Hayden Panettiere Auditions for Footloose Remake

Hollywood keeps digging into the past as they search for the next big box office hit of the future. E Online is reporting Hayden Panettiere auditioned for a role opposite of Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford in the upcoming remake of Footloose.

Panettiere, my source says, recently sang for filmmakers (the new Footloose is being turned into a full-blown musical à la the Broadway version). "They were really impressed," the insider gushes. "No one realized what a good singer she is."

Do you want a remake of Footloose or should they leave it alone? What do you think of Hayden possibly being in the remake?

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    Can’t they think of anything a little more original? I know that a lot of people like Hayden Panettiere, but I just don’t see anything special about her. Never did. And Chace Crawford? Same thing. Wasn’t Zac Efron suppose to do this? I guess he made the wise decision to turn it down. They really should leave it alone.

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    I think I’m too clouded by the fact that I hate Claire to really judge whether I like Hayden. Is Sylar supposed to have the hots for her when he could have had Veronica… er, I mean Elle?!

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    I hope she gets it! I was really worried about the Footloose remake, but now that Zac Efron is out and Chase Crawford is in, I’m excited! He’s an excellent actor and Hayden would compliment him!

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