Castle Earns “Most Startling Show of Support” In USA TODAY’s 12th Annual Save Our Shows Survey

USA TODAY just published the results of their 12th Annual Save Our Show Survey and Nathan Fillion’s Castle received the "most startling show of support" and ranked fourth in the poll with 39 percent of fans wanting it to return. In USA TODAY’s complete results it reports that Castle’s chance for survival "looks promising…given more lackluster ratings for other new ABC dramas." Unfortunately, the news wasn’t so good for Amber Tamblyn’s The Unusuals which ranked 12th in the survey, with only 25 percent of voters wanting it to return.

No mention was made of Guiding Light fan’s write in campaign in the web version of the article. GL fans may want to check out the newspaper edition to see if any mention was made.

USA Today Save Our Show: Article | Complete Results

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  1. Profile photo of troymcclure

    There were a whole lot of GL fans that mentioned GL in the comments and took the survey.
    I’ll be curious to see if it gets mentioned in the print edition.
    If it doesn’t then I’ll chalk it up as the mainstream press usual contempt for daytime in general.

  2. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Hum, I dont really know about GL, while I do LOVE GL, i don’t really know that it has the amount of people to try and save it as Castle would, I know thats horrible, but really I haven’t heard any passionate attempts to really save Guiding light, while I know Primetime fans can go Nuts over their shows lol. (YAY Jericho joke :) )

    I am really glad Castle is getting the love it deserves to stay and we only have a little while until we know if it will stay or not so keep your fingers crossed!

  3. Profile photo of bizziefan

    I’m not really surprised about GL not being mentioned..I am curious if it is mentioned in the print edition or not…passionate attempts to Save Guiding Light??..thousands of postcards, emails, phone calls, faxes, petitions? I respectfully disagree that the Guiding Light fans are fighting passionately to save the show…do the #s compare to a primetime show I have no clue.

  4. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Lol sorry, I just meant that I am not seeing the I guess Mainstream reaction that I have seen for other canceled primetime shows lol, I mean when Moonlight was canceled last season every single messageboard and website i went to kept posting and talking about different campaings, also there was more central focus to get Moonlight/Jericho saved that i guess i just haven’t really seen with Guiding light.

    Maybe I am just not looking in the ‘right’ places, Is there one good website dedicated to saving GL out there? I haven’t really looked since the axe swung on it ;(.

  5. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Okay, gotcha Johnathon…You haven’t really looked since the ax swung well let me point you in the right directions if you’d like to see some passionate, positive, daily campaigning to Save the Light

    And then there is facebook and twitter as well.

    There’s really ALOT of campaigning going on daily :-)

    I highly URGE all fans to register at – There are 2 Guiding Light groups – one composed of us the fans, and one that is called the “official” GL group that was started/run by a lifetime moderator. In that group there are several threads that lifetime directly looks at – such as programming feedback. The server is a little slow – well at times really slow – but when has a network’s website had an official discussion group for a program that they do not even air???? Very interesting if you ask me :-)

  6. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Thanks, i googled right after i said that, and while some of the sites are just copycats of each other they are good.

    Anyways i will check those out tomorrow ;)

  7. Profile photo of bizziefan

    If you’ll follow the links I posted, those are all individual sites, not copycats and stuff…Now on those mbs I believe you can view the Save the Light stuff without registering, but you might want to register and log-in as well. The others I’m pretty sure you can just lurk without registering. Check em out tomorrow and I’ll be anxiously awaiting to hear what you think :-)

  8. Profile photo of Boobookitty

    Its interesting because there are a lot of primetime shows that get GL’s numbers that are considered saveable – go figure. I do think there is a disregard for daytime (I know I used to be there), but after discovering GL, I have a lot less patience for much of primetime anymore. I like being deeply invested in storylines that develop over time. As much as I’m a big fan of Nathan’s from his Buffy/Firefly days, there’d be no contest if I had to choose between the two.

  9. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    I really like Castle. I rarely watch network TV programing, but Castle gets my attention. Of course, I also watch Medium, which comes on at the same time. That is the only instance during the week I record two network shows on my DVR at the same time. Other than those shows, I watch The Mentalist. Those are the only shows I regularly watch on network TV. I think shows on network TV are either too convential or too obscure. The Mentalist is almost getting too convential at this point as it is, but I still see potential there.

    GL doesn’t have the viewers those primetime shows have. It’s all in the math. It would be great if something was done that would make GL be picked back up by CBS and this USA Today thing seemed like a chance I guess. It’s not realistic though. There might be a bias against soaps that will be the end of soaps, but USA Today not saying anything is just a case of numbers not adding up (I think). Maybe the newspaper will say something, if the room isn’t needed for an ad.

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