Neighbours: The Locket Promo

What deep dark secret will change the lives of the Robinson’s forever? Tune into Neighbours to find out.

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    No clue what the secret is, but I looooove me some Lucas! :) I’m not too crazy about Elle for some reason. I wish Donna were older so she and Lucas could hook up, lol

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    I don’t know what the secret is either lol, but whatever lol.

    and I LOVE Elle and Lucas together, no Donna/Lucas that just icky lol, thats kinda like Donna hooking up with her mother’s leftovers lol (I know its a soap, and i know Elle isn’t her mom but still she is a mother figure LOL)

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    I see Elle as being like an older sister to Donna – and sleeping with your older sister’s boyfriend isn’t Icky! Okay, Yes it is, but whatever…I have my fantasies, LOL!!

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