Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso at Australia’s TV Logie Awards

Currently in Australia, Days of Our LivesPeter Reckell (Bo Brady) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope Williams Brady) attended the TV Week Logie Awards in Melbourne on Sunday night (Australian time).  Above is their interview on the red carpet.  The pair were thought to be presenting an award during the show, but this was not the case (it seems).

Peter and Kristian made many fans happy by appearing at Sydney’s Castle Towers Shopping Center on Saturday, accounts of which (with pictures!) you can read here and here.  Schedules permitting, they are slated to appear on Mornings with Kerri-Anne on Tuesday (Australian time) which, incidentally, is the same show Drake Hogestyn (ex-John Black), Diedre Hall (ex-Marlena Evans-Black) and Thaao Penghlis (ex-Tony DiMera) appeared on with Executive Producer Ken Corday during their visit to Australia on a Days promotional tour in 2007. 

If Peter and Kristian do appear on Kerri-Anne’s show, rest assured Days and Bope fans, I will let you know here and on twitter.

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    They are awesome together, and YAY The Loggies are tonight?

    The Logies were tonight in Australia – they finished about half an hour ago.  Lots of winners from Packed to the Rafters :)

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    yeah they won, have you seen what they were sitting on?! ;P
    Rove is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did see what they were sitting on!! How crap is that?? Would expect better from Crown!!

    Rove rocks :D Love him!

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    Has it been 26 years?! WOW! And they still look fabulous!!

    I thought Kristian looked stunning – considering she’d only stepped off a plane two days earlier!!

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    Thanks for posting.
    You know, you only get long term acting partnerships on soaps and this is one of them. You’ll probably won’t ever see that long of an acting relationship anymore. I like to see some baby-boomer actors survive the cutbacks. Go Kristian and Peter!

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