Is Michelle Returning to Springfield With Danny?

Paul Anthony Stewart’s upcoming return to Guiding Light has sparked quite the uproar among fans clamoring to know if his wife, Michelle, will be by his side. Earlier this year, Guiding Light representatives confirmed that the role of Michelle would be cast by the summer. A few days ago, it was announced that BethAnn Bonner, formerly Talia Sahid of One Life to Live, has been cast as a mystery character set to air in June. Rumors have been a buzz on the internet that Bonner will portray Michelle Bauer Santos. Sources have come forth to Daytime Confidential stating that this is not the case.

"BethAnn will be involved in the Bill and Lizzie storyline as another "come between" thing for them. She’s not Michelle."
Setside sources also revealed to yours truly that Michelle’s return is still on the table. "Nancy St. Alban was asked to come back at the same time as Paul. I think she accepted the offer", says the source. So that leaves us with a big question, Will Michelle return with Danny? Only time will tell. Keep your eyes peeled to Daytime Confidential for all the updates regarding this developing story.  

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    I pray that Nancy St Alban doesn’t return as Michelle! I couldn’t stand her as Michelle. Couldn’t they as Rachel Miner to come back for just a little bit instead???? Even Rebecca Budig would have been a better choice than NSA.
    Maybe BB will still be playing Michelle and the show is just trying to cover it up. Michelle was once involved with Bill, wouldn’t that mean coming between him and Lizzie now?

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    Don’t come between Bill and Lizzie, they are too happy right now! I don’t think Bill will do anything with her he is so in love right now. Alan probably pays her to try and break them up.

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    YESSSSSSSSSSSS to Nancy St. Alban coming back as Michelle, and Bill getting his best friend back. But NO to Bizzie having some new person come between them. I’m sure this BethAnn Bonner is a nice person, but Bizzie’s had enough obstacles.

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    Margie LaSala

    If the return of a few Bauers can save our show, then that would be great! We hope that more Bauers, and Holly and whoever else has been important to the show could return. We need great stories, GL has always had great actors! Margie

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    “BethAnn will be involved in the Bill and Lizzie storyline as another “come between” thing for them. She’s not Michelle.”

    I bet you she will be Eden August, Gus’s sister that was put into witness protection. Bill was in love with her and was going to marry her and I guarantee that Lizzie doesn’t know about that ex. That could be the ‘come between’ thing for them. Argh!! Darn writers!

    As for Michelle coming back. Welcome back, Nancy and congratulations on the new baby.

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    This news of Nancy returning makes me very happy. As much as I liked Joy as Michelle, I loved, loved, loved Nancy more.

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