Robin Wright and Sean Penn Go Their Separate Ways

My favorite Kelly Capwell, Robin Wright Penn—sorry Marcy Walker lookalike Carrington Garland; you're a close second— is once again experiencing marital woes with hubby of 13 years Sean Penn, according to Extra!

Extra! has exclusively learned that Sean Penn filed for "legal separation with minor children" from wife Robin Wright Penn on Friday, April 24th, 2009, according to a court record."

Wright Penn has two children, Dylan and Hopper Jack, with Penn, who recently took home the Academy Award for his role in Milk. I have the perfect project to get Wright's mind off of her troubles. She should produce a big screen adaptation of daytime's best soap opera ever, Santa Barbara! Hey if they can do it for the upcoming Dark Shadows movie, why not SB?   


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For a moment or two my heart skipped a bit at the thought of an SB movie. Smile

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Again ???

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That's too bad. I always liked them together.