Are Rick Hearst, Peter Simon and Maureen Garrett Heading Back to Guiding Light?

With Guiding Light ending its run on CBS in September, it appears the show is pulling out all the stops in the casting department. Setside sources have revealed to Daytime Confidential that three iconic Guiding Light characters may be making their return to the show in the near future. 

"Peter Simon, Maureen Garrett, and Rick Hearst have all been in talks with Guiding Light for a return. Peter will more than likely be back for a huge Bauer Barbecue bash the show is planning. Maureen’s story is unknown at the moment, but she is more than willing to return. Negotiations with Rick Hearst are "damn good" and his character will have an impact on the Spaulding family."
The returns of Ed Bauer, Holly Reade, and Alan-Michael Spaulding will no doubt fill the hearts of fans and shake things up in Springfield. Hopefully, things will work out and three of our favorites will return home. Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential for updates on this developing story.

A TeleNext spokesperson was unable to confirm the returns, however stated, "With the show coming to an end on CBS, it isn’t unexpected that some returns will happen."

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  1. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Just the very thought of RH reprising his role of Alan-Michael Spaulding gives me goosebumps!! I hope he comes back, and I hope GL finds a new home and takes him with it!!! *fingers-crossed* it is a Bauer BBQ just like old times!!

  2. Profile photo of Axl4ever

    That would be a good thing and considering how RH is treated on GH I wouldn’t blame him for going back. Good for him. Maureen Garrett & Peter Simon are icing on the cake.

  3. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    All of these great casting scoops and rumors are so bittersweet. When I first read this headline and the accompanying article, I had an excited reaction immediately. Then when it sinks in I remember that GL is coming to an end and because of that they are pulling out all the stops. Still, it will be fantastic if Ed, Holly and Ric Hearst as Alan-Michael all come back for the last few months.

  4. Profile photo of McD720

    MELODIE! Don’t tease me! Rick coming back to GL has been my dream for years and years. It’s a good week for me… my beloved Danny and Michelle return and now Rick as Alan Michael!!! Please GL! MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN.

  5. Profile photo of dmwolf

    Great news. I would love to see them, especially Holly and Alan-Michael!

    Also, great to see people referring to the time when GL stops airing on CBS. P&G will not let GL die at the hands of CBS.

    We fans support P&G’s efforts to save the Light!

  6. Profile photo of elvara

    Didn’t RH himself say that GL had contacted him when he was taken off contract but didn’t work out for some reason?? He said this a couple of weeks ago at a fan event.

    Now I would be happy if RH came back but I prefer to wait and see…

  7. Profile photo of CGat

    Ahhhhh : )
    This is absolutely wonderful news. I never got to personally experienece the greatness of these actors/characters, and would be SOO happy if I did!

  8. Profile photo of MarkBowers

    This news is all so wonderful, yet bittersweet. Too damn bad Jerry Ver Dorn is on contract and currently being completely wasted by what has become the black hole that is OLTL. Having Ross back for Blake would probably break my heart.

  9. Profile photo of blake3b

    OMG OMG OMG!!! All three actors coming back would be f*cking awesome!!!! Thank goodness RH was dropped to recurring, now he can go home again! And it would be great if they can get PS and MG back.
    GL is definately must see, but this summer it will be have to see!!!
    Hope the show can bring Mindy and India back again. How about Bridget, Dylan, David and Amanda while we are at it?
    It’d be awesome if Cynthia Watros could return as Annie, even if it was a little bit.

  10. Profile photo of zurge

    Thank you for the update Jamey. Hopefully you will have something to report soon.

    I am very excited if these three were able to come back, at least through September. In fact, would that be the only way RH would do this – if it were a limited run as Alan-Michael?

  11. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Everyone keep doing what you’ve been doing – emailing, postcards, phone calls, snail mail!! Show P&G your support and let Lifetime know that where the Light goes we go!!

    Long live the Light!!

  12. Profile photo of sillysoapsupporter

    Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Are you kidding me, Mel? This would be fantastic! Ed, Holly and the best Alan-Micheal!! And I thought the original A-M was good, but Hearst brought something magical.

    *crossing fingers* I hope this pans out!

    Thank you for keeping us posted.

  13. Profile photo of gush900

    One of the many problems with this show was it let go of its core characthers case in point jerry ver dorn and maureen garrett.Like carolyn hinsey said in soap opera digest every show has to reevaluate.I think with the exception of y/r these head writers and eps need to be put on notice better ratings and story.I think the two biggest wastes in the writing dept our Jean Passanate and Bob Guza.

  14. Profile photo of chris345

    I think they are waitiing for the Daytime Emmy nominations to be announced first. The come out on May 14th and I’m sure that GL is going to get a few nominations. Right now they are still getting sympathy about their being canned.

    I read a fan recap of Rick H’s event. They said that he said he had been contacting by GL to come back for a 6 month arc and he was interested in doing it, then the show got dropped by CBS and he doubted it would happen. But he made it clear he was into the idea an would not relocate but go back & fourth from LA and that GL knew that and were planning to work around him.

    There are some interesting rumors out there. The lastest I heard sounded great. The show would be centered on the Spaldings, Lewis’s (with Josh & Reva have important roles) and Olivia/Natalia..
    So I can so see Alan Michael sticking around or coming back and forth for future arc if Lifetime picks the show.

    All the other rumors about actors jumping ship are shifting as well, now it’s all about PGP/tele matching contracts for some of the actors..

    The drama about keeping the show on the air is almost as good as the show currently and that’s pretty good.

  15. Profile photo of zurge

    chris345 is right – the rumors keep flying when it comes to a possible continuation of the show after CBS. I have also heard that Otalia is a big factor in any network migration (actally, that was one of the first pieces of information I found out). I have also heard that the central families would be the Spaulding and the Lewis clans (but I haven’t heard anything about Kim Zimmer being willing to renew her contract – that’s news to me?!!?). Unfortunately, I haven’t heard about any of the Bauers moving along with it. Perhaps that’s why they are trying to bring back Ed along with Michelle – to phase out the Bauers completely when the show ends it’s CBS run, even Rick? I hope not. I love me my ol’ Bauer family.

  16. Profile photo of chris345

    Many of the actors have been very touched by the fan support to keep the show on the air. Every event they have attending following the news has been loaded with fan support, there was a young woman cancer event in Pittsburg last sunday (GA,MR,FD,MR,GT&JF attended) and it was sold out. There was reports that fans even stood outside the CBS studios to show there support, KZ was reported to be so touched by the gesture she was in tears and hugged one of the women.

    This might effect the stars reaction or willingness to continue on with the show. Another thing is, Guiding Light moving will be making history once again. Many feel that this is going to be the course for future shows, it’s nice to be a part of history and something new, to carve out a new format.

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