The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Ridge and Brooke’s Marriage Takes a Hit

Rick continued to widen the rift in his mother’s marriage to Ridge. Brooke defended Rick, accusing Ridge and Taylor of purposely entrapping him.  After Taylor told Ridge that he basically should leave Taylor, Brooke accused her of using Ridge to further her own agenda. Taylor told Brooke that she is hearing what she only wants to hear, as usual. Brooke told Taylor that her attempts to split them up were "pathetic and embarrasing to watch." They left shortly after and Taylor waited for Steffy to return home.

Stephanie accompanied Steffy to Malibu to clear out her things. Rick arrived shortly after, but Stephanie prevented him from interfering with Steffy’s move. She reminded him very clearly that she told him to walk away, but his hatred for Ridge is so deep that he could not do that. Instead he chose to break Steffy’s heart and take another daughter from Ridge. She said that in time Steffy would recover and a day will come when Steffy will never think of him. "Put that in your pipe and smoke it", she added. When Steffy came out with her suitcase, Rick pleaded with her to forgive him. Stephanie told Rick to leave while Steffy collected her things and he did.

Ridge and Brooke were arguing about Taylor’s involvement with Rick’s smackdown and Ridge told her he could not discuss him anymore. At that moment, a very smug Rick emerged from Brooke’s kitchen with a sandwich and it was revealed that Rick was overnighting at their home. Ridge adamantly told Brooke he would not share a roof with Little Ricky even for one night and walked out. Rick told Brooke to let Ridge go and that she would be better off without him. She said she was tired of having to choose between them and that she could not bear to be alone. Rick told her that although she would be hurt, they had each other. It appears that Rick likes to keep those family connections very close!

Back at Taylor’s, Stephanie, Steffy, Thomas and Ridge gathered for some warm, fuzzy family moments. Steffy thanked them for their support despite the fact that she wasn’t listening. Ridge revealed that he was being blackmailed to keep Thomas out of prison. Ridge decided to stay at Taylor’s urging and the troops settled in for a family movie night. When Stephanie and Ridge had some time alone, she pointed out that his happy, centered life was in the house with his family with Taylor. Although she is not a fan of Brooke’s, she admitted that she knows what Brooke means to him. She calmly pointed out that Brooke and Rick will always be a source of stress and angst for him and wondered how much longer her would live that way when he could have a calmer existence with his family at Taylor’s. Ridge silently pondered Big Mama’s point of view.

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    Where have Brooke’s proverbial balls gone? The Brooke of old would never had been this passive about Taylor trying to steal her man!

    We need to bring this fight back to the office where Brooke often appears to be more in control of the situation – When was the last time Brooke was in the lab? She must have another Nobel prize worthy fabric up her sleeve. How about wrinkle-free taffeta for prom season?

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    Mike Jubinville

    I must say I have to agree with you. Brooke wouldn’t take it from Taylor, nor would she take it from Rick. Her perception is completely off, but I can’t believe she hasn’t blasted Rick’s ass yet. I don’t like when characters are dumbed down and Brooke has been through this entire storyline. It just makes no sense to me that she would act this way.

  3. Profile photo of THEBEST

    LMAO @ you calling Stephanie Big Mama…

    For Brooke & Eric to be so stupid where Rick is concerned after faking his paralysis is absurd. I want Taylor to snatch her man back, though. Brooke can drive Katie bat-shit crazy over Nick.

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    I can’t believe that Stephanie of all people had the nerve to criticize Brooke for putting her son first! Talk about pot calling the kettle black! How much of a hypocrite can you be?
    This triangle between Brooke/Ridge/Taylor is not even slightly entertaining anymore. I wanted both of them to dump that big jerk already back in the 90s, and my feelings haven’t changed. He has been stringing them along for years and years and I just don’t understand what they see in him. I realize that Lesli Kay will probably never get a big storyline on this show, so I hope that Don Diamont’s character sweeps either Brooke or Taylor off their feet (preferably Brooke since she’s my favorite) and takes them out of Ridge’s orbit.

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