Line of the Week Award: Alan Spaulding

You have to love the things writers pen for soap characters to say. It never ceases to amaze me what they will come up with next that will have you laughing or just shaking your head.

The soap character who usually has the best zingers is Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery). Even though watching an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful can sometimes be like viewing chimps performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show, B&B's writers generally churn out killer lines for Big Steffy. This past week, however, it was Guiding Light's (Ron Raines) who recited the hottest line in soapdom.

 Here's Alan's response to Beth (Beth Raines) when she told the Spaulding patriarch Rick (Michael O'Leary) should be at Phillip's (Grant Aleksander) dinner, because Rick was part of the family: 

Yeah well for you Beth every man at this table is practically part of the family!

So who had a killer line this week that had you in stitches?


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It's totally weird that I'm reading this just after watching GH where Tracy said to Spinelli

"Your the Jackass"

instead of Jackal..........that had me in stitches......Even later on she says

"Jackass, why are you still here???"

only Tracy/Jane Elliot could pull off those

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This is 1 time that ITA with Alan Spaulding...loved it! Of course I thoroughly enjoyed a smashed Alan too!

Fight to Save the Light!!

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gh addict now your going to make me watch GH 2nite to hear THOSE words!

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I was LMAO at Alan Spaulding.

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I love to hate Alan spaulding. He makes me mad as hell sometimes. But, he adds a good interest to Springfield.

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Alan didn't miss a beat when he siad that. I also loved how James came in and gave Alan that look!!!

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Wait until you see them today, the Spauldings were in true form today with the zingers.

James tellinghow he hooked up with Gov's daughter.

Alan saying how Daisy tried to shoot him, them Phillip saying how Alan shot him, then Phillip and Alan butting in at each others toast.

Not to mention Phillip and James convo.

Classic Spaulding.

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Alan is great, I loved his quips about extended family, after knowing that Bill was invited and later Rick and Lillian.

The Spauldings are the best

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Another reason why GL is rocking these days, because it is respecting the family dynamics, because it allows them to exist and it allows them to cross generations. Something that almost all the other soaps are doing away with.

It has been a few days of pure Spalding joy.
Imagine sitting around the table, Aunt Alex, Alan, Phillip, Beth, there friend Rick, Beth's mother Lillian, Phillips two children Lizzie and James, with Lizzie's boyfriend who happens to be a Lewis and James's surprise guest 1/2 Lewis & 1/2 Cooper.

Alan's lines didnt' start there, he had some great one at the the last super in the Spalding Mansion, that was when Olivia and Emma were also present. The one about how he was going to take care of everything while Phillip was gone as he had before. We all know what happened last time.

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Gotta love Alan! He never stops being a thorn in everyone's side. The show is so good now. The last couple of months have been stellar. P&G: PLEASE SAVE THE LIGHT!!

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That line *was* great but I have to say I love the way Tuc Watkins says "Have-a-seat!"