Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Lexie Drew Solves the Case!

Hi everyone! Here’s what happened today in wacky world of Salem…

Stefano/EJ/Lexie: Lexie tells Stefano that results show that he wasn’t poisoned, but that he has Type II Diabetes. Seriously? Diabetes? Stefano DiMera, the man who has come back from the dead a hundred times is going to be brought down by diabetes? Dena really has a sick sense of humour! Anyway, Stefano laughs it off and Lexie flips out on him and starts listing all the serious complications that can happen to someone with Diabetes. When Stefano still doesn’t seem to grasp how serious it is, Lexie leaves in a huff. Stefano tells EJ to go after her and apologize for him. Then, when EJ leaves Stefano makes a break for it.

Later, EJ catches up to Stefano at the DiMera mansion and lets him have it for leaving the hospital. Stefano tells him that he couldn’t stay in that hospital because it’s not safe for him there. EJ argues that Stefano still needs to get treatment. Stefano agrees and tells him that’s why he’s making plans to go to Brunei to get himself in fighting shape. EJ reminds him that he can’t go anywhere because Bo has his passport. I wonder what happened to EJ; he used to be so smart. Stefano tells him not to worry he has a plan to get out of Salem and while he’s gone EJ will have to take care of Kiriakis.

When Stefano finishes making plans for his journey, EJ starts beating himself up over how the hit on Philip went wrong. Stefano tells him he just needs to focus on what needs to be done. EJ points out that plans for the Kiriakises need to be put on hold for a while considering how things are right now. Stefano disagrees.

As Stefano gets ready to leave, EJ tells him he really doesn’t understand how he plans to get by airport security. Well, neither do I, but it’s a soap and he’s Stefano, so I’ll let it go –lol! Stefano has a plan. He tells EJ to kiss Sydney for him and that he’ll miss her. Um, what about Johnny? Isn’t Johnny supposed to be the next heir? I guess out of sight out of mind – errr! Then Stefano tells EJ that he’ll be in charge in a few minutes and leaves. EJ whines about not wanting to be in charge like this. When did EJ become a whiner? Again, errrr!!!

A little while later, Stefano arrives at the airport and calls EJ to check in. When he hangs up the phone and starts walking we see that someone is following him.

Philip/Stephanie/Lexie: Stephanie arrives to visit Philip and is unpleasantly surprised when the police officer outside his door gives her the third degree and insists on searching her bag before she goes in. When she finally gets in to see Philip she goes on and on about how she can’t take this anymore.

A worried Philip tells her she should go because she’s in danger and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Stephanie insists that she’s there because she wants to be – it’s her choice. This naturally makes me wonder if she can shut up and stop whining about everything – since she chooses to be there.

Later, Lexie comes in and tries to talk to Philip about his condition, but he flips out on her for being a DiMera and yells at her to leave. Stephanie yells back at Philip as Lexie makes a strategic retreat. Stephanie turns to Philip and says she has headache, which causes Phil to think she’s mad at him. What was your first clue? Lol! Stephanie just wants this mess with DiMeras to end. She leaves.

Outside, Stephanie runs in to Lexie and they have a chat. Stephanie apologizes for Philip’s behavior and Lexie tells her not to worry because she understands. Lexie also reminds Stephanie that she’s been through a lot over the last couple of days and she might want to consider seeing a shrink. Steph insists she’s fine.

Then, Lexie grabs Stephanie a glass of water and reassures her that Philip’s prognosis his fine. She asks Steph what she thinks she’s going to do when Philip gets out of the hospital, since the battle between the DiMeras and the Kiriakises is only going to get worse. Before they can talk about it any further, Lexie gets a call and has to leave for an emergency.

Afterwards, Stephanie goes back into Philip’s room. Philip is sleeping so she makes a phone call to someone, telling them she needs their help. Then, she curls up with Philip on the bed and tells him she’ll take care of them both.

Sami/Rafe: At the airport, Sami continues pleading for Rafe to stay. We get a lot of the same repetitive conversation from yesterday. She tells him she’s never felt the way she feels about him before and she’ll do anything to make him stay. He still isn’t having any of it. She even tries apologizing for using him but he leaves anyway.

Of course, I’m not that lucky, so while a shocked Sami stands in the waiting area – Rafe comes back and tells her he missed his flight. She smiles. They tease each other for a moment and then hug. Then, she starts going on about him being mean to her, so he kisses her to shut her up. When they finally come up for air, Sami suggests they take their act home.

When they get to Sami’s place, the burst through the door and throw each other up against the wall and start ripping each other’s clothes off. Sami sure goes crazy after almost a year without getting any…

Max/Cheslea:  At the pub, Chelsea teases Max because he seems distracted. When she goes to help a customer, he plays with a white envelope. When Chelsea comes back she asks what’s in the envelope and he tells her it’s from one of the schools he applied to in Chicago. They discuss how him going away to med school will effect their relationship and after while Max asks her to just move with him. Then, Max tells her that it is just a letter confirming the school got his application.

Max still wants her to move with him, but Chelsea is unsure and brings up the fact she just got an apartment with Stephanie. Max calls Adrianna over and asks her if she’s still looking for a place. She says she is and Max tells Chelsea that her problems are solved. Chelsea doesn’t look as pleased with Max as he is with himself and tells him he should have asked before doing that.

On the next episode of Days of Our Lives:

At the hospital, Brady tells Chloe, "If I never hear the words Nicole DiMera again I think I’ll be better off."

At Java, Will asks Mia, "Why are you so closed off?"

At the DiMera mansion, Hope tells Nicole, "That family will destroy you. They will chew you up and spit you out."

At Sami’s place, Sami tells EJ, "I don’t know how many different ways you need me to say this to you, EJ. I am not in love with you."

Okay, so not much happened today, but tomorrow looks a little more eventful. I’m glad to see Hope’s actually on but I wonder why she’s at the DiMera mansion talking to Nicole? Well, as long as it’s not there because of Bo having a lame psychic vision I’ll take it –lol!

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    Hey Susan, thanks for the Recaps! Reading your recaps is so much better than actually watching the show. So I appreciate you taking one for the team and watching it for those of us that can’t put up with it anymore, lol.

    There are so many things that just confuse/frustrate me about the show: Suddenly Psychic Bo, the existence of Melanie, Race car driver – Mechanic – Bartender – Alternative fuel guru – “Genius” Max is now going to be a doctor?, Super Villian Stefano has diabetes?? (right, because DAYS does “issue” stories so well.) It’s all too much for me and I prefer to seek refuge on Denial Island :)

    So thanks again Susan, and Welcome to DC!!!

  2. Profile photo of minipitbull007

    Thanks again for posting these recaps. I’m really starting to enjoy the show more but… dreading the character flashbacks. I guess giving Stefano diabetes will be as interesting and as compelling as when Kate had cancer.

    I’m gonna get a kick out of Sami telling Junior that she’s not in love with him. Even though she probably is.

    I also would get a kick out of Hope barging into the Dimera Mansion saying: Nicole I’m on to you. Nicole replies: What did I do now? Hope: Bo just had a vision of you stealing Sami’s baby.
    Since none of the show makes since half the time and they love to rewrite history and add silliness why not. If she said that then it really wouldn’t matter that only a few people new Sami was even pregnant. Its not like a whole lot is even explained on Days anyways. I don’t love Bo having visions but they could at least give him one that is at least worth watching IMO.

  3. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I am very behind on Days because I have been caught up in GH which is getting worse, but now I want to start watching again. Can someone please fill me in on the following? 1. How was John related to the Dimeras? 2. What happened with Sami and Lucas/Ej’s twins? 3. What are the name of the twins? 4. What happened with Sami’s relationship to Lucas and her relationship to EJ? 5. How did they send off John and Marlena? 6. What is going on with Bo and Hope? 7. What happened to pit the DiMera’s against the Kiriakises? 8. Who is Melanie? 9. What happened to Patch and Kayla?
    I know that’s a lot but if someone could just give me the short version update I would be thrilled. Thanks in advance.

  4. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Thank you so much Rebecca! : ) Hopefully it’s ok if I ask more. Why aren’t Brady and Chloe together? who is Dr. Dan? who is Sami really in love with? How did Philip and Stephanie get together and why?
    Who’s side are we, the viewers on, Kiriakis or DiMera? Why did John go against the Brady’s and embrace his inner DiMerahood when he found out he was Stephano’s brother? Why was the real reason for the Brady/DiMera feud? All I remember was that Shawn thought Stefanos’ dad killed his sister back in the day when she was in love with his father, and I never found out anything after that :(

  5. Profile photo of Susan Lanigan
    Susan Lanigan

    LuvSonny – the Brady DiMera feud is on hold for now. With lame writing off of John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla combined with Bo and Hope only being on a day or two a week there’s not too many Bradys left to feud with -lol! I’m sure they’ll fins a way to start it up again in the future.

  6. Profile photo of rebecca

    LuvSonny,are you a SADOMASACIST or what? I mean to go from watching Days to G.H and back to Days again,you must really enjoy being torchered ALOT!? Lucky for you i enjoy being torchered too,so i will try to update you.
    John is Stefano’s half brother(They have the same dad)Sami was raped/”seduced”by EJ(a bad version of G.h’s Luke/Laura), around the same time she slept with Lucas.The twins i think are still with her.Their names are Alice & Johnny.John had a stroke & was sent to a Hospital away from Salem(I forgot where),Bo is a Psychic(YAY,that’s right!) and the chief of Salem P.D.
    John started the feud b/t the DiMeras & the Kiriakises when he took over the DiMera buisness and wanted control of the docks in Salem(which the Kiriakises controlled) and it continued from there.Melanie is Max’s biological sister(they share a dad).Patch & Kayla just “vanished” into the background. I hope that does not confuse you too much,but if you watch Days & G.H your probably use to being confused.
    Oh and Lucas went to prison for shooting EJ at EJ & Sammi’s wedding(Which she was forced/blackmailed into by Stefano).

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