The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Happy Thursday people! Some interesting developments are headed to The Young and the Restless.

Like we’ve been saying all along, Sharon is knocked up and doesn’t know who her baby daddy is! After she takes a pregnancy test due to feeling the symptoms of being with child, Sharon finds out she’s knocked up. At first she’s in shock and knows since her life is so screwed up she’s in no position to have a baby. The irony of Sharon’s situation is that she was judging Phyllis a few years ago when she became knocked up with Summer and didn’t know who the father was and now Sharon has taken her place. Sharon heads to the GCAC to contemplate her current situation when she sees an unkempt Jack coming down the stairs and, puts the pieces together and realizes that Jack slept with another woman.The other woman is Mary Jane. In a funk, Sharon tells her mom about her pregnancy and she also has to break down and tell her that its between three men. Sharon’s mom Doris has no clue about the trysts with Billy and her mom is not too happy about this revelation.

Later on, Sharon goes to Restless Style to inform Nick about her pregnancy, but Phyllis blocks her every move to speak with Nick. Sharon then decides to tell Jack and just drops the bombshell on him. Jack’s elated at being a father because in his eyes he’s going to have a child with the woman he loves and still wants to be a father of Sharon’s baby even if its not his child. Jack realizes that this child can also be Nick’s and tells Sharon he still wants to help her with the baby. Sharon is very relieved and happy that Jack wants to help her and asks for him to give her some time so she can weigh all of her options. Billy stops by after Sharon leaves and Jack lets him know that Sharon is pregnant. Billy goes mute because panic sets in and realizes that he can be the father. He congratulates Jack and then heads off to find Sharon. Billy confronts Sharon about her pregnancy and lets her know that if Chloe finds out about their tryst and the baby possibly being his she’ll freak out because Chloe is already crazy when it comes to Billy. Bill does however, let Sharon know that if the child is his he’s not going to shy away from his responsibilities. Jack then walks in on Billy and Sharon and Sharon covers for Billy.

Sharon decides she has to let Nick know about her pregnancy and she finds out he’s at the park with Summer and goes off to tell him. Right when she’s about to spill all to Nick, Summer falls down and injures herself. Nick and Sharon head to the ER with her when Phyllis comes to the hospital. Big Red is not thrilled to see Sharon there with Nick, but puts all that aside because she’s too concerned for Summer’s well being. Sharon watches Nick and Phyllis together and decides that she doesn’t want to torpedo Nick’s world and decides to keep mum about her situation for a bit. She turns up at Jack’s and takes him up on his offer and also decides privately to herself that she wants to find out who exactly is her unborn child’s father down the line.

Decision time for the Newman heir. Does he stay with Newman or go back to Restless Style full time.

Paul/Nikki: Old friends and lovers now a married couple? Starting to look that way when when Paul pops the question to Nikki. What will Victor say about this?

Victor: He tells Nikki he’s sorry. (Yeah I’m in shock too!)

Ashley still reeling from wearing Sabrina’s things from the night of her accident, she confronts faithful Newman housekeeper Estella with being the one that’s playing the mind games with her. Ash shows Estella the picture of Sabrina the night of the charity gala and the receipt of the items being purchased on Ashley’s credit card. Estella denies being the culprit, but Ashley still firmly believes its her because Estella doesn’t hide that she can’t stand her. Later on, Ashley comes across a cup of hot chocolate, the Koon’s egg of Sabrina’s and an art catalog. Ashley is shocked and knows that someone is trying to scare her and makes it appear that she’s behind gathering Sabrina’s things. When Victor comes upon her, he is very concerned and starts to be worried that Ashley’s starting to crack. She insists to Victor that she’s not behind the things being left out and tells him that she thinks it’s Estella.

Unfortunately for Ash, Victor doesn’t think that its his housekeeper and this pisses her off because he’s not believing in her and is getting frustrated with having to prove herself. Later on, Ashley and Adam are talking about the occurrences and he brings up the fact that big sister Victoria has been hanging out at ranch a bit and that she and Sabrina were tight. This makes Ashley wonder if her ex-stepdaughter is the culprit. Things go from bad to worse for Ashley when she has to go to court to testify against Gloria for the Jabot skin cream tampering. She lets the judge know that due to Gloria’s stupidity, the cream burned Abby, caused friction between Ashley and Jack and also destroyed John’s reputation and life. Once Ashley’s finishes testifying, Gloria shouts out that she is in fact responsible and the judge sides with Jabot. Ashley makes a snide comment about Gloria that she overhears. Gloria gets angry and confronts Ashley on what she said and starts a shouting match with her. Ashley then fires back at Gloria calling her a money grubbing bitch that kills the men she’s married to. Ashley then starts having abdominal pains and has to be taken to the hospital, Ashley’s baby is in grave danger. Sucks to be that slonkey when Victor hears she triggered the attack on Ashley.

The motley crew are in big trouble.

He refuses to let Mac go.

He works as a snitch for the FBI.

Casting News:

Nia Peeples
: She returns onscreen when her character Karen serves Neil with divorce papers the day before Cane and Lily’s wedding.

Jerry Douglas: He returns as John Abbott’s ghost on May 5.

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  1. Profile photo of margo46

    It would be great if it comes out that Sharon is carrying Nick’s daughter and that Summer is really Jack’s baby!!! Phyllis plays the conniving antagonist to perfection, but she has no reason to use those talents if she is with Nick. It would be cool also if Phyllis romped in the hay with Jack to get even with Nick. Nikki needs a new love interest. She and Paul just don’t click. Lily and Cane don’t play well unless something is coming between them. I can’t believe that Neil is ACTING ready to jump on Tyra. Even if he didn’t really LOVe Karen, he should not turn to Tyra and Tyra should show some guilt at causing his marriage to break up. That part is not good. I like Neil with Karen; not Tyra.

  2. Profile photo of Etana

    what kills me about this storyline with Phyllis is how she acts toward Sharon in my opinion what goes around comes around and what are these writers doing one min nick is going back to Sharon then he is with nick I’m getting tired of that and it is turning me off of the show “i am still hoping the kid’s nick that would start a fire” as for lily and cane they really r boring.

  3. Profile photo of Niki

    New to the board, here…mainly following the Nick/Sharon/Phyllis storyline.

    Are Nick and Sharon really going to reunite? A few posts ago, I believe I read that they were.

    I, like others, hope that Phyllis gets ‘the boot’. No one on that show is an angel but can’t stand Phyllis’ “that’s my husband”, “I’ll dish it but no way, take it” attitude.

    Maybe Summer’s accident will somehow reveal her true father? Phyllis looked and was best with Jack. They’ve been playing more amicable scenes lately (Phyllis calling him to the police station when she needed to see a friendly face).

    Hopefully, the writers don’t totally stretchhhh this storyline beyond belief…next thing we know (so done before) Phyllis will be tampering Sharon’s baby’s DNA results. |(

  4. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Oh Mike you know I had to throw that in there for you. Niki keep watching the show to see what’s going to happen. I can’t give all away right? What will you watch then? *LOL*

  5. Profile photo of YRFan90

    Jillian –

    Thanks as always for the scoop!

    “Daniel: He works as a snitch for the FBI.”

    I was curious of the nature of his apparent major storyline coming this summer, on the heals of him re-signing his contract with Y&R, and this teaser causes me even further curiosity!

    I cannot wait for the Ashley/Gloria smackdown. Eileen D. gives good “crazy” and “confrontation” in the role of Ashley. As for Gloria, I gave up hope that she would pay for her numerous crimes. However MAD & gang renewed my hope by the cream tainting coming to light!

    Nikki/Paul tying the knot – though I equally like both characters they just haven’t been on screen enough as a couple for me to feel invested in them. Also, I can’t recall has there ever been a scene in which Paul told Heather that she has a half-brother, a son he apparently has nothing to do with?

  6. Profile photo of BigDede

    I thought Paul’s mom(!) raises his son.

    I would love LOVE if an old foe of Heather’s came to town to make Heather’s life horrible and she seduces and falls for Paul. Paul is way tooooooooooo sexy to not be seen and stuck with Nikki and her too tight clothes.

  7. Profile photo of blackjack21

    could a more consistant veiwer than me answer a question? i know that nick cheated on sharon with phyllis and that some of the current story is hypocritical on phyllis’ part and ironic, but hadn’t sharon started leaning on brad heavily before nick took up with phyllis? or did nick take up with phyllis first? i can’t remember. it might not be a big deal but if sharon was with brad first than it will change my opinion of some of the current triangle/quad/pentagon or whatever.

  8. Profile photo of Goldgirl

    Thanks for the preview. Looks like Sharon is the home wrecker now. It would be very interesting to findout if Summer wasn’t Nicks, but I think they did do paternity tests, and Nick was the real daddy. But, then look at the DNA bungle with Catherine and Jill. It’s going to be interesting, if he is baby Daddy to both, whether he chooses Sharon, or Phillis. It just gets me. Sharon tells Nick to leave her alone, and the next day they’re going to a meeting for school, then are in a restaurant together. And she needs to run right over and tell Nick she’s preggers. Talk about not respecting boundaries. I feel sorry for Phyllis, but I think she’s going to lose Nick anyways, and I agree with the other fans, that Summer being Jack’s would be a really cool thing for both of them.

  9. Profile photo of Goldgirl

    I also wanted to comment on the Nikki/Paul storyline. (Diahrrea of the mouth today). I think them getting married would be great! Lord knows, they both deserve some happiness. I know it’s not as exciting to see a healthy relationship, as it is to see the drama of a disfunctional relationship, but maybe they can add some drama by getting Nikki involved in Paul’s PI business. They could get into some real adventures, and make that storyline sizzle. But, in the back of my mind, I keep wondering if Christine Blair will be soon back in Genoa City, now that Nina is back, causing problems between Paul and Nikki.

  10. Profile photo of westerndeb

    I like Paul and Nikki and hope that they make them a strong couple. This thing with Sharon and the baby is probably going to be going on until the cows come home. I don’t even care who the father is. I’m already tired of the gaslighting of Ashley. What is the purpose of it anyway?

  11. Profile photo of Karlie

    Nothing will excuse Phick’s affair. The only problems in Shick’s marriage was each of them trying to deal with Cassie’s death and the fact that Nick pulled away from Sharon and Noah because of his anger and guilt.

    It is absolutely incorrect that Sharon cheated first; Nick and Phyllis were sleeping together for weeks before Sharon even found out about it. Sharon and Brad slept together only after SHick had separated and Brad was married to Victoria. Go back and check Youtube and you’ll see: Nick was having his dirty affair with Phyllis long before Sharon slept with Brad.

    Question: why does Phyllis get away with everything and is forgiven for all the hurt she’s caused and never suffers any lasting repercussions?

  12. Profile photo of Purple_J

    Nick (with Phyllis) cheated on Sharon first.

    Phyllis hit on Nick back at Michael’s bachelor party in 2005 and Cassie died in 2005 and Nick started pushing Sharon away. he felt that she blamed him – but she always said she didnt.

    Sharon and Brad were friend – they did not kiss nor did they sleep together until long after Nick was sleeping with Phyllis and Sharon found out. Yes – Brad was a real (no kissey face) friend to Sharon while Nick was pulling away. But he was dating Victoria – and later got engaged to her and was trying to get his seat on the Newman board.

    Sharon did not kiss Brad until she knew that Nick was sleeping with Phyllis. Remember when she busted Nick at his and Phyllis hotel spot with the same nightgown?? Brad and Victoria married in May, 2006 and it was around that time that Sharon & Brad kissed only.

    Nick was already playing bed buddies wiht Phyllis when Daniel and Lily ran off to California and it was Sharon who talked Nick into giving Cassies clothes up to prove who had driven the car.

    Bottom line – although Nick was the only married partner at the time – it still mad Phyllis and partner in adultry.

  13. Profile photo of phick phan1
    phick phan1

    i just wanted to say that for all the people that hate phyllis its okay cuz you know that she is part of the reason y you watch the show. because you want more stuff to hate on her about. I love phyllis and i love the way she handles things. her husband cheats on her so be it cuz everyone involved in that situation will go down. I think the summer is actually nicks. and im hoping that sharons baby is billy’s i think it would be a great s/l if it was his. I dont like sharon because she doesnt have a back bone she lets everyone walk all over her and then just cries about it later. she needs to step up and get her life back together. If she has a problem with phyllis or with nick being around all the time then she needs to do something about it. I think that phyllis and nick need to stay to gether cuz they have fire and passion and no matter if they are fighting or really into eachother its always great. i was so bored watching him with sharon and there perfect little family and it was nice. not hot and full of passion.

  14. Profile photo of mrs b galliano
    mrs b galliano

    sorry to all the phyllis fans but sharon is the stronger when sharon found out about nick and phyliss she bounced adios.phyliss stayed after finding out her husband cheated twice and she labled it as fighting for her many women would allow this and admit this?not many she has apologized to both sharon and nick for all she has done.yet nick nor sharon have ever apologized to her for the affairs.cause deep down i believe phyliss knows this is her karma.phyliss is getting everything she deserves but yet still not enough.for her to tell nick he can not leave because of summer is insulting.what was noah chop liver he did not deserve to have his parents stay together.i felt sorry for karen being cheated on cause there is not a mean,selfish attribute she seems to possess.yet my sympathy for phyliss is not there.cause you did it to her.yes nick made decisions but it was mostly over the hurt of losing is a known statistic that marriages fail after a loss of a nick did not fall out of love with sharon not at all.thats why he could not answer phyliss when she asked did he use her to get over cassie.cassie came to him in a dream and said they would have another daughter.he clung to her words and it seemed summer was that daughter.just recently nick told sharon that the major factor of him returning to phyliss is because of summer she needs me he many couples stay together for the sake of a child with a disaster for a ending.i love y+r but all phyliss and nick have is sex nothing of substance god knows good sex is important in a relationship.but love needs to be as a important element.nick and sharon have love.phyliss interrupted a marriage.and now she is dealing with it.your husband tells you he loves two women,your husband tells you he slept with her matter how much i did not like phyliss i thought she had she is so needy turning nick into a wimp.if he wants to work for his dad let him stop being so clingy.was starting to like chloe but she is another weak woman who accepts whatever her man does.i guess daytime must show all facets of women the weak and the strong huh?

  15. Profile photo of Niki

    …okay, so I just watched today’s Y&R…

    WHAT IS UP WITH THAT DREAM?! At first, I’m like awwww then I’m confused!

    Summer is the baby? huh? …Sharon’s pregnant! It was so sweet and endearing to see Sharon and her first child, Cassie, reunite…

    why’d they have to twist the dream like that?

    Anyhow, these writers definitely know how to mix things up and keep you wondering and wondering and wondering…oh Lord! But I’m hooked.

    Any one else have ANY idea what the dream may symbolize? …or it is yet another way to confuse us viewers…if that’s the case, DON’T USE Cassie to do it! It was all angelic and then BOOM Jack turns into Billy…totally discredits the dream…

  16. Profile photo of mrs b galliano
    mrs b galliano

    niki you must be a day ahead cause it has not aired here yet but there are spoilers about the dream that may help you understand the dream here they go.Sharon dreams of Cassie, who reminds her of the baby girl Sharon and Nick will have someday

    Sharon’s dream turns ugly when Sharon’s dark subconscious takes over

  17. Profile photo of mrs b galliano
    mrs b galliano

    niki you must be a day ahead cause it has not aired here yet but there are spoilers about the dream that may help you understand the dream here they go.Sharon dreams of Cassie, who reminds her of the baby girl Sharon and Nick will have someday

    Sharon’s dream turns ugly when Sharon’s dark subconscious takes over

  18. Profile photo of Niki

    Oh, sorry that I posted a day ahead…I’ll wait next time.

    Thanks for the interpretation =) …still don’t understand why Summer’s in the dream but like you said, could it be Sharon’s subconscious? Feelings of guilt maybe because she knows that the news will ultimately affect Summer as well (just like it did to Noah).

    Anyhow, can’t wait for all this to unravel! And hopefully, the writers don’t forget about Sharon’s breakdown and reveal that as well.

  19. Profile photo of Niki

    hmmm, maybe that is it? It’s a pre-revelation of Summer’s true paternity…

    I don’t remember but I think they did have a paternity test and Nick’s the father. But who knows anymore.

  20. Profile photo of Bestsgirl

    I wonder if Phyllis tamperd with the DNA test, the same way she did Daniel’s… I would’nt put it pass her at all, to let Nick think Summer was his and not Jack’s.

  21. Profile photo of chelsey

    The Y&R is so boring now, Sharon and Nick should just get back together, Phylis and Jack should get back together. Jack and Phylis just look to old for Sharon and Nick. The show has really gone down hill, with pretty much all the story lines, Lily and Cane, give me a break. What’s the deal with, Cane who is really nice looking hooked up with Lily, she’s nice but not in his league. Come on Y&R writers start writing, or you’ll start, if it hasn’t already started, losing loyal Y&R fans. As it is I used to watch the Y&R every weeknight, now it’s three times a week, sometimes less. It’s a pity the show has lost it

  22. Profile photo of daytime_luva

    I hope that the great story telling continues. I can’t wait to watch Phyllis find out that Sharon is preggo!!! She will go off the deep end. It is hard not to root for both women. Phyllis brings a new dynamic to nick – a darker side. Sharon brings the happy home fairy tale life to nick. When it is all said and done you tend to turn box up the games, and pizza as you get older for the comfort of stability and sanity. Don’t count Mary Beth out of Jack’s life yet I personally think that she is Leanna Love come back and we all know what kind of crazy she is. It would be great to watch her and Phyllis gang up on Sharon…..but only if Nick is riding to her rescue!

  23. Profile photo of YRfan4ever

    Thank you Coffee_Junkie for a great laugh this afternoon!!!!

    I pray Niki’s right about Nick/Sharon/Phyllis. I always thought Summer’s paternity was fishy and thought they needed a medical problem to reveal Jack as the real father….Phyllis and Jack scenes earlier this week in the police station were so great and thats who Phyllis should always be with!!!!

    Billy…how can you be thinkin of Clemmie when you have smokin chemistry with Chloe. That girl is NO MAC. WHERE ARE YOU ASHLEY!!!!

    Jillian- Please bring a spoiler that says that damn dog ummm..Booboo is it’s name, will just go away!!!!

  24. Profile photo of snizzle

    blackjack, as I recall Sharon was leaning on Brad long before Nick ever slept with Phyllis. Actually the first night that Phyllis and Nick slept together, Sharon was kissing Brad in St Louis although they didn’t sleep together until he was already married to Vikki.

  25. Profile photo of Joii

    Nick and Sharon were having problems BEFORE him and Phyllis got to together! Nick was going throu the changes and not accepting that Cassie was gone! He was blaming everyone for whatever wrong that was going on around him! Phyllis was new and his escape from what was going on. SHARON at the time was going throu the same changes. BOTH NICK AND SHARON PUSHED EACH OTHER AWAY, BUT SHARON CHEATED ON NICK FIRST! She slept with Brad before Nick was involed with Phyllis! Yeah Phyllis is crazy, but so what! Sharon is a slut! Knowing the writer at Y&R they are going to end up having that baby being either Nick’s or Billy’s! I am sure just to make things better it will end up being Nick’s! Phyllis may have got with Nick as a rebound, but make no mistake about it, Sharon DEFINITELY CHEATED FIRST!

  26. Profile photo of mrs b galliano
    mrs b galliano

    Margo46 i agree along with niki about sharon.i just wish sharon and nick would get together already.i am new to this site but i would like to say to ms jillian the imfo goddess thank you for the hot spoilers.but i just like the rest is slowly losing interest in how the writers are doing us shick fans.i think they do sharon so wrong.where is the balance,why does noah yell at sharon for the stealing,but noah does not find out about phyliss setting his mom would be nice to see noah let phyliss have it.all this back and forth,one day sharon tells nick to go back to phyliss.the next day she looks shocked he went back.i love sharon but they are not writing her consistent in her it because of her illness?please jillian can you please just let us know if jack,billy and nick are the only contenders for the baby storyline?before i give up watching y+r for good.i heard it could be adam?

  27. Profile photo of pat123401

    If u remember Nick had the only prof of who was the father of Phyllis’ baby and took him forever to reveal it. I have thought all along that Nick Lied that he was the father and not Jack. Summer is Jack’s kid. And that would give Nick the right to leave Phyllis and go to Sharon, who we all KNOW is carrying NICK’s KID

  28. Profile photo of Rhondeez

    Yes, I remember that too. I also remember Nick turning away from Sharon, rather than reaching out to her after Cassie’s death. So…she turned to Brad.

  29. Profile photo of soapdaddy

    Karlie……finally someone who actually says it. I’ve been watching this soap for over 30 years and Phyllis NEVER gets what she deserves. Not sure if you remember but she ran over Christine and Paul a number of years ago and NOTHING HAPPENED. Phyllis is a pychotic nut-case and has ruined the lives of countless people. The only reason this soap has worked so well over the years is because of the Victor/Nikki and Sharon/Nick relationships. All of the other characters are just filler. This new set of writers seem to want to keep those couples apart. They are ruining the show and losing their audience. Bring back the super couples and do it soon.

  30. Profile photo of Judi

    You are absolutely right, Karlie. Nobody can mention what Phyllis (and Nick) did to Sharon without Brad being brought into it. Brad was a friend; not an affair. If Nick had been home with his wife where he belonged, that ONE time with Brad would have never happened. Phyllis and Nick had been sneaking around for weeks (or maybe even months).

  31. Profile photo of buffygirl

    :) No – Sharon did not cheat on Nick first. Nick took up with Phyllis first and walked out on Sharon and Noah. They started having their wild sex and flings in the hay at the Newman Ranch. Sharon found herself alone and having to deal with the grief of Cassie dying without getting any support or comfort from Nick.

    Nick told Sharon he wanted out and that he was in love with Phyllis who was pregnant with his kid. Sharon was devastated and they divorced. Sharon did have an affair with Brad when they were in New York on business for Newman Enterprises. Phyllis found out about it and used it to blackmail both Brad and Sharon. Phyllis saw this as the perfect way to solidify her relationship with Nick and to be sure that he would never leave her for Sharon. Sharon confided in Dru that Phyllis was blackmailing her and Brad. Phyllis is the reason that Dru fell off the cliff when they were doing the photo shoot.

    Phyllis has yet to pay for any of her crimes and the meddling she’s done in everyone’s lives. She’s the reason Brad is dead. She’s totally psychotic and if you ask me, Nick and Phyllis deserve each other. I’d like to see Phyllis pay for all her crimes and Nick should eat his heart out that he’s lost Sharon to Jack.

  32. Profile photo of Goldgirl


    It just shows the writers rewriting history. Cassie had come to Nick in a dream (vision) and told him that there would be a baby girl, and that it would be very hard. So, her coming to Sharon and telling her that she had told HER their would be a baby girl, and then saying that that was Summer was totally bogus. They should check things out before they put things like that in the storyline.

  33. Profile photo of Judi

    You are absolutely correct. Sharon talked to Brad for support because Nick was chasing Phyllis all the time. But, when you get right down to the “dirty deed,” Nick and Phyllis had visited that form of entertainment long before Sharon slept with Brad. :)

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