Will The CW Turn The Game Into an Hour-Long Dramedy?

Perhaps Mara Brock Akil's sitcom The Game will survive The CW's blackout by morphing into an hour-long dramedy? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Akil is pitching a revamped version of the already sudsy three-year-old comedy this week. An hour-long update of The Game, sans laugh track, sounds hot. Besides, greenlighting this project is the very least The CW could do after unceremoniously cancelling The Game's long-running parent show Girlfriends. I am so tired of these netlets using "urban" shows to stay afloat during their early years, then booting them all to the curb as soon as they have a string of copy cat teen soaps. Our girl Natasha over at theybf.com first reported The CW planned to cancel The Game as well as Chris Rock's critically acclaimed autobiographical sitcom Everybody Loves Chris


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30 March 2009
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Now I could go for this. The Game has become more like a drama anyways. If this is what it will take to keep it on then I say go for it. I love me some Tasha Mack!

The ratings aren't really that bad for The Game and Everybody hates Chris considering they never promote them and they displaced them to Friday night. Shoot Gossip Girl and 90210 only get about a million more viewers and they promote the hell out of those shows.

Oh I could go on and on about them using "urban" shows to start there networks but I won't go there right now.

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The Game is already soapy goodness. It plays like a very well constructed 30 minute soap opera. Make it an hour and let it continue.

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15 January 2009
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Yes I would love to see the game become a soap opera. Call me and I will create all the storylines.

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12 February 2008
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Oh, hell no! This show is a piss-poor imitation of Girlfriends. I have been gunning for this crap since day 1. I do not wanna see this get a reprieve when Girlfriends couldn't even get a final episode!

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31 July 2008
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The Game was never a comedy, never felt it was. It's no match for Girlfriends, a show I really liked and had no ending. I'd rather still have that show on the air.

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22 January 2008
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I loved Girlfriends, but The Game is on point as well. It's one of the most dead-on spinoffs ever in my opinion. Mara was pissed about Girlfriends too, but it's gone and there's nothing we can do about that, at least we can support a sistah trying to keep the show she currently has on the air.

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27 March 2009
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I hope Mara is able to get The Game another season. I've always thought that this show was an American remake of Footballers' Wives or Dream Team (I think Jonathan would know what I'm talking about).

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I'm glad it's going to turn into a one hour drama since it's not really a comedy.

I can't go without my Tasha Mack and Jason.

The laugh track makes the show looks stupid since it's not really a comedy and Melodie isn't funny.

I do wish after all those years of watching Girlfriends we could have seen Joan get married with all her best friends beside her.