We Told You So: Nancy St. Alban Returns to Guiding Light as Michelle Bauer

Online reports have confirmed what our Melodie Aikels broke earlier today, Nancy St. Alban, who was offered the chance to return to Guiding Light in conjunction with Paul Anthony Stewart, is in fact returning to the sudser as Michelle Bauer Santos.

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    It would only make sense to get her back now that she’s dropped that load. I always preferred her over Joie Lenz. I was never a Danny/Michelle fan until Nancy.

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    I am so glad Nancy is returning. She is by far my favorite Michelle. Whether it is short term or long term, this is the best way to reintroduce the character.

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    Great, gives me reason to avoid watch GL now. I emailed it to my sister, she and my mom can’t stand Nancy as Michelle either.
    LOL DaytimeFan! Great, now I have that image of her dancing and popping her gum.

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    Joy was my Michelle Bauer, but I’ll take a Manny reunion anyway I can get it! I was never a huge fan of Nancy’s, but she does have great chemistry with PAS. I really hope to see a ‘Carmen Santos Returns’ headline on DC sometime soon!

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    Yes bring Carmen back! I’d love to see her give Michelle hell again. GL hasn’t had a good villianess in a long time.
    I agree about Joy Lenz, she was the best “grown up” Michelle, and her chemistry with PAS was amazing. Too bad she’s still on OTH. I’d love it if she came back instead.

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    I LOVE IT! I’m thrilled that Nancy is coming back as Michelle. Nancy and Paul’s chemistry was at a much sexier level and they worked so well together. I really enjoyed her portrayal of Michelle. I’ve been letting my off-line friends know that Danny and Michelle are going to be on GL again.

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    I agree, Esny, she was always my favorite Michelle. I’m on cloud 9 that she’s back.

    LOL Jamey, I liked Joy too, but Nancy was the “ULTIMATE” Michelle!!!

    This is such great news!

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