TeleNext Launches Another World Fan Fic Blog

Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum,
You are my way,
You are my way,
To Another World,
To Another World,
You are the one who let’s me fly so high,
You are the rain when my spirits run dry

Okay, you get the picture. TeleNext has launched a new, interactive blog that continues the saga of my third most beloved (behind Santa Barbara and Days of Our Lives) daytime soap opera, Another World. Go to Another World to begin finding out what has happened since 1999 to Rachel, Carl, Cass, Felicia, Donna, Paulina, Grant, Matt, Amanda and the rest of your Bay City faves. First order of business, get my Iris Cory Carrington Wheeler out of that dreadful prison! Carl Hutchins deserved to have a cap busted on him at his wedding to Rachel after everything he did to Iris’s daddy, Mac Cory. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s just pretend that whole Jake and Vicky going to Oakdale and being brutally slaughtered business never happened! In my mind, Vicky and Donna just bought up controlling interest of Cory Publishing, changing the name to Love Media, and have ousted Amanda’s daughter Allie as editor of, replacing her with Steven. Meanwhile Kirk has just arrived back in Bay City from boarding school, to reignite his secret affair with Joe and Paulina’s All-American, Italian jock son Dante.

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    This is very interesting, and makes me wonder if TeleNext is trying to ‘feel out’ how many Another World fans really still care and possibly relaunch the show? I know its a long shot but its possible right? 

    Anyways i’m glad someone actually cares about the fans (And who knew it would be Telenext?)

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    Jamey Giddens

    Jesus take the Wheel I just read chapter one, and they need to pay me to write this thing. :-( It reads like a Harlequin novel, not an episode of Another World. Grant shows up at a Cory Easter picnic for Kirkland, while Carl is hiding eggs? What next, Cecile crashes a 4th of July barbecue and gets into it with Felicia, when they both realize they brought potato salad?

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    Okay so I have absolutely no AW background but this is REALLY good.

    "But, then again, Rachel lived in Bay City. And had personally experienced four different husbands on four different occasions returning from their own presumed deaths." 

    LOL its just awesome, now i have yet another soap related thing to keep up with, and watch old clips so i know who is who -.-.

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    Susan Lanigan

    Well, this is an unexpected surprise! I loved Another World. Something new to read while we’re mourning the 10th Anniversary of the show’s cancellation.

    And I’m all for pretending that the ATWT crap never happened to Jake and Vicky!

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    Carlys Fan

    OH PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE THIS MEAN THAT P&G/TELENEXT IS TRYING TO SEE IF FANS ARE STILL INTERESTED IN ANOTHER WORLD BECAUSE THEY ARE CONSIDERING BRINING IT BACK TO TV!!!!!! ANOTHER WORLD was my all time favorite soap and I’ve wanted it back on tv for the past 10 years!!! When NBC STUPIDLY cancelled AW over Sunset Beach for Passions (bet they regrew that now!) I knew NBC daytime was over. PLEASE P&G, give us back ANOTHER WORLD! A 30min version of AW with a 30min version of GL every day on Lifetime would be AMAZING. Rachel, Carl, Iris, Vicky, Jake, Felicia, Donna, Lila, Cass, Amanda, Matt, Josie, Gary, Ally, Kirkland, Paulina, Joe, and the rest of the Bay City gang still have lots of fanastic storylines that should be written for them! PS- AW’s theme song was the best soap opera theme ever. The people at GL & ATWT need to watch that to see what a real theme is!

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    I think it’s exciting to see Telenext involved with any current version of AW. I doubt it’s leading anywhere but I’m doubtful about all things soaps these days.

    Keeping the genre and online interest going is a good way to keep a foothold so that soaps can be launched online once it’s profitable.

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    TheBest: Okay, just tell me how you changed that hot mess with that hermaphrodite (hello! s/he would have been sterile!) having his/her father’s kid (poor Julian!)
    …Oh & how did you undo Sheridan being a wackjob & getting back with Luis… cuz if you didn’t put Shuis back together… well, I am sorry but your (new) Passions ain’t shyt. ;)

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