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Here’s the Scoop! 04.29.09

You all know I’m dreading the LL2 reunion right? I do love Rebecca Herbst and my roomie is a huge Greg Vaughan fan so I guess there is some silver lining to the dark cloud, more airtime for Becky and Greg. It however, does not dampen my Liason love who has a scene coming up! I’m such a sucker… At least it seems the writers remember that Elizabeth works in the hospital that Jason is in and that the former loves could possibly run into one another.

Since there’s Liason coming… and LL2 what should JaSam fans be looking for? RUMORS of Jason confiding in Sam although those RUMORS had that happening weeks ago and so far, nothing. Possibly next week… In other Kelly news not only was Lindsay Lohan supposedly looked at as her PeepShow replacement but now there are reports that Elizabeth Berkley (Jesse Spano, Saved By the Bell) was spotted at the PeepShow and the “showgirl” MAY be in talks to join the show.

Martha Byrne… So a girl takes a break and all hell breaks loose. I’m not clear on how long she’ll be in Port Chuckles. It looks like she’s coming in late May and COULD be around for a better part of the summer. Her facebook update implied that the timing fell into place. She is playing Mayor Floyd’s wife and there is plenty of SPECULATION as to why the first lady of Port Charles matters. One is that the mayor is the murder victim in the summer murder mystery. Another has her tying into the Ethan story. A lot of fans get excited that a newbie could mean less mob. The murder mystery is SUPPOSED to involve Jason so that would mean mob.

DNA test for Luke and Ethan. Epiphany is there to administer the test.

Problems when Michael wakes up. Who will he turn to? Who will he turn against? Personality change? That’s coming. We SHOULD see a very different Michael. I would hope so! Different actor, different story, different Michael. Surgery for Mikey is next week.

Maxie tries to create danger to get Spinelli’s attention. It blows up in her face. Well, her plan doesn’t’ go as planned when it’s Johnny to the rescue. Will Maxie and Lulu get their friendship back? I hope not. I like them as frienemies with more emphasis on the enemy. Here’s a tip! All this casting and firing RUMORS, get a girl back on the canvas. Too much of a sausage fest on GH right now.

Miscarriage scare for Claudia? Again, another pregnancy storyline that has to have issues. Hey Guza! I realize infertility and risky pregnancies are a reality but they don’t happen every time a woman gets pregnant.

NotEmily and Nikolas… Still not a fan. Leave her with Lucky please! RUMOS have NotEm and Nikolas still trying to make a go of things. Does psycho granny and her birth certificate have anything to do with that? Alexis wants NotEmily to leave town and offers up some cash.

Programming Note… So I had some stuff pop up last week and had planned on taking a mini vacation from DC. It seems that hiatus is over as I can’t seem to stay away. If I am missing here or there, no need to worry, it’s just me handling some business.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank You Regan
    I am happy to hear from you…..
    I hate LL2 – I hate seeing Sucky with Jason’s son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    stay away from Jake your loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am happy that Liz and Jason will be together in the same room finally….
    Also I am happy that Jason is visiting Michael, I thought that TPTB forget that Jason was also in Michael’s life…..
    Do you know if Jason will be a big part in mIchael S/I??
    I hope that he does…….
    I do want to say a thing, if Jason is involved it doesn’t mean that it is mob…………

  2. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    I’m sure that the only person Michael will be nice to and is able to understand him Is Jason. Everybody loves that formly brained dead mobster. He’s got his own church in PC.

  3. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan, can you or someone please explain how the writers can now make NotEmily (Rebecca) either be a spawn of Helena’s OR be the real Emily? When soaps use those plot devices they do that to shock both the characters and the viewers. In the case of NotEmily, we the viewers AND the characters (like Alexis) EXPECT her to be either Emily or a creation of Helena’s. On the one hand, I don’t see how NL can come back and NOT be either Emily or a creation made by Helena to look like her,but, on the other hand, how can they justify the predictability factor that they will be lacking?? Does anyone know what the point of NotEmily is?

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m not sure the writers know the point of NotEmily. IMHO, they were more focused on getting Natalia back on the show they didn’t learn from past mistakes. For me, there is no way to make this work and leave NotEmily as Rebecca. She has to become Emily. It’s the only way I see the fans who are turned off to tune back in to this storyline.

    She was supposed to be the anti-Emily. Haven’t seen it. TPTB tend to forget that we develop attachments to the character and the actor playing them. They go hand in hand. Do recasts work? Sure when the actor is the right fit. They fail when the wrong person gets the part. I love Natty and Sarah Brown but both their characters were not introduced well and the writers have been digging their way out of a very deep hole ever since.

  5. Profile photo of samrocks

    Regan, thank *goodness* you’re back. I was THISCLOSE to going into cardiac arrest.

    Does anyone think Martha Byrne might be the older woman than Johnny hooks up with? It’s the same way they introduced Claudia (and others, I’m sure), and FnG *love* predictability.

  6. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Finally Jason and Elizabeth in the same room

    They still know each other exist

    I want my Liason!!!!!!!

    Look at Jake Morgan he is so big

    GREG VAUGHN please cut your hair

  7. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I am a 30 year viewer who has always hated recasts, Laura Wright is the exception, so I have never cared for NL and this incarnation is ridiculous, she died on camera. GV has never clicked for me either. And though he originated the role, I have never cared for TC and Nik the obsessive stalker makes him even less attractive. RHerbst is the only one in the square I care about and I want her with Jason.
    BTW maybe my biggest issue with KM is she was essentially a Brenda recast. Anyway I hope she resigns with Peepshow. I am sure its a better use of her limited talents.

  8. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I really hope that Jason is involved ……….
    If Michael will bond with Monica and Edward maybe Jason will…
    After seeing Monica talking to Jason and telling him that she loves him made me want to see more scenes of the Q’s and Jason…
    what do you think?????

    Also it could be the new murder mystery- if it happens , Jason will be there but in his enforcer mode……….

    By they way Regan I really missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Profile photo of jpp1975

    Can’t they at least put Liz with someone besides Lucky? Matt’s not doing anything, and they’d be cute together. And Lucky could keep NotEmily away from Nik. Just because they don’t want Liason is no reason to stick those poor actors back in LL2 Snoozeville. I’m looking forward to Martha Byrne–they better keep Mrs Floyd away from Sonny tho!

  10. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Michael should be a Quartermaine and leave his parents behind for getting him shot.

    Hate NotEmily and they should of just made her Emily when Helena brainwashed her.

    Get rid of Ethan. Don’t like the character.

    Carly should never have children again. Sonny need his thing to be clipped, like John Bobbitt so he don’t impregnated and other women again. Or get a vasectomy so that we don’t have to go with a Sonny’s kid again.

    Claw needs to be shot.

    Hope Martha Bryne rocks this role. But Guza will screw it up eventually.

    Nik needs to be a dark Cassadine and take over the empire.

    Alan needs to be alive and back at GH.

    Robin needs to be ok to get back to Emma.

    Jason needs to leave the mob for good and be a father to Jake.

  11. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Welcome back Regan, I really missed you, I was like a stalker checking the site constantly. Even though I often don’t like the spoilers, I seem to be obsessed in reading them. Thank you for all that you do.

    Do we really need another under-used female character? Why can’t they write stories for Kate, Alexis, Monica, Bobbi, Diane, Liz even Olivia rather than bring on someone new WTF?

    Hope the new Michael turns to the Q’s. That would be awesome and poetic justice for Carly & Sonny. Not impressed with LooLoo being involved in the s/l but if she moves him into the Q mansion it may be OK. Might even bring Jason back to the Q’s. And maybe Alan can back as a ghost to bring everyone together. “Sigh” One can always dream.

    Get rid of the Claw and Olivia Please.

  12. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Is it just me or is GH getting – gulp- BETTER?
    The past two days have been awesome. Loved the intervention, loved that the PPD story is finally coming to an end, love the more mature LuLu, LuLu and Maxie’s interactions, the two men and the baby. I loved everything, except whatever the Sperminator was in. What a jackass! I was so happy when Jax decked him!
    So tuesday was good and wednesday was better!

  13. Profile photo of samrocks

    I read somewhere that when Dante comes to town, he sleeps with someone in Sonny’s circle.

    I think at this point, we would be hard pressed to find a woman who *hasn’t* been in Sonny’s circle (if by circle, we mean bed).

  14. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    A Liason scene, YEY!! I’ve come to my own conclusion that Frons/Guza have decided to put them in very few scenes together because if they do the chemistry will be off the charts.

    Until they are gone we will NEVER get our Liason, unless someone smacks them around or they get fired.

    So for now GH will act like the last 10 years never happened, boy I really hate these people, I’m hanging on by a thread.

  15. Profile photo of BigDede

    This is the main reason I just can’t watch this show anymore.

    Jason is suppose to love kids so much. He would put Michael needs above his own yet he has nothing to do with his son. Not even supporting him with money? The whole thing rings hallow. It makes no sense.

    What really makes no sense is Carly not trying to make that child a part of Jason’s life. Carly knows how much Jason wanted a child of his own. She would be trying her best to get that child to be with Jason.

    This whole show has gone to boo boo.

  16. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    Okay, as anxious as I am for GH to FINALLY get JaSam back together, I am almost glad that it is taking some time due to Kelly’s Vegas show. It is only realistic that they would take baby steps back to each other after what Guza did to DESTROY them. I’m thinking that since Jason will be hiding the truth about Claudia from Sonny, he’ll confide in Sam just like he always used to when they were together. I really can’t think of a single person Jason always confided in about any subject, whether it was work or family, except for Sam. I really thought I’d be grossed out by the Liz/Nik kiss today, but I thought it was actually kinda funny. I like Liz and Lucky together, but I wouldn’t mind Liz meeting a new man or hooking up with Matt just for fun. How come there never seem to be any “friends with benefits” on this show? I think that would be perfect for Liz since she’s a mother and works hard. That way she could get a little somethin somethin without having to worry about taking care of a man on top of everything else. I also liked the tension between Liz and NotEmily today. I saw the old Liz again for a minute.

  17. Profile photo of River

    Love that their re-kindeling JaSam , their one of my top faves. but I feel so conflicted when it comes to the Spinelli-Johnny-Maxie triangle.I LOVE Spixie but at the same time JoMax has such amazing chemistry.Loved the scenes between Jason & Maxie too , their ALWAYS so amusing and I mean that in a good way.

    Whats the hype with Twitter?I’ve been hearing it twentyfour seven but I’m restraining myself from checking it out , recovering myspace addict.

    Also gotta agree on the following from siomonstuart :

    Michael should be a Quartermaine and leave his parents behind for getting him shot.

    Hate NotEmily and they should of just made her Emily when Helena brainwashed her.

    Sonny need his thing to be clipped, like John Bobbitt so he don’t impregnated and other women again. Or get a vasectomy so that we don’t have to go with a Sonny’s kid again.

    Claw needs to be shot.

    Nik needs to be a dark Cassadine and take over the empire.

    Alan needs to be alive and back at GH.

    Gotta disagree though abouth Carly & Ethan.Carly ‘s not the ideal mother but she always puts her children first and she’s constantly trying to make the best life she can for them and thats something ALOT of us teenage girls (well those of us who watch GH) wish we had for a mother.I admit though I’m a bit biased when it comes to AussieConBoy aka Ethan , he’s super delicious to me , I CAN’T help it , for christ sake he even quoted Hemmingway!!

  18. Profile photo of grannyswatching

    I think I’ll send TPTB a sympathy card for how they’ve killed off GH. No amount of set redo, HD filming is going to save this show now. They have killed off all the key families. They’ve totally forgotten love in the afternoon. They’ve quit writing new scripts, crossed off one character and put another character in its place using word for word the same lines. When are the actors going to realize that GH is insulting the characters that they created and fans have loved thru the years. They have successfully made heroes out of Sam, Jerry, Trevor, Anthony, and the Russians. They had Jason walk from Jake and Liz for their safety, but he can be around every other female and kid in town. Sonny’s married to the witch of the east. I am just so done with this show. TPTB can have it.

  19. Profile photo of spudfarm

    As I remember it, Jason had Diane create a trust “from Emily” with a significant balance for Liz to support herself and her two boys. As I see it, that counts as monetary support. The whole point of the forged origins and for that matter, Jason and Liz’s separation, was to avoid any trail leading to Jason’s support of Liz and her kids… monthly child support payments wouldn’t exactly fit into that. Especially since there are still two or three people in Port Charles who believe Jake is Lucky’s…

  20. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I will keep saying this until the babies are born – if Claudia steals Carly’s baby, Claudia is done for me no matter how much I love love love SJB. I can only see that happening if the writers intend to either get rid of the character or make her the female equivalent of Jerry (zero rooting value) If anything, I could see the writer having Carly have a break down and steal Claudia’s child. A child for the child that was taken from her, esp. if the stress from the situation with michael is what causes her to lose the baby.

  21. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I am actually hoping that Claudia carries the baby to term and gets killed off. Carly can take Claudia’s child and raise her. It would make me very happy if it turns out that the baby is Rik’s and Carly ends up with it. He did try to steal her baby. I would much rather Carly make the decision to abort her child rather than them having her lose another.

  22. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I am curious to see Martha Byrne and will catch her. I want to see Carly find out about the Michael shooting….

    Rebecca is not Emily somewhat interested

    Ethan being Luke’s son would be tragic…when I’m still waiting for Lucky to be more upfront/center.

    I won’t watch another round of Elizabeth and Jason with other people “again.” The only story that will get me back to being a “loyal viewer: is the Morgan Family: Jason, Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake in good story with a “positive” focus.

    Interested in more story for Alexis

    Good to see Dr. Kelly Lee.

    Miss Kate but not renotely interested in Olivia…

    Hoping for better times for Drake family..

    Need to see vets eg Monica/ Tracey / in lead story with airtime whenever possible instead of now and again…

    I like Jax’s storyline re: his wife and brother…and the balancing act of his secret re: Michael’ shooting…

  23. Profile photo of amanda-v.

    Here’s What I Think/Want to Happen:
    -I just want to see Liason together again!!
    -Lulu and Ethan would be cute together (if they aren’t related)
    -NotEmily needs to be gone
    -Claudia will find a way to make it look like Ric was responsible for Michael’s shooting and Sonny or Jason will kill him
    -Lucky needs a haircut
    -Maxie and Matt need to get together
    -Michael or Dante and Claudia bond (That would be funny if Dante befriended Claudia, since Olivia hates her)

    Oh, and does anyone know what is the ‘interesting’ thing we find out about Kate?
    -She needs to be gone too

  24. Profile photo of ewise5

    I have a great story for gh to use to boost ratings!!First off Jason and Sam have to find there way back together because they have the most chemistry of any couple on Gh. The story should go back to the night of the mascarade ball with Helena being behind the hole thing! Hiring Diego, She hates Port charles and wants everyone to suffer. Helena wants a prince that will be the heir and her goffer. The night of the ball Emily has something to tell Nikolas “she’s pregnant”. Helena knows this and to get her hands on the baby she sets the ball up to look like all these people died, including Emily. Emily has to do her bidding to save the baby and the others who did not die but rather kidnapped and are being held prisoners. Her instructions are to come back to PC and divide Lucky and Nicolas. If not ALan and Georgie will really die and she will never see her new son again! This will bring loyal GH fans back and happy, While she also wants to take luke down bringing in Ethan to destroy LuLu. Also Claudia will miscarry but she will not tell anyone she will go on like she is pregnant. Carly will have the baby later to be told her daughter died and Claudia will be behind the hole thing stealing Carly’s baby naming it as her own. let me know what ya think

  25. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    I agree with what you said about Carly, but how do we know he is not supporting Jake monetarily? We know he has a trust fund set up for him and if he’s not giving him financial support now, it’s only because Liz won’t accept it

  26. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Ewise, that WOULD have been a great story line, but based on what is happening now, that can’t be what the writers are doing. Except for the part about Carly and Claudia’s babies. My guess is that’s exactly what they will do.

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