Y&R’s Chipmunk Follies Are Over!

Oh happy days are here again! Kevin(Greg Rikaart) and his inner chipmunk dreams are finally over (you’ll hear all about our takes on that on the next CBS/DAYS podcast)! We can finally get back to business at The Young and the Restless. Thanks to SoapSnob for sending the link my way!

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    I guess prayer does help because I been praying Y&R stopped that chipmunk mess every since it came on screen. Now if only the Soap Gods would answer my other prayer of getting rid of the other chipmunk…I mean get Gloria off the show I would be even happier!

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    could have been so much more interesting if they made Kevin’s invisible friend a huge black man ninja named Sho Nuff!

    Well, fare well Chipmunk! I don’t think anybody had to work harder than GR for an emmy nomination.

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    I watched this episode already, and it is AWESOME, now the gloria moments….still painful, but the climax to the chipmunk storyline was very good and i can’t wait to hear everyone’s reaction to it :)

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    How did you watch the episode already? Is there a link online or did they just air it already where you are?

    This clip really makes me want to see this episode – and tomorrow I can’t watch it until the 11PM airing on SoapNet.

    So, what I do want to know, did the thing with Kevin jumping out the ambulance never really happen?

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    I didn’t think that Kevin escaped all along. The plots for Gloria have been tiring for a long time. Her confession to Kay might be a signal that she’s leaving Genoa City. Her getting back with Jeffry is silly. The writers squandered a lucrative potential for those two.

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    monamis: Thanks for the tip

    Keepingitreal: I actually thought it was hilarious when Joe Iszuzu was on air.. I mean Roger, So I do hope that they bring him back on to clear things up rather than it being something that happens off camera.

    Coffe_Junkee: I think it’s also a rip off of Fight Club. Not sure which came first though.

    Jillian: Do we know if Tom Casiello wrote any of the episodes airing this week?


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    Can someone PLEASE take Jana to the doctor??!! OMG that scene today in the coffee shop – -everyone sitting around confessin’ and screamin’ while Jana’s bending over with her head in her hands (again!)drove me just as bonkers as Kev!….Is Jana leaving us?? I hope not as Emily O’brien is TOTALLY grown on me…and if they kill her off and not Heather the Clueless DA and/or Skanky Tyra, I’m pissed….

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    could have been so much more interesting if they made Kevin’s invisible friend a huge black man ninja named Sho Nuff!

    If they would have done that I would have died and gone to soap heaven!

    I think Y&R was getting sick of getting made fun of by Best Week Ever. Last week it was Phyllis and last weekend it was the Chipmunk.

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