From XOXO to SOS: Gossip Girl’s Ratings Take Major Hit!

It looks like buzz is no longer translating into ratings. Perez Hilton is reporting that one of the most talked about primetime soaps since Desperate Housewives, The CW’s Gossip Girl, has taken a major ratings hit. According to the Gossip Gangsta, the series netted a depressing 1.4/2 rating. So basically less people are watching Gossip Girl than tune in to watch Guiding Light, which was recently cancelled by The CW’s parent network CBS. Of course daytime soaps don’t have lucrative DVD, merchandising and cross-promotional opportunities like their niche primetime and cable counterparts, but in the end, will all of that be enough to keep The CW from going the way of The WB and UPN?
For my money, trying to turn a broadcast network into a channel that only caters to teenage girls and 25-year-old gay men is a big mistake. By getting rid of wrestling—which was a big hit for the netlet and its predecessor UPN— and now tossing their urban comedies like, Girlfriends, Everybody Loves Chris and The Game aside, The CW has oversaturated their own market. Who wants to watch a channel where every show is just like the next one? If Dawn O really wants to show she is a power player, she should use half of her 2009-10 season’s programming budget to rescue Dirty Sexy Money and pair it with Gossip Girl. Then mothers and their teen daughters could at least tune in to the channel for their guilty pleasures, possibly hooking each other on their respective soap fixes in the process. Just a thought…

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    Yeah, but I think that the GG should of have a diverse cast too, but that would never happen. I think that people are sick and tired of the poor little rich people shows that always have problems and the economy is not in good shape so I don’t think that people want to watch a bunch of spoiled teens when they can’t pay their bills or losing their jobs.

    Yeah, Jamey, having DSM on CW would be a great way to get GG on the right track with ratings.

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    I am not surprised. The last few eps have been a hot mess and the entire season has been all over the place. Mostly mediocre writing this season on top of making up and breaking up everywhere. Not really enjoyable.

    I liked last night’s ep but I don’t think there had been an authentically good ep of the show since Bart’s funeral.

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    I agree that this season has been uneven at times. I thought some of the episodes concerning Bart’s death, especially the funeral episode, were outstanding. But then this Serena and her newest himbo bizness is ridiculous.

    Still, I did enjoy last nights episode quite a lot because of the Chuck/Blair/Nate/Georgina stuff. Blair and Chuck are just awesome together. Those two ARE GG to me; I hope the writers finally put them together for a while. I think they are one of the few couples that can make or break an ensemble show.

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    I agree with bonobochick, this season has been all over the place. And Serena just keeps looking flakier and flakier. I could tell her newest boytoy was playing her the entire episode. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Serena/Dan/Vanessa triangle. I read the first GG book (thought it was terrible, but that isn’t what this is about), and read about the rest of them, that Vanessa and Dan ended up dating for a while. It would keep truer to the books, and I think Serena and Dan are most interesting with each other rather than randoms. And keeping Blair and Chuck out of each others’ orbits for so many episodes on end was almost suicide! It’s pretty obvious they’re a huge draw for the show, they’re the reason I myself got hooked, and I mostly look forward to their scenes together. Without their chemistry and banter, the show is mostly mediocre, to me. So why would I want to tune in to a mediocre show, because TPTB want to keep B and C apart? I understand them wanting to drag out putting the two of them together, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t interact at all! I would’ve been so much more interested in Blair’s Yale storyline, and the sleazy teacher she was blackmailing if Chuck had been involved in the whole thing.

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    Jamey do you think soap operas should consider putting out certain storylines on dvd to make exrta money? I know my mother would purchase the Luke and Laura saga. You could put many “sagas” on dvd Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, Reva and Josh, Erica and her many men, Victor and Nikki and more. They wouldnt have to put the entire soap series out just when the couple met, got together, and whatever major happened after. It could be a way for the soaps to make some extra money if the execs wanted to bother with it.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think soaps should definitely do this, but they are too lazy to edit out the popular music used during the 80’s. They can’t afford to pay those expensive licensing fees, so they could simply cut the music out and replace it with cheaper music. The fact is, there is pretty much only lip service being given about saving soaps from TPTB.

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    Part of me is glad that this is happening. I get sick and tired of seeing shows with better ratings cancelled and shows like this get another chance because of their “buzz”.

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    TV Gord

    Gossip Girl pretty much has to come back for another year because they are still planning to launch the spinoff/prequel, and it’s kind of hard to do that when the original has faded into history. I guess they’re hoping the two shows will cross promote each other (the way they expect 90210 and Melrose to do), but I think it’s likelier that they will both crash and burn.

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    I’m sure the ratings dip has a lot to do with the show, itself. It’s so all over the place. They never seem to stick with a story arc over a period of time. Either it gets wrapped up in 2 episodes or it disappears into thin air never to be seen again. Therefore, you never get invested in it. The only thing that draws me to the show is Chuck/Blair. If the show isn’t heavy on the C/B, my mind starts to wonder. Serena bores me, always. Dan is too lame for words. Although the teacher s/l made him interesting for about 15 minutes. Jenny is a decent character with no direction. They should’ve put her and Nate together. There was a lot of storyline potential there. Nate is dull. I can’t stand Vanessa. So, when she’s inserted in a storyline, it turns into FF’d material. It just feels like the show is wasting time on these crappy s/l. Instead of giving the fans what they want. The O.C. 2.0, anyone?

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    Come on, Gossip Girl’s ratings have never really been good. It gets worse ratings than crappy Secret Life of an American Teenager on ABC Family. The fact that it’s very marketable has allowed it to continue despite its abysmal ratings. I think the show is very compatible with Dirty Sexy Money, but that show is done and gone. If we were all network programmers, the tv landscape would be very different.

    The urban comedies doesn’t draw ratings for The CW, so there isn’t much lost by ending them. The biggest hits on The CW are America’s Next Top Model (4 millionish), Smallville, and Supernatural. They’ve also pretty much given up programming on Sundays. The CW isn’t going to get a mainstream audience at this point. They’ve already carved their niche as a youth-oriented network that Fox used to cater to in its early days before they acquired sports and mainstream hits like Simpsons, X-Files, House and American Idol.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think the show is very compatible with Dirty Sexy Money, but that show is done and gone
    So was Cupid, several seasons ago, yet they brought it back this season. DSM just closed production.

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    The problem is Chuck and Blair need to get together its horrible I might tune out if they don’t get together its ANNOYING. Im watching snoozeville sometimes!

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    Actually those urban comdies ratings are higher than that of 90210 and Gossip Girl.

    Also this season has been awful. First the Jenny stuff, than Dan/Serena and having 17 year old Chuck acting like a 40 year old middle age man.

    Last night episode was good except for the Dan/Serena storylines. I don’t care if McJudgemental can’t get into Yale and Serena and her latest himbo (at least he isn’t greasy like the last one). After everything with Benie Mardoff you would think people would be more weary of just giving their money away so easily so someone they don’t know.

    The Nate/Blair/Chuck storyline made my heart melt. Yes I’m a Chuck/Blair fan but this triangle is on fire! And I love Georgina reaction to knowing Blair came with Chuck. More Blair/Chuck less Serena (whiner) and Dan.

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    TV Gord

    Last week’s ratings…

    2,370,000 1.6 rating/2 share
    1,879,000 1.3 rating/2 share
    1,830,000 1.2 rating/2 share
    1,696,000 1.1 rating/2 share

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    I’m with everyone else who is only in it for Chair. IMO, the rest is just filler, which means that the latest episodes that have been without any Chair interaction have been a complete waste.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Girlfriends kicked all those little tween operas booty, but The CW cancelled it without so much as a series finale. They use the "urban shows" to keep the lights on, then put them all out to pasture once the teen soap factory starts mass producing. FOX did the same thing.

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    “will all of that be enough to keep The CW from going the way of The WB and UPN?”

    Err…the CW is the WB and UPN combined…

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I like Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair but the rest just blows. Dan is a moron, Serena just whines, Jenny is useless as is Vanessa, Nate can just fade away and the little gay brother who I really like isn’t on enough. I think GG would be a great lead in partner for the Game because that show is great, its good adult fluff but as Smitty and Jamey said the urban shows are discarded after they build the network. As for the soap sagas on dvd, I am so on board with that, I would actually consider selling my mother for old episodes of Santa Barbara and The Doctors and it’ll be a good way for young people like me to see the old historic episodes of my favourite soaps that I missed and give me a new tack on their respective histories for example I would really like to see the original soap rapemance on DOOL of Bill/Laura/Mickey, it sounds like it must have been a pressure cooker of a storyline.

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    i would love that one – two punch! i loved dsm, while we’re at it can we save reaper and eli stone? here’s a thought they should have never canceled veronica mars (which at least had a multi-ethnic cast) or everwood.

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    Though the ratings for GG are low, I don’t think it–or the CW–is in danger of disappearing any time soon.

    2 million viewers comprised mostly of 18-49 year olds is still worth a good chunk of change in ad dollars. And the CW does a really good job of using that audience to create cross-promotions with advertisers, like Dove and Verizon wireless. Then there are the DVDs, which sell quite well. It’s all about ad revenue, and if GG/CW can make as much ad revenue from 2 million 19-49 viewers as a show with three or four times that many “less desirable” viewers (in terms of ad dollars), then its doing just fine.

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    There’s a difference. Cupid is a remake with 10 years passed, and this version probably won’t last either. DSM was already confirmed canceled by ABC. The last episodes were pretty good too. The pace was rather rushed, but the events were very soapy especially the last episode.

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    Sorry that probably didn’t come off as I wanted. It’s hard when this is online for the context to be perfect sometimes. I didn’t mean to offend. Don’t take it so personally. Look at my comments referring to minorities on daytime. I have made many a point of how blacks and asians are underrepresented. I apologize again.

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