The New Triad Vs. Victor?

After I laughed for a good 20 minutes, I decided to share the joke with the DC readers. Once again I left my window open and a little birdie flew in and told me that Jeff (Ted Shackleford), Gloria (Judith Chapman), and Jill (Jess Walton) will team up to take THE Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) down on The Young and the Restless..

See you can’t keep from laughing either! Seriously folks, Jill I can see because when she’s pissed beware and keep everything nailed down. Ex-mommy Kay (Jeanne Cooper) can attest to that. However Jeff and Gloria being some dynamic duo to take on The Black Knight? That can make even the Grinch smile. The duo did pull the wool over Jill’s eyes when they hustled the Jabot stocks. Jill did have tunnel vision with that and could’ve had the Abbotts behind her had she listen to her other son Billy (Billy Miller). I will give the Bardwells this though, they can scheme with the best of them and will Jill by their side it could become interesting. Talk amongst yourselves….

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    Jill teaming up with two people, one who screwed her over (Gloria) and one that simply screwed her (Jeff), seems like an incredibly desperate act on her behalf.

    Though Jeff & Gloria are the poster children for manipulation, I’m not clear on what resources they could muster to get the best of TGVN. If Gloria crosses Victor, he’ll retract her bank account. Jeff is prone to throw Gloria under the bus when she doesn’t do his bidding, so his fortune/her former fortune isn’t necessarily a back up financial plan for her.

    Though I’m ready for Victor to get his, I just don’t think these three have what it takes.

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    My first reaction is WTF?!?! But I have to admit that those three could do some good schemeing together! I hope they make Jill the leader of the pact. I have been loving to hate Jess Walton’s Jill Abbott after the way she has been treating everyone. She is the bomb dot com! Victor needs to be taken down and a scorned Jill Abbott could take down Victor. I am ready for her to tell Ashley about Victor giving her the Jabot shares. This storyline could either be very good or very bad, but with my MAB and Co. I expect nothing but the best!

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    Nothing would make me happier than to see a real good Victor Newman takedown storyline. The main thing that would always turn me off from Y&R is Victor Newman getting his way about 95% of the time. Eventually I do come back but I sincerely believe having him win that much is not great writing. I think a Jill/Gloria/Jeff triad against The Moustache could be a great story. At the very least have Jill herself take successful revenge against this old fart for the abdominal way he’s been treating her.

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    I LOVE this mean Jill. I love her going off on everyone and especially that leather jacket she wore the other day.

    But according to the actor who plays Cane, he said Cane and Jill was going to hook up to take down Katherine. I guess they decided to get rid of that storyline and have Jill go after Victor.

    But why would Jeff and Gloria want to go after Victor. Gloria got the money from Victor for that 5% stock. I don’t understand why but this could be exciting as long as they win and not Victor.

    I pray to the soap gods that Jill tells Ashley about Victor having that stock.

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    Seems like a dumb idea to me. Since the spoilers say that Glo and Jeffrey are going to be tying one on with Jill, I can see a discussion taking place but if they go in that direction, I think it would be an attempt to make it comical and I for one, don’t find any of them that amusing. Jill is a wonderful actress and makes a terrific bitch but there are enough people that she can’t get along with, I’m not sure why Victor would be her main target.

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    Oh and speaking of Y&R,,, did anyone check out The Best Week Ever on VH1. Lately they have been making fun of Y&R. Last week they made fun of Phyllis and this week it was Kevin and his Chipmunk.

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    Y&r is getting some mainstream press. Go head, Y&R, but move on with the chipmunk crap and make Nick and Sharon pay for hurting our Phyllis. Sharon, you better watch your back, LOL.

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    What is with all the Phyllis lovers out there? Have we forgotten that she single-handedly destroyed Danny’s marriage to Christine, lied to Danny about him being Daniel’s father even though they had never slept together, rented a car and ran over Christine and Paul, nearly killing them (a crime for which she was never caught), and slept with Nick while he was married to Sharon? I LOVE Michelle Stafford but will continue to dislike Phyllis until she pays for her previous misdeeds.

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    I’d rather watch these three stooges try and take TGVN down rather than watch the preposterous Colleen take on the old geezer. Jack should be ashamed of himself for using his stupid niece to get Victor since TEVN never loses to anyone but especially to a young naive college student as Colleen.

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    Dutchess, I’m attending your church as well.

    I think Michelle Stafford is one of the best actresses on daytime tv now, no question. I think the character of Phyllis is good for the show and can make for great stories but she DESERVES every piece of bad karma she gets. Let’s not forget that at the end of the day, Phyllis is a borderline psychotic beeyotch who is capable of murder. I find it hilarious, absolutely hilarious, that Sharon is slowly but surely taking Nick from Big Red the exact same way that Red took Nick from Sharon. I love this storyline.

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    So Y&R has finally decided to have their big bad Victor face down someone tougher than young women? Wow. Now if only we could see a story where the mumbling, woman-hating piece of slime ever did anything besides run roughshod over all the usual scapegoats. Until we do, spare me. And the writing for Jill is just absolutely awful now.

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    Church Dutchess!! Dont forget the octopuss(or whatever it was)in Christine and Paul’s bed on their honeymoon. Has anyone in GC seen Sasha Green lately now that you mention it?

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    There is no one that could ever take on or take down The Great Victor Newman! This is a joke!!LOL..Gloria and Jeff only have enuff power to take down each other and Jill is so pitiful now its pathetic to look at her. She has no job and no support other than el stupo Cane. Those three are no match for Victor. The thought of it is a bit hilarious.:bigsmile:

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