The Bold and the Beautiful Caption This: Hear No Donna, See No Donna, Speak No Donna

Today’s The Bold and the Beautiful should be a Quote of the Day and Caption This combo. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) reveals that for the first time Ridge "wasn’t in the mood" to which Donna (Jennifer Gareis) responds "That’s not a big deal, my honey bear has pills for that. I’ll get you some." This then gave us such a classic image of Katie (Heather Tom) with her head in her hands.

Take your best Caption This shot or share your favorite quote from today’s shows.

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    Damn that was not even 10 minutes ago Luke. I have to say it was the best scene today. I laughed till I peed a little.

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    This show is a joke. The Jackie/Nick/Owen/Stephanie/Bridget thing is good and the rest is so bad that I don’t know what to say about it. But here is my caption.

    Katie(Heather): I should of just begged for my old job back.

    Donna: I can give you some tips to spice it up with Ridge?

    Katie and Brooke: NO!!!

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