Y&R’s Fashion Sneak Peek of Murphy and Kay’s Wedding

Looks like throwbacks will be the name of the game, when it comes to wardrobe choices for Murphy (Michael Fairman) and Katherine’s (Jeanne Cooper) wedding on The Young and the Restless. Now tradition is, when the bride tosses her bouquet, which ever single lady catches it is next to wed. Now I love my Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), as our Jamey Giddens likes to tease me about, but Nikki certainly doesn’t need to have another wedding right about now!
Side Note: I see Clementine Ford (Mac) happens to be sporting some extensions for the occasion. Thoughts people?

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    Nikki Newman is my favorite character on Y&R and I definitely don’t think it times for another marriage for her! I want them to show more of her and Paul’s relationship on screen because we aren’t getting much of anything from them. I like their relationship.

    Clementine is looking better with the extensions.

    I’m so excited for Friday’s wedding! I am actually off work and will be sitting in front of my tv at 12:30 when it comes on.

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    Why are they ruining this AWESOME day with TYRA in attendance? UGGGH!! Aside from THAT, I cannot wait for this wedding! Murphy and Katherine have become my FAAAAVORITE couple EVER!! ‘Mac’s’ hair looks much better long. Cannot wait.

    Seriously!! WHY IS TYRA THERE!!!?? GASP. Oh no. This could only mean one thing. Ana Sings. $#@%$#

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    Those 50’s dresses are GORGEOUS! Especially Nikki & Mac’s. (I was wondering why Tyra was there too, but I guess a lot of singing opportunities don’t roll around for Ana, they gotta take what they can get.:))

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    Not only is her hair longer, it’s blonder too. Looks like the are trying to make her look younger to appease the viewers who are complaining that she’s too old to play Mac. Looks great so far, we’ll have to see how they style it now.

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    What-oh-What will Ana warble this time?? I can just picture her and her brother singing “Endless Love” to each other. OMG!!!! Even with that assumption in my head, this is one epi I CANNOT MISS!!

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    Neil knows Kay enough to go t her wedding? Since when? and he brought the tart too!

    I love th theme of the marriage. I love to see creative ways of doing marriage and soap are a good venue! :bigsmile:

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    Neil knows Kay enough to go t her wedding? Since when? and he brought the tart too!


    I know Neil and Katherine are friends and have always been. Someone correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Neil and Dru get married at the Chancellor mansion the first time they wed? They have always been friendly with Kay.

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    Mac is going to need a lot more than extensions and a dye job to make her an interesting character–to me at least. I don’t care if they make her look 12, she is just sooo borrriiingzzzzz.

    I look forward to Kay and Murphy’s wedding, but I agree with the others that I hope Ana doesn’t sing. I loath it when soap characters sing, and I really don’t want to have to see all the cutaways to Tyra and Neil’s earnest faces while she does it.

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    Oh I’m pretty sure that the two criminals, Annie and what’s his name will show up the day before the wedding to clear Kevin of all charges. Anyone wanna make a wager???? LOL!!

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    Yeah that’s not the right side of the wager I want to take. Joe Iszuzu and Bart Simpson are supposed to be back on screen on Thursday – so yes, your bet is a win for you because you know that them coming back is going to clear Kevin.

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    Just the mere sight of Tyra at the wedding ruins it for me. WHY is she still on this show?! Seriously, who really wants to see Tyra stick around???

    Poof! And Kevin is all better. Yeah, right.

    Mac. Ummm, pretty desperate attempt to make her look younger. Unfortunately, she needs a personality transplant, not just hair extensions to make this character work. Sorry. Fail.

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    LOL why oh why is Tyra still on the show? and she has that same deer in headlights look in every scene! MAC looks better with longer hair, I thought she looked a lil old too.

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