she’s back and I hope the show brings back Emily with her.

  15. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    but no one can ever replace Natalia Livingston as Emily.
    Oh my word, you can’t be serious? You think Natalia Livingston can’t be recast?

    Chrishell Stause
    Sabine Singh
    Ashley Bashioum
    Rebecca Budig
    Lindsay Korman

    I can name 20 actresses who can replace Natalia Livingston as Emily or NotEmily as it is. I am sorry but there are maybe three, four, maybe five irreplaceable stars in daytime (Susan Lucci, Eric Braeden, Tony Geary, Erika Slezak and Genie Francis come to mind), but Natalia Livngston is most assuredly replaceable.

  16. Profile photo of mimi9001

    I am not a huge Natalia fan but I agree that she gets far more flack than any of the other subpar actors on this show. I can name several actors or actresses IMO who are worse than she is on any given day. And I do think onliners generally are pretty unfair to her.

    I liked her as Emily. I don’t think for a second AT could have pulled off adult Emily. I like AT but I watch her on her new show and it’s like watching teenage Emily again. AT is not the answer here. The answer is making Rebecca Emily and be done with it, not bringing an actress back to the show who’s passed her time.

  17. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I think she would come back, but they probably turn her into a mob sympathizer and a Q hater like Jason Morgan is now. Get rid of Frons and Guza and write a good s/l, I think she would return as her old character.

  18. Profile photo of Kimberly

    I was not a fan of AT she never really fit in and I don’t think she would fit into the show now IMO. Natalia brought an adult side of the character yes at times it was kind of cheesy but don’t blame NL blame the writers.
    Okay so AT will always be the original Emily but a person who didn’t watch then would never know that because NL has become the face of Emily.
    I think it’s wrong how people seem to pick NL out when there are so many others to choose from. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with her acting but seriously is there one person in daytime tv that is a favorite of every soap viewer..NO!
    NL is Emily just as much as AT is.

  19. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I love this post. Like AT would ever come back to GH first of all. And like she would solve the problems of the world on this show. Newsflash I’ve seen the great Sarah Brown return and do nothing for this show but drag it down further. I’ve seen Kimberly McCullough (who I love) in a FB story on this show, and the story and acting have stunk, so I’m supposed to believe AT returning or JJ returning would matter when the writing on this show blows as it is. Laughable.

    Many people have returned to daytime after success in primetime and/or film. Debbie Morgan, Deidre Hall, Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso. The list goes on and on. Trust me, you would drop your jaws to see the list of names of former A-listers who are interested in soap roles when casting calls go out.

  20. Profile photo of mimi9001

    I love this post. Like AT would ever come back to GH first of all. And like she would solve the problems of the world on this show. Newsflash I’ve seen the great Sarah Brown return and do nothing for this show but drag it down further. I’ve seen Kimberly McCullough (who I love) in a FB story on this show, and the story and acting have stunk, so I’m supposed to believe AT returning or JJ returning would matter when the writing on this show blows as it is. Laughable.

    And while I love Nancy Lee Grahn, I’d hardly call her one of the best soap actors ever in the history of soaps when you have the likes of Genie Francis, Susan Flannery, Jeanne Cooper, Kim Delaney, Gina Tognoni, Kim Zimmer, etc.. need I go on, who have graced our screens all these years. Add Jane Elliott, Anna Lee, Leslie Charleson, Denise Alexander, etc.. just from GH and the wonderful Finola Hughes. And Nancy has had her share of stinker stories. Anyone remember Dobson?

  21. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I didn’t suggest stunt casting. Stunt casting is when Donald Trump appears in scenes with Nicole on DAYS, or when that rac car driver appeared on GH. Suggesting the wildly popular actress who originated a role return is not stunt casting. Also, I am not saying her return would "fix" GH. Never once said that. What I am saying is it would be nice to have someone who can actually act as Emily again.

  22. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    I watched AT on youtube as Emily ands its TOTALLY different than NL Emily. IF AT was still playing her and writers were writing her like that i could have liked Emily.

    And NL is not the only actor to get lots of negative feedback. Look at Ethan! NL is making horribale choices. And this has nothign to do with my hate for Emily. I can separate those two. for instance. Rubbed her head far to much. TB put her hands on her thin waist far to much. NL did NOT deserve an Emmy. And BRIAN asked for her back. Ad if she was so loved she would not be bombing right now.

  23. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    I find it interesting that the majority knock against Amber is that if she were Emily now, they’d still see teenage Emily and not adult Emily. Hmmm…that’s not really fair. I watch her in The Unusuals, which I actually like btw, and I don’t see a teenage girl. She’s convinced me that she’s in her twenties… It’s not fair to say that she couldn’t play Emily as an adult because our only frame of reference for her as Emily was as a teenager. If I were to say, Natalia could never have played a teenage Emily….that would be equally unfair.

    I loved Amber as Emily. I thought the way she played Emily with Stuart Damon’s Alan was one of the sweetest and most lovable relationships on GH. They never disappointed when on screen together.

    Much like watching Kimberly McCullough grow older as Robin, I think we would have enjoyed the same with Amber had she stayed. (Although, I think I would have gagged at the Soily storyline…Amber in that storyline would have made me ill.) When actors are allowed or willing to stay in the same role for the amount of time it takes to grow from child to adult, the audience will accept them in their new adult role. But if you don’t have that continuity…it’s not fair to diminish their acting ability by saying there’s no way you’d accept them as the older character.

    In the end, also, Natalia’s Emily was written differently than Amber’s Emily… so it’s no use comparing them…. although it would be interesting to see how Natalia would fare with the much better writing that Amber enjoyed than the crap that Natalia is now enduring.

  24. Profile photo of mimi9001

    That has nothing to do with it. Your alluding to it mattering or making a difference as is relates to GH is what’s laughable. My point was what’s Sarah Brown’s return done for the show? What did the great Genie Francis’s return do for the show(she outranks AT and JJ by miles). What has Finola Hughes visits done for the show? And at the end of the day, I’m sure Constance Towers (who I adore) will have zero impact on the show. What I find ridiculous is blaming actors and that includes all of them, for misdirection, bad writing, and storytelling. It includes all the actors I mentioned plus more. I think KMc has been horrid in her storyline, but I really don’t blame Kim. I think she’s playing it as she’s been asked to. Same with Sarah Brown and many others.

    It’s thinking like this as to why the show is the pit that it is. Bad writing, storytelling can’t be replaced by stunt casting. With the current direction and writing on this show, Meryl Streep wouldn’t make a difference.

    I wish rather than recommending stunt casting someone on here would do a blog on the horridness of which is GH’s production and writing teams. The actors, casting and characters are the least of the problems on this show.

    Last of all, AT’s departure from GH was about as stormy as Tamara’s was. I was at a PA of hers years back right after she left the show and her mother illuded to all the crap the show put her through over the years plus how they wouldn’t budge on her desire to do outside projects when renegotiating her contract.

  25. Profile photo of mimi9001

    Act as Emily? In who’s eyes? I adore AT but I watch her on The Unusuals and I see the same teenage Emily I saw 12 years ago on GH. Like Carly, I’d hope the character has grown since then. I like LW’s portrayal of Carly because I see growth and maturity in the character. Same reason I have no interest in seeing JJ come back as Lucky. The time is passed. I see JJ and I still see teenage Lucky. And honestly I’ve seen KMc return as Robin to what? To the show writing her as an insecure whining doormat. I loved the Robin Scorpio of years back, loved her relationships with Brenda, Mac, Sonny and only tolerate this one because of Kim and how much I adore her and have to say I don’t find Kim that compelling anymore but I don’t blame her I blame the writing.

  26. Profile photo of Ferris

    ” it would be nice to have someone who can actually act as Emily again. ”


    Then is seems to me that TPTB should just allow NL to be Emily again, because she did a lovely job and her fans miss her!

  27. Profile photo of Ferris

    I guess “not deserving” that Emmy is a pretty subjective thing. Apparently the people who matter in the decision felt differently. Moreover, I thought she definitely earned that Emmy based on the scenes she submitted.
    And you’re right AT was TOTALLY different as Emily. That is precisely why she never would have worked in the role as it played out over the last several years with Tyler. And why she wouldn’t work now. Amber was fine as teenage Emily, all attitude and problems. The thing is, people grow up. And to me, Natalia portrayed the grown-up Emily beautifully. And I absolutely loved NEm which was a product of that maturity.
    And who says she is “bombing” besides the usual group who hate her no matter what she does and always will? I had stopped watching the show when she left and am back as a viewer now. Her scenes and the ones with Nikolas are the only thing on the show I’m even interested in. And I know I’m not alone in that. I’d hardly call that “bombing”. She IS very much loved.

  28. Profile photo of Ferris

    “I find it interesting that the majority knock against Amber is that if she were Emily now, they’d still see teenage Emily and not adult Emily.”

    I don’t think anyone is saying that Amber wasn’t good as Emily.
    I think it’s more that those of us who have enjoyed Natalia’s more mature version of Emily and have been a fan of her pairing with Tyler’s Nikolas over the years, have no desire to replace her with anyone. I find it equally unfair to say that Amber would have done a better job than Natty when they both had very different jobs to do. One was playing a young girl and a rebellious teenager. The other, a young woman who finally finds her way. To ME, Natalia struck just the right tone for what she had to do. Moreover, there’s a certain organic chemistry between NL and TC that really can’t be reproduced by just anyone, and I believe that includes Amber. If Amber had remained in the role, who is to say if we even would have gotten NEm, which (while not an online hit) is a huge favorite pairing of mine. Would Amber have been given the rape story line or the cancer story line that Natalia dealt with? Who knows – but I absolutely believe that Natalia did a beautiful job with those stories.
    I’m not a big fan of what is going on now with Rebecca. I’m holding out hope that she becomes Emilly eventually. But yanking Natty out and replacing her with the actress that played the character a decade ago under entirely different circumstances isn’t going to come close to fixing what’s wrong with this story.

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