Who is Sharon’s Baby Daddy on The Young and the Restless?

Jillian told us that Sharon (Sharon Case) on The Young and the Restless is going to find herself pregnant. So now it looks as if we’re going to get a "Who’s the Daddy?" conundrum, with Jack (Peter Bergman), Billy (Billy Miller) and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) each as the potential father. The question is, who do fans want to be Sharon’s baby daddy?

I’m still holding out that Summer will be Jack’s child, not Nick’s. Having Sharon’s baby turn out to be Jack’s, would also provide years of potential for Sharon and Phyllis to duke it out over Jack’s affection for their respective spawn. On the other hand, Jack possibly believing Sharon’s baby is his, only to later learn his brother is the father, could also hold a lot of promise. Nick being the baby’s father seems the most boring option of the three. What about you? 

Who do you want to be the father of Sharon’s baby?

Who is Sharon's Baby Daddy on The Young and the Restless?

  • Nick (66%, 3,344 Votes)
  • Jack (22%, 1,112 Votes)
  • Billy (12%, 637 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,093


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20 Responses

  1. Profile photo of KMG4GH

    This baby is Nicks!!!!!! Cassie told NIck he would have a baby girl. So he stole Jacks baby with Phyllis (No one saw the DNA results BUT Nick). Now Sharon will be giving birth to Nicks 2nd child. Then Jack and Phyllis can raise their child. Billy just had a baby with Chole and he is going to be chasing after Mac (when they recast with a younger and more exciting actress).

  2. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    I too want Jack to turn out to be Summer’s daddy but ONLY if they tell the story that Nick knew and chose to pretend the baby was his.

    Originally, the results came back and went only to Nick who went away to think. He came back and told Sharon the baby was his and he wanted to be with Phyllis. I always thought/hoped that Nick said that so he could be with Phyllis (which is what he wanted at the time) and it would be consistent with Nick’s personality to lie to make it “easier” to get out of his marriage to Sharon and keep Jack from Phyllis.

    As for the current pregnancy — I definitely think it should be Billy’s. Sharon could lie and say it is Nick’s and than DNA would show it to be not his but “probably” Jack’s. Eventually, the true Daddy would come out — but the baby shouldn’t survive.

  3. Profile photo of Christine_in_Wisconsin

    I agree whole heartedly that I’d love Summer to be Jack’s – hey he at least delivered her and maybe I’m alone in being a fan of Jack’s. I always like the bad ones.

    I’d then want Jack to be the father of Sharon’s baby over Billy just because I’d rather Sharon and Phylis fight over Jack than Snore.. I mean Nick.

    That being said I’d prefer it be none of the above and end up being that she got knocked up by Brad (even if we didn’t see them do anything on screen)

    I’d even prefer it be the bellman at GCAC. It would be a more interesting storyline than it being Nick’s. You know of course that it will be Nick’s just because they want to put these too back together.

  4. Profile photo of YRFan90

    I feel that the most drama could be had with Jack being the father of both Summer and Sharon’s current bambino.

    Though I technically fall in the “Shick” category, in terms of the option of “Shick” and “Phick”, having Sharon be carrying Nick’s second daughter is too easy of a plotline to tie them together over not one (Noah) but two children. If Nick and Sharon reunite, I think such should happen after Nick is divorced, Sharon has gone through therapy and Nick is able to not continue his serial cheating behavior.

    Jack learning that the baby he helped deliver in the elevator with Phyllis, after years of thinking it was Nick’s, could be explosive drama between Phyllis/Jack/Nick.

    Also while Jack was holding Delia on today’s US episode I kept asking myself, why is there no mention of his young son Kyle and adult son Keemo? Calling MAB and gang, at least mention these offspring from time to time even if they can’t be active characters!

    As for Billy being the father of Sharon’s baby, though I look forward to the reactions of GC residents learning Sharon and Billy were hitting the sheets, I don’t think Billy needs any more baby mama drama.

  5. Profile photo of mooney

    If Jack is not Summer’s father than I want him to be the father of Sharon’s kid.

    Also while Jack was holding Delia on today’s US episode I kept asking myself, why is there no mention of his young son Kyle and adult son Keemo?

    I’ve been wondering this too, it irks me that we see all of Victor’s kids (and he has another one on the way) but none of Jacks.

  6. Profile photo of snizzle

    I lost interest in the tired Phyllis/Nick/Sharon triangle a long time ago. If Sharon must be pregnant hope the Father is someone offscreen. You know the girl has been sleeping around..

  7. Profile photo of BigDede

    As much as I love Billy, he doesn’t need to be in anymore storylines.

    I’m all for the Jack as the father storyline. Make Summer Jack’s (like we’ve all been saying) and have both women jealous of each other. I’m all for this storyline.

  8. Profile photo of laneluva

    Nick being the father would be dullness. I want him to watch Sharon carry another man’s baby the way Sharon had to watch another woman give him a daughter.

  9. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    As long as its not Billy’s child I’m happy but if I had to choose I vote for Nick because Jack is too good for Sharon and I want Keemo and Kyle back to take their rightful place on canvas.

  10. Profile photo of goyankees

    I have always adored Jack and agree w/the poster who said he was too good for Sharon. Still, I’d rather Jack be the Daddy. However I’m assuming this will be Nick’s child. Sort of a “Full Circle” type scenerio when a little girl is born. Billy, on the other hand…I have a feeling it will come out what he and Sharon did- creating havoc between he and Chloe, but even more w/his brother. It’ll be very fun to watch this unfold!!! (imagine. one of three- -THREE guys could be your Baby Daddy. If that’s not a tramp, I don’t know what is!!!!!)

  11. Profile photo of ynroltljunkie2009

    WHY are they doing another who’s the daddy storyline? WHY? Y&R is better than this. The fab four have been kicking ass for months (except for the Karen/Neil/Tyra/Singing Kid storyline) and now they want to add a stupid who’s the daddy storyline involving not two but THREE men. This is sick. The better storyline would have been for Sharon to contract an STD or have an HIV scare with all that hoeing she was doing. That would have scared her straight. A pregnancy is such an overused plot device I feel Y&R could have done without. There’s enough damn babies on this show, we don’t need another.

  12. Profile photo of ATLn30318

    Ok… If Sharon is going to be pregnant with Billy’s, Jack’s or Nick’s baby, shouldnt TPTB at YnR get a move on with that storyline? The reason why I say that b/c… shouldn’t she be experiencing morning sickness soon and how long after intercourse does conception takes place? You guys understand where I am going with this. It can’t be June or July when Sharon learns she’s pregnant right? I don’t know anything about the frequency of a woman’s period (I am a guy), but I do know that when a woman misses her period, that usually means she’s pregnant right? So how long does it take to become pregnant after sexual intercourse? Her last sexual encounter – was it with Billy or Jack?

  13. Profile photo of Y-RJunkie

    I am thinking it should be Nick’s after all turn-about-fair-play on Phyllis. By the way, are we sure that Phyllis isn’t really that crazy chick enemy of Lauren’s?

  14. Profile photo of buffygirl

    :~ Why does it HAVE to be Nick? I’d like to be surprised and have Sharon find out that it’s really Jack’s baby. Billy has enough problems with Chloe and Delia and coping with having Mac on the scene again. He’s got his hands full with all of that – doesn’t need another kid to make his life more of a living hell than what it already is. Nick seems to have chosen and recommitted again to Phyllis. Keep Nick with whacko Phyllis – they deserve each other and Nick should pay for being so very indecisive and for walking out on Sharon and Noah to be with Phyllis. He said that Summer needs him so keep him there with crazy possessive and psychotic Phyllis. Noah needed him too, but he was hot to trot for Phyllis. It’s a bad pairing, but it’s going to be too boring if Nick is yet again the father.

  15. Profile photo of JLarson988

    Maybe I’m turning into a crazy lady, but here’s how I think it will play out. Phyllis will somehow get her hands on the paternity test before the results are given to Sharon, and she’ll swap them so that it looks like Jack is the father, when really, it’s Nick. Jack will have to cut short his affair with Mary Jane, who is actually Patty Williams. Patty was pregnant with Jack’s baby way back when, and she miscarried when she fell after walking in on him sleeping with Diane Jenkins. MJ/Patty has never recovered from her loss. In the midst of this, Somer will come down with some sort of illness that requires a bone marrow transplant or blood transfusion that must come from a biological match, and when that’s not Nick, Jack’s paternity will surface, and Jack’s relationship with Phyllis will strengthen as he now is Somer’s father. MJ/Patty will grow sooo jealous of both Sharon and Phyllis since they’re both having Jack’s babies, and she’ll kidnap Sharon’s new baby, try to kill Sharon, yet make it seem like Phyllis is responsible. Nick will save Sharon like he always does, and they’ll fall back in love. Jack & Phyllis end up together, Nick & Sharon end up together.

  16. Profile photo of Karlie

    Sharon isn’t a tramp; she was having an emotional breakdown and that’s the only reason they threw Billy in the mix of her sexual indiscretions – for yet another WTD storyline. How original. But this baby(ies) has to be Nick’s because Jack already has 2 kids we know about. I’m praying MAB picks up those anvils LML kept dropping about Jack being Summer’s real bio daddy. It would be very simple to explain. Nick did not lie about the paternity results of Summer, as that would just NOT be true to his character at all, grief or no grief, but the lab results were wrong. Haven’t we seen several faulty DNA results re Cane/Jill/Kay already, so having Nick’s results prove faulty as well is the most logical thing. Nick wanted to be with Sharon and Noah even after he knew the results, but Sharon told him forget it and pushed him away and that’s why he went to Phyllis. Sharon didn’t want them to be tied to Phyllis’s spawn for the rest of her life.

    Billy is a immature schmuck and can barely handle his own life, let alone 2 kids. No. Nick has to be Sharon’s baby daddy because they’ve lost so much when Cassie died and would be soap justice to have them reunite and have another baby girl. Perhaps Cassie’s dream to Nick was really about “another little girl” that Sharon is going to have – NOT Summer.

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