Say Hello To Don Diamont’s “Beautiful” Bill Spencer, Jr.

How hot is former The Young and the Restless star Don Diamont as Bill Spencer, Jr. with that new look of his? On The Bold and the Beautiful, they want to waste all that sexiness on Donna (Jennifer Gareis)? Felicia (Lesli Kay) can do so much with that guy and it would be smokin’!

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    I like it. I never minded Donna
    I think it’s all good. I’m pretty happy with what I see. THe show definitely needs a change and they do business storylines well so thats good! Hopefully we’ll have a hot summer with JackieOwenBridget and then Donna&Bill and hopefully a Ridge&Taylor reunion. I’m team Taylor all the way!

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    And I thought he was a soap God when he was on Y&R, now the facial hair makes him even more hot (didn’t think that was possible!)
    I might have to tune in to B&B to drool over him!

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    He would be soooo hot with Lesli Kay!! Why do they have to waste him on Donna?
    Why waste anything on Donna really. She’s nothing but a feeble attempt to recreate Brooke. Lightning never strikes twice and Jennifer Gareis is definitely no Katherine Kelly Lang.
    Why Brad Bell continues to let Felicia be on the backburner is incomprehensible, and now, with this dynamite pairing available, it’s almost criminal.

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    Such waste of a hot guy to hook him up with Donna. Brad Bell needs to get over his hard-on for Jennifer Gareis and start writing for people whose talents aren’t limited to prancing around in underwear and pouring honey on their bodies.

    I want to see Bill with Felicia too. I’m a huge fan of Lesli Kay and think they’d be really great together. DD himself said he’d love to work with LK.

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    Bill and Felicia would be HOT!

    A story line with Donna will hurt this show like just as much as this stupid love triangle between Brooke/Ridge/Taylor.
    And I don’t want to see someone that can’t even act that good in a front and center story. We all ready have this with that Hamilton-Forrester family mess.

    Anyway, lets see what Don Diamont can bring to this show. :)

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    Poor Lesli Kay! I like Jennifer Garies, but she does not need to paired up w/Don.
    There’s more storyline potential hooking Bill & Felicia together.

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    Sorry, Jillian. The thought I have in my head is that of those drug cartels. I guess Don looks like he is Colombian or something. I think it might also be that his facial hair is too groomed. Sometimes the “I just didn’t shave” look is sexier. I just don’t find his new look sexy – sorry.

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    Yes yes!!! I want him to be paired with Donna (tramp) Logan and I want him to use her so badly… OMG and Eric, upon finding out finally dumps the stupid bimbo, then, when Bill’s “playtime” is over, he moves on to a real woman like Felicia who could more than handle him. Eric would probably go running back to Stephanie, and as much as i’d like her back as the matriarch instead of I-can’t-do-without-a-man Brooke, the story would be so much juicier if Big Steff stayed at Jackie’s and fend off Big Ricky’s attempts at getting her back. Teach Honey Bear and his Not-so-hot Tamolli a lesson.

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    There is also Taylor too. I think he would look good with Taylor. She needs to move on from Ridge.
    Keep Donna with her Honeybear, Eric.

    Heck forget the ladies, give him to me. lol.

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    No, he looks like a ColOmbian drug dealer (to me). But you aren’t going to let this go, huh? Ha! Ha! Let’s just agree to disagree.

    Aside from Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, I generally don’t care for facial hair on men. I can go with the unkempt look, but the too groomed look doesn’t look good on the white guys. Kristoff St. John wears groomed facial hair extremely well, though.

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