Could Jesse Metcalfe Appear on Coronation Street?

Former Passions heartthrob and Desperate Housewives’ hunk Jesse Metcalfe is in talks with producers of Coronation Street, according to published reports in the UK. Reportedly Metcalfe is a fan of the show, whose executives "have recently been toying with the idea of breaking into the US market with the long running soap. Links with figures such as Metcalfe may help facilitate this."

Would daytime soap stars, such as Metcalfe, be enough to entice you into trying Coronation Street if it aired in the US?

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    When I read this today I thought it was odd but kind of cool :) I’ve been wanting to watch Corrie for months, so this might be something that actually pushes me into finally checking the show out. I’m not really a JM fan (I haven’t seen him in anything) but I’d be curious to see an American on a UK soap.

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    I think it’s because he is doing the entire line up of the brittish girl band Girls aloud.

    Now if someone introduces him to the pussycat dolls, he might go for GH

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    Douchebag was the first thing came to mind, but I wanted to be nice and say jerk lol.
    Though he’s hot in the pic, everytime I see him in these manly pictures I think he’s trying to cover up being gay. Remember how he looked on Passions? And he sure had those eyebrows tight!

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    Jesse was so good on Passions. Charity and Miguel were my 2nd fave couple. He shouldn’t have left…maybe we would’ve gotten Charguel in the end if he’d stayed.

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    I dont even know really where to start lol, Okay let’s talk quality.

    Would you rather go to the UK, be on an amazingly well written show, where Vets are on everyday, characters and storylines are beloved and people’s eating habits are centered around what time your show comes on.

    Or would you want to go to General Hospital?

    Now ratings are a tricky thing to talk about, as you will see in a post i am about to make about Neighbours breaking the 1 million viewers mark for the first time since 2007 in AUS that might sound like a really small number in comparison, but Neighbours well in other markets + One million viewers is a lot for the Australian Market (Neighbours was the 16th most watched show in Australian, Home and Away the other soap was 10th most), so its really hard to say "Oh well Neighbours has only a million viewers so what makes it so great?" when that million viewers would be like Ugly betty ratings in the US by comparison lol.

    Its a really different market, the soaps in the UK are still loved, they are a lot better written then the US Soaps and totally worth checking out.

    Anyways Coronation Street is in the USA, its on Amazon On Demand, hopefully it will make it on to our screens but hey this is better then nothing.

    Now is Jesse enough to make me tune in? No, but I am already watching so it will be nice to see him if he does infact show up there, this was reported in a tabloid so who knows if it will happen lol.

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    I love both shows/ That being said, I don’t want him anywhere near Corrie! I liked him on Passions and DH, he *is8 a good actor, but he’s too much of a jerk in real life for me to wish him on Corrie. Such a shame, I had a crush on him when I was younger.

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    I have kinda not paid much attention to the real life crap, the only thing i know about him is that he got drunk and almost killed himself lol.

    I am trying to figure out what storyline he would have, the only thing that really comes to mind is something to do with Maria…

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