Thad Luckinbill's CSI: NY Debut

The Young and the Restless stars are really stepping up their moonlighting game. Even though he's re-emerged at his day job, Thad Luckinbill (JT) also popped up on tonight's episode of CSI: NY. If  you missed tonight's episode, you will be able to view it on CBS's web site tomorrow.

First his on and off canvas wife Amelia Heinle (Victoria) turns up on CSI: Miami, then Luckinbill takes a stab at the spin off show and later in May, he and the wife, along with Lesli Kay (Felicia; B&B) will guest star in an episode of The Ghost Whisperer. Could CBS be farming out their actors as a way to cross promote the daytime and prime time shows? Maybe they are trying to save the industry...


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I'm hoping for another Nip tuck scene!!!!!!!!!

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What happened on ther!?

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He showed his a@#!!! Literally!