NBC’s Infront Pickups

It was Infront presentation day at NBC, a day that has shows waiting on the hook for pick up, renewal or cancellation.

NBC picked up six new scripted series, which include two medical dramas, Trauma and Mercy; a family dramady, Parenthood; two comedies, 100 Questions and Community; and a new Post-Apocalyptic drama, Day One. 

Along with the new series, NBC also announced the renewal of Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update Thursday and it’s two midseason replacements Southland and Parks and Recreation.

Even before today’s Infront, NBC announced the pickups of the following shows, The Office, 30 Rock, The Biggest Loser, The Celebrity Apprentice, Heroes, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Friday Night Lights; and new alternative series, The Marriage Ref, Breakthrough With Tony Robbins and Who Do You Think You Are?

There was no official word on renewals for Law & Order, Medium, My Name is Earl or Chuck.

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    I did some searching and I don’t think Medium is officially picked up yet, there was an unofficial report that came out yesterday saying it would be picked up, but NBC didn’t comment on it and as far as i can tell it wasn’t announced today and everyone is kinda shocked.

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    Nope, Its Infront, NBC does ‘Infronts’ other networks do Upfronts, yes it is stupid, but NBC changed to doing ‘infronts’ last year.

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    Any word on Life?

    The unofficial word is that it’s not coming back. But the official word on whether it will be, along with Chuck and Law & Order, won’t be announced until the middle of this month.


    Nope, Its Infront, NBC does ‘Infronts’ other networks do Upfronts, yes it is stupid, but NBC changed to doing ‘infronts’ last year.

    Infronts! The last time NBC was infront Jennifer Aniston was happily married! Give me a break!

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    I will be officially pissed if they cancel “My Name Is Earl” which is one of the funniest damned shows on the air today..I couldn’t imagine thursday without “Earl” or “The Office”…it’s a great duo. I was wondering about “Heroes” does anybody know the fate of this show.

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    if nbc doesn’t pick up chuck i will be apoplectic.

    day one is the only new show on their schedule that sounds remotely interesting, meaning nbc will probably give up on it after three episodes like they did to their most recent high concept premier, kings (which i also like).

    odd that heroes hasn’t been given the official word yet. frankly, it’s jumped the shark so many times that i think we need a new phrase for it.

    edited to add: doobiekat, i agree with you re: earl. it is so good. can’t believe it hasn’t gotten the official pickup yet. and i guess my beloved kath and kim is gone since the awful parks and rec was renewed. i don’t think many people gave it a chance, but it just got funnier and funnier as the season progressed.

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    Heroes has been picked up (just added it back), Also i moved Medium back down to the on the bubble shows.

    In the link Season posted it said that the fate of all the remaining bubble shows will be made on / before May 19th so keep your fingers crossed.

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    I can’t believe these dimbulbs, numbskulls and dimwits picked up Heroes and have said nothing about CHUCK yet!!

    I’m still trying to keep up with and follow Heroes but Chuck is by far the better written and more enjoyable show right now.

    A pox on them and their houses if they leave Chuck there at that big season ending cliff hanger and it turns into a series ender!!

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    Infronts! The last time NBC was infront Jennifer Aniston was happily married! Give me a break!

    LMAO! That was funny, yet sadly very true!

    Seriously, what is in the water over at NBC? The cast of Parenthood is the only thing that makes that sound interesting. I’ll watch Joel McHale anyday so that sounds good (maybe). I am so sick of reality shows! I really thought (and hoped) they would have faded out by now.

    5 hours of Leno + 2 hours of Trump’s hair = More viewers fo ABC, CBS and FOX

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