Rosie O’Donnell And Star Jones, BFF’s?

Has the apocalypse begun? It must be really chilly down in Hades since former co-hosts of The View, Rosie O’Donnell and Star Jones, were spotted out having dinner. The former rivals were dining at the 2009 Passing It On Benefit After Party at Tony DiNapoli’s in New York City Monday night. On April 16, the ladies were also part of a charity auction to benefit the Skating with the Stars Gala, for which Jones is co-chair. The winner of that auction got a chance to share a lunch date with Jones and O’Donnell and pose any questions they want. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when that goes down?

For those of you who may not remember, Jones and O’Donnell’s bitchfest began a few years back, when O’Donnell blasted Jones on her blog following claims by Jones that her weight loss was the result of Pilates. Earlier this month Jones denied to Oprah ever attributing her weight loss solely to exercise, and finally confessed to having had gastric bypass surgery. When speaking to entertainment show Extra earlier this month, O’Donnell said,

It was never a personal thing with her. We both were strong women… then I sort of watched her get swept away in the insanity of fame. I thought it was amazing to see her the other day on ‘Oprah.’ To see her evolved into the woman that she is.

Our Jamey Giddens has often said these two should embark on a talk show venture together. Should ex-boss Barbara "Babs" Walters be scared? 

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    Oh come on, they bonded over their mutual hatred for Elizabeth and Babs. Plus, they still are trying to figure out how that sow Joy has managed to be on that show it’s entire run. She must really kiss babs’ ass.

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    I know people love and like Joy, but I detest her, even more after seeing her live at a taping. She’s not funny, she’s, ugh. She’s way to into herself, like she’s a big shot, which she shouldn’t be. People think Star was like that, nope. I went to a taping with my mother and sister, daytime emmy announcements one year. Merideth, Star, Joy and Elizabeth were there, guess who was the diva? We were sitting in the front rows, Merideth and Star were just so nice and talking to everyone and shaking peoples hands. I canged my mind about Star then. Joy, I’ll never change my mind. Elizabeth was nice to, though I don’t agree with some of her views.

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    I heard of this charity auction through Chelsea Lately. A staff member was trying to win. The charity she mentioned was ‘Skating in Halrem’. Really? Where exactly in Harlem are kids going to go figure skating? It sounds like the phoniest charity ever!

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    Jamey Giddens

    If Barbara Bloom had the sense God gave a goose, she would sign the two of them for a coffee chat to air directly opposite The View. In fact, she should also hire Debbie Matenopolous and throw in Joan Rivers for good measure.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I still find Rosie’s statements soooo hypocritical. She saw Star getting swept up in the insanity of fame? Hmm, me thinks that wasn’t exactly Rosie’s lesson to teach. What about how she begin to believe her hype so much that she thought it was her place to singlehandedly dismantle the NRA—all the while having armed guards to protect her kids. Nothing irks me more than when people "apologize" in a passive aggressive manner that makes the disagreement all about the other person. It was none of Rosie’s business how Star lost her weight. I am glad they can both move on, but Rosie needs to own up to her own crap sometimes. Like her ridiculous attack on Kelly Ripa or actually being the one to start the feud with Trump. These talking heads who can dish it, but not take it drive me to distraction.

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    Jamey, Trump deserved it. He’s an ass and she called him on it. I would of done the same thing, I really would of. I also talk alot of shit about him, of course I’m not famous or on camera when that happens. Really she made fun of his hair and attitude, he made fun of her looks, being fat, her wife. It’s not like he was a saint in all of this. As for Kelly Ripa, since I don’t like her I don’t care.

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    “What about how she begin to believe her hype so much that she thought it was her place to singlehandedly dismantle the NRA—all the while having armed guards to protect her kids.”

    You are right on with this, Jamey!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Yeah, she "called him on it" but when he fired back she wanted to play victim and act all outraged at what he said about her in return. Rosie is classic for pulling this. She acts like a maniac, then when someone gives her the fight she is looking for she runs around screeching for people to "defend" her. She thought it was funny to go hard about his comb over, but when Trump told her she was slovenly and a failure she got her feelings hurt. Why was he in the wrong when she went their first? Keep your dogs out the street if you don’t wan’t them ran over is what I say. As for Kelly, it’s not a matter of who likes who it’s a matter of people crying "homophobia" at every turn. It is ridiculous to accuse Kelly Ripa of homophobia because she got into a disagreement with Clay Aiken. Why does it have to be homophobia? Maybe Kelly just thought Clay was an ass? He was being rude to her, on her show, trying to cover her mouth, so Kelly said she didn’t know where his hands had been. That mess was not homophobic, but of course Platform Rosie had to take it there. She reminds me of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, only with gay issues. All people should be treated equal, but you can’t act obnoxious, then when someone calls you on it, you cry foul based on whatever makes you diverse.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh and what hacked me the MOST, is when Kelly called into The View to defend herself against Rosie’s inflammatory remarks, Rosie kept going on and on, about how she had supported Kelly her whole career, even when she was AMC and blah, blah, blah. I was like…SO? Just because she promoted her or what not did not give her the right to talk crazy about that girl and then expect her not to say anything back. Kelly told Rosie her remarks were irresponsible and that Rosie of all people knew she was not homophobic, but of course Rosie never admitted any wrong doing. It’s always the other person’s fault. I guess it didn’t matter to Rosie that Clay hadn’t even come out yet. She was too busy going for the soundbite.

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    Jamey your right to a point. I think differently on the Kelly Ripa thing. I think she over reacted, I actually saw that eppy, I was so sick I couldn’t change the chanelle. I just thought Clay made a poor mistake at comedy, no need to bite his head off. All these things are fake feuds, none of that shit is real. Start some shit to keep you name in the headlines, I’m just so tired of everybody who does it. In the end, it’s not really news worthy, nothing is these days.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh I agree, it was so not newsworthy, LOL, but I think Kelly was pissed off about how Clay was acting the whole episode. He kept insinuating that Kelly should be quiet, on her own doggone show, who was this American Idol runner up to come up in her house and try to act crazy? He wasn’t being comedic in my opinion, he truly was annoyed with her, so he tried to embarass her and hit ticked her off. 

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    Jamey Giddens

    Why is it that Kathy Griffin can call Clay "Gayken" and Perez can draw sperm on his mouth—yeah because that will so help with equality—but if Kelly is annoyed by him, she’s "homophobic"? See what I mean. These people and their platforms drive me to distraction. Rosie loved causing a stir, even though after it was all said and done she talked about it ‘taking its toll". She loved every minute of it, but then wants to talk about Star getting caught up. Star did. She got caught up in the glamour and glitz of being a diva, and Rosie got caught up in the power of being the Self-Appointed Spokesperson Against Injustice, that is of course when she was perpetuating injustices on others.

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    I forgot about Clay on Live with Kelly. He was such an ass, so arrogant and cold. I think Kelly said the “I don’t know where that hand was” comment to get under his skin.
    And of course bandwagon Rosie had to put her two cents in and she went over the line with Kelly. I felt so bad for Kelly and it helped make Rosie look crazy and made Rosie and the gay community look bad.
    I actually like Rosie and agree with what she says about a lot of things, including the war in Iraq, and it was nice to see her go toe to toe with that idiot Hasselbeck. But the Clay/Kelly and Donald Trump stuff was too much.
    Miss the days when she was “Queen of nice”.

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    I miss Rosie on the View, there was always something to talk about. Didn’t Rosie actually out Clay when she said that? He hadn’t come out yet, publicaly that is. In fact he never had to in my book, whatever your sexual prefences are are none of anyone’s business. Who really cares. Well, some people do.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I actually found myself defending Elisabeth on several occasions when Rosie was on The View, not because I agreed with Elisabeth, but because Rosie made me that ill. She thinks because she can talk the loudest, she’s always right. She never listens to the other side of a debate and just keeps yammering on and on, then when her hypocrisy is exposed—like when it came out that she had armed guards to protect her family after blasting Tom Selleck about the NRA—she just hems and haws and finds a new way to justify her stance.

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    Yeah, I agree that Kelly was definitely in the right! Where I come from, you don’t put your hands in someone’s FACE, let alone ON THEIR MOUTH… unless, of course, you are looking for an a$$ whoopin’.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Kelly Ripa a homophob? Get out of here Rosie! *LOL* Kelly did what I have done to some, whether they were black/white/straight/gay whatever. You do NOT put your hands over someone’s mouth. That is rude and its true when Kelly said she didn’t know where he had his hands because she really didn’t! Some folks don’t wash their hands when they sneeze, use the bathroom etc. Sherri said she would’ve done the same thing also. Rosie likes to throw up the gay card when she’s losing a battle in order to have someone defend her ass.

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    Rosie needs to sit her butt down and stop starting mess with people. I with you that Kelly was in the right and I don’t believe that she is a homophobia. Rosie is just always talking smack and use the gay card to get at anyone who disagree with her.

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    I’m a hige fan of Rosie and I think what she abd Star are doing is great. I would definitly watch a talk show cohosted by them.
    I don’t agree with Rosie’s comment that what Kelly did was homophobic, but it was her point of view at the time, which she has since changed her mind about. Also, the EP of The View called Kelly himself to get her “reaction.” I’ve never seen them do that to any other co-host.

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