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A spoiler in Soap Opera Digest states that "another death will rock The Bold and the Beautiful." This will most likely be the death of Bill Spencer, absent from the canvas since a brief appearance in 2003.

In an interview with TV Guide magazine, Don Diamont describes his character of Bill Spencer Jr. as a Richard Branson-style media mogul who becomes co-CEO of his late father’s publishing empire. Spencer Publications publishes Eye On Fashion, the rag trade magazine that appears frequently on the show. Diamont also hinted that his character might initially be playing against Donna.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell dropped some hints about B&B:

  • The tension between the Forresters and the Logans continues at Forrester. It may look like the Logans are on top, but don’t count the Forresters out just yet.
  • The show will continue its return to being about two warring fashion houses with the re-emergence of Jackie M. While Bell still has no plans to kill off Sally Spectra (whose portrayer, the aesome Darlene Conley, died in 2007), Jackie will be picking up where Sally left off, albeit in a more sophisticated manner befitting actress Lesley-Anne Down.
  • Rick, Bridget, Steffy and Thomas will be on the forefront as the next generation of characters.
  • Brooke, Donna and Katie will all be driving story.
  • With Jackie M back in the mix, look for more interaction between Stephanie and Jackie.
  • Karen Spencer returns to L.A. (on today’s show) after her father Bill dies – and soon after, the never before seen son of Bill Spencer, Bill Spencer, Jr., arrives in L.A.   

Taylor exceeds boundaries with Brooke.

Brooke: She starts to comprehend the things that Rick has told her.

Stephanie: Stand back! Big Steffy rips into Eric. Later, Stephanie removes the Logan girls from of her orbit.

Steffy: She becomes aware of the sacrifices that Ridge made all in her name. Meanwhile, when ex-beau Marcus hears about her breakup with Rick, he’s very happy.

Bill Spencer: The patriarch passes away but leaves some interesting things for the residents of Los Angeles. Clarke and Donna are mortified by what he leaves them.

Brooke/Ridge/Taylor: Their tired love triangle has a big twist to it. Phoebe’s death is still fresh for some and it becomes a factor that pulls Ridge and Taylor together in the loss they feel because of it.

Thomas: Viewers need to wonder if he has really overcome his hatred for Rick.

Bill Spencer Jr: When he hits town, he’s coming to run his late father’s publishing conglomerate. He notices Donna (blech!) and starts to become attracted to her. fans are going to wonder how much will Little Bill give up in order to obtain Donna.

Nick: He still wants his relationship with Katie but he can’t get Bridget out of his mind.

Jackie/Owen/Bridget: Their triangle will plough full steam ahead.

Forrester Creations vs. Forrester Creations: Eric’s family with Stephanie and his family with Brooke along with Donna will be going head to head in a battle to gain control of the empire. Stephanie is going to be key she will attempt to wrestle of FC for her kids and by doing this she ends up creating serious havoc for everyone.

After hearing Ridge’s recording, Steffy ends her relationship with Rick, and it seems to be over. Marcus welcomes the news. But will his outrage prompt him to act if Rick tries to win Steffy back?

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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Stephanie removes the Logan girls from her orbit.

    Please tell me she kills them.

    No, that’s not nice of me. I meant: please tell me she kills Donna and Katie.

    Brooke/Ridge/Taylor: Their tired love triangle…

    Whoa, you are way off here Lomas! Everyone knows that a love triangle doesn’t become tired until it hits it’s third decade, so we still have another 10 years to go, lol

  2. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Stephanie kills Donna and katie, Ridge sleeps with both Taylor and Brooke, Thorne and Jackie and Owen triangle, Rick being gay, Steffy leaves town with Thomas, Eric is with crazy Pam, Felicia and Bill together and Nick and Bridget would get back together, this would be writing B&B, LOL.

  3. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    DaisyC, I wish she killed Katie and Dumbutt, alas… I think she may be getting them out of FC.

    Taylor/Ridge/Brooke is such a refreshing triangle  

    I should’ve said I owe Jillian major props for these spoilers – she is on the ball!

    SimonStuart, gimme some of what you’re smokin’  More importantly, give some to Brad Bell too…

  4. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Rick needs to be with Ridge, Daisy, you know it! All that anger and resentment is just underlying sexual tension… actually, ew, no… that’s gross  Could add some spice to their next appearance on The Soup though.


  5. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Snizzle, I am tired too… months of Steffy/Rick (AKA Sick) is draining…

    Simonstuart – that could work, but Rick needs a new personality first  I can’t believe Brad Bell (I’m pretty sure it was him… or it was an official "spoiler") said Rick was turning "dark" and he would be a Jack Abbott type. Jack Abbot, my a$$. Jack would make mincemeat of that petulant little moron! They have really thrown the character of Rick under the bus and it is still not going to endear Ridge to viewers like me, which usually seems to be the logic. Turn one character into a jackass to make another jackass more bearable. Hmmm. Not working! 

  6. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I would end Bridge forever and have Ridge and Donna hook up and have Eric and Ridge going at it and make Eric crazy and do something to hurt Donna and Ridge and we get rid of both Donna and Ridge. I make Brooke her own woman and be a businesswoman again and being a mother to RJ and Hope. I bring in a new family and go against FC and Jackie M and really have a fashion dynasty and bring the fashion front and center and move away from the incest relationships and bring the real drama back to B&B. I don’t what Brad is doing because he gets back to being good, but it turns back to crap again.

  7. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yeah, Darren, Ridge is the most arrogant, pompous jerk ever on B&B and they are not endearing me or the viewers by killing off his daughter and making Rick a jerk to make Ridge look good by sleeping with his daughter is not making anyone in this s/l likable because no one buys the love s/l bs and we hate Ridge, period. I hope that Brad gets a clue and move on with it and let’s get on with Stephanie ruin FC and getting rid of Donna.

  8. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Simonstuart – I love it! Bridge sucks, and even I think Brooke is great, I cannot stomach seeing her with that twit. I’m hopeful there’s some good stuff to come, but Bill Jr going after Dumbutt?!? Urgh. Bleurgh. I much prefer your Ridgiemortis/Dumbutt die horrible deaths scenario

    petitejolie – gays? On B&B??? Heck, it took 20+ years to get a core black character, and then he ended up personality free and wooden… gimme the Baker Boys (see avatar – damn that’s a good hot dog) anyday. I have a feeling if they ever bothered to go the gay route it would be the most boring thing to hit screens in years. Prove me wrong, Mr Bell!

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Yes, Darren. You can cut the sexual tension between Rick & Ridge with a knife! A Brooke/Ridge/Rick triangle! Now that I would PAY to see, lol! Bridget could never compete with Brooke, but Rick’s sneaky and he’s a little blonde tart like his mom (I mean that as a compliment!) – he could take Ridge away from Brooke. Plus, it sticks with the almost-incest theme of B&B’s love stories. And could you imagine Steph’s reaction? Yet another Logan who’s chasing after her beloved Ridge LOL

    I wouldn’t mind a Rick/Thomas pairing, lol

  10. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Bradley NotsoBell has already screwed up little Bill’s arrival by pairing him with Dumbass. If Brad is still hot for a slutty little tart all he needs to is call up an escort sevice instead of inflicting it on us loyal B&B watchers.

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