Guiding Light’s Driscoll Gets “Restless”

He may have just flatlined in Peapack, but former Guiding Light star John Driscoll (Ex-Coop) is set to prove just how alive and well he is in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Driscoll has landed the plum role of Phillip Chancellor IV on The Young and the Restless.

John was so good during his audition the casting director actually cried!, says a source.

The actor auditioned opposite Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), whom he will be reportedly sharing a storyline with.

Additional reporting by Melodie Aikels.

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    I am really excited for this! I have wanted this legacy character for so long! Nina Webster is one of my all time favorite characters and I am thrilled that they are bringing Phillip IV on as well… and John Driscoll playing him? This show just keeps getting better and better! Congratulations John!

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    I’m glad he’s gotten another job so quickly, especially such a plum part on the best soap on tv. I always loved John Driscoll, but GL never gave him much of a storyline while he was there. I’m wondering what he’ll be doing in the middle of Amber, Chloe and Lily! I don’t know, but it sounds intriguing!

    BTW…nice picture Jillian!

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    Love it.
    I bet he’ll be paired with Rafe. Just watch. Gay ex-military guy. It’ll definitely be a new story for daytime. I always thought Coop had a little ping…

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    The only problem is Phillip Chancellor III is suppose to be the same Age as Cane. That part of the story doesn’t make sense…It would be Hot it if Phillip IV goes after Lily just to prove who is the real Chancellor. However Lily would probably ruin the whole storyline…so forget it.:P

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    I glad for John for the role and he can act, but I with you, David46208, I don’t like what it is doing to the black s/l and they need to fix it because Eva is not doing it for me.

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    MuSiQ – This is actually the child Nina has with the man whom Jill thought was the child she had with Kay’s husband. I think there are four generations of Phillip Chancellors. So Nina’s son would be approximately the age of Chloe, etc.

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    YRFAN90- My problem is that Phillip III and Cane should be the same age. That means Cane should be around Nina’s age, but he currently looks around 30, and Nina’s son Phillip IV looks to be now over 20y/o. The age of these characters does not make sense

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    Also, (sorry I hit save too soon) I’ve been thinking that Chloe is sort of a Rachel Davis in the making (an AW reference).

    Thus, she needs a Steve Frame, an independent man to point out issues to Chloe such as:

    1. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life living with with your in-laws? (real men own their own estates)
    2. Do you really want a man who doesn’t share your love of style? (After all any guy who would choose Mac…)
    3. Isn’t time to get back to fashion?

    Finding a guy to love Chloe for who she is would totally be the natural next step in that story and I hope Phil4 can do it.

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    Thanks, Daniella1030, I am for a Adam/Rafe pairing because they have great chemistry, the writers would do it justice, we can see how Victor and Heather reactions about Adam’s new relationship, and Heather and Adam are boring and it would give Vail some meaty material to work with.

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    John Driscoll played a gay character opposite Christian Campbell on Nbc’s Book Of Daniel in 2006. So something tells me he’d be game if Phillip the 4th is bi or gay.

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    DC reported days ago that Phillip was returning for Kay’s wedding on May 4.

    This is bittersweet news because Nina’s return is not permanent as first reported.

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    This is GREAT news. A wonderful casting choice for Y&R and a good career move for John Driscoll. I am looking forward to what he will bring to the canvas…

    I hope it is discovered that Jill gave birth to fraternal twins and that Phillip Chancellor III was indeed her son as well.

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    I really wish they would cast Olivia’s son Nate. He is also in the military and it would be great if him and Phillip was best friends.

    I would LOVE for Phillip to be the one to come between Cane and Lilly.

    I want him to be close to Billy also since he was kind of raised with him. But PLEASE don’t hook him up with Mac. She looks too old for him and she can’t act. And kept him from Phyllis part 2 Chloe.

    Keep Nina and hook her up with Paul. Sexy Paul needs some booty. Nikki isn’t giving it up. She’s too busy around Katherine and wearing too tight tops.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Uh AlistairCrane I posted that some were saying that PC 4 MAY be coming to town when Nina does. That is what SID had reported. Musiq you gotta blame LML for that. I too look @ Cane and can’t believe he’s really PC3….

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    That’s great for Driscoll, he proved himself and then some during the Coop/Beth and Coop’s death storyline. AND he is very cute to boot. I think being on Restless will be great for him and the show. I will tune in to see him.

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    I am glad to see John join Y&R, especially if that means we don’t have to watch as much of Sharon/Nick/Phyllis. That triangle is boring me to tears.

    I don’t want to see John become a token gay.

    As far as the black characters, until they get that horrid Eva off the show there will be no black characters that interest me. I can’t watch Neil when he is with her. Send her and the songbird packing and let them take meddling Aunt Olivia with them.

    Hopefully if Neil takes the job with Chancellor, there will be a classy,intelligent, beautiful black lady exec to catch his eye. I know a lot of fans want Dru back but her screeching histrionics got on my nerves.

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    This. Is. Awesomeeeeeee!!!! I am sooo excited for him and excited for Y&R. I am also really intrigued as to where his storyline could go. Nice job Y&R…your show just keeps getting better and better!

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    Nina mentioned that he was a soldier. Is it possible that he could be a gay soldier that gets involve with Rafe? It would be a story line with a lot of possibilities.

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    I agree. Does Y&R seriously need another young male character?

    I guess we will continue to see Devon once every couple of months. Why bother keep him if there not going to use him.

    It would be nice if Y&R develops the Winters more as they did with the Abbots, Newmans, Fischer/Baldwins and now the Chancellors. I would rather they spend time to cast someone to play Nate and Dru.

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    Reply/Post #30 (Mrs Adam Carrington), I am all for Y&R having a “gay” storyline perhaps featuring Rafe/Phillip and also who knows with David Lago’s character returning to Genoa City so I hear, is another possibility/pairing. I just don’t want it be mishandled, dont want it to look so odd or to stand out in such a way that it makes it seems like Y&R is just trying too hard to be “pro” something or make some kind of politically correct statement or undertone which could ruin it. It would be nice if it was just natural not forced. Now I am a huge fan of the German Soap Verboten Liebe that features Christian and Olli, a very hot gay couple, in front brunner storyline. The two actors that portray them Jo Wiel (Olli) and Thore scholermann (Christian)have chemistry & passion and you believe their being together and you root for them. It would be nice if Y&R if it’s going to have a gay couple and/or storyline could possibly duplicate that “chemistry/feel” somehow. Luke & Noah over on ATWT for me is missing fire IMO. The Europeans seem to be less skiddish I suppose and to them, it’s no big deal.

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    So glad to see him move on in his career. Really miss him on Guiding Light. But, am really excited about this casting move! Gosh, those last few months of GL, he was knocking it out of the ballpark with Beth!!

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    Mrs Adam Carrington


    What I meant was that they have the potential to write an organic gay storyline for Y&R like TPTB did at GL. I see some workable chemistry btwn Adam and Rafe that could be well developed and Maria & co have the talent do do justice to such a storyline.

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    Good casting Y&R!

    I’m looking forward to his return. I hope he pursues Chloe so maybe Billy will wake up and stop chasing boring Mac around. Though a romance storyline with Rafe/Phillip has potential, too.

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    “PLEASE don’t hook him up with Mac. She looks too old for him and she can’t act.”

    I’ll agree that Clementine looks a little older than Mac should, but it’s not fair to say she can’t act… she hasn’t exactly been given a chance to show her chops (unless that occurred today… I haven’t watched yet!). That said, she does seem the only actress out there that doesn’t have chemistry with Billy Miller.

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    That wold be interesting, I’d still rather have Rafe do a gay storyline w/ Adam (but that’s another story) but an ex-military guy who is gay would be cool and somewhat taboo.

    I also think a post- traumatic stress storyline would suit a returning soldier.

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