The Young and the Restless Promo

Oy vey! *LOL* That’s all I have to say.

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    This show is so on fire right now. I may be in the minority but I hope Jack is the father. I don’t think Y&R gave Sharon and Jack a real chance to succeed as a couple!

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    At the moment I’m kind of scared of where they are going with Sharon. They tried to make us believe for weeks now that Sharon is sick in a serious way … and eventually she becomes the pregnant woman with three potential fathers.
    Don’t know if this is such a good idea. It just might of been better when they would write her breakdown as a bigger part.

    As for me and my wishes for the father: This is Shick’s baby girl named Faith… :bigsmile:

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    As for me and my wishes for the father: This is Shick’s baby girl named Faith…


    I second that soapjunkie88, maybe a name change for the baby. I’m not sure Faith Newman would be a good name.

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    The look on Billy’s face when Jack told him Sharon was pregnant almost made me spit out water with laughter. Too funny. I would also like for Jack to be the father. So sick on Nicholas right now, but I get the feeling cabin sex with Nick is what did the trick.

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    Making Nick the father would be too easy. I hope Nick and Jack take a paternity test and Nick is excluded from being the father. Jack is so happy because he thinks he is the father but Sharon knows she slept with Billy and because Billy and Jack are brothers, Billy may STILL be the father! I was also a Jack and Sharon fan. I don’t think Y&R stayed with the couple long enough for them to have a following.

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    I want Summer to be Jack’s and Sharon’s baby can be Jack’s also. This was be ideal. This would keep Phyllis and Sharon at each other throats for years. Also it would get Nick out of there radar. It’s time they bought on a new woman for Nick. Since he and is ex stepfather like sharing women, he can get with Mary Jane.

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    Sharon should be pregnant with twin girls – and Nick should be the father of both babies. And she should name them Casey (for Nikki’s sister and a play on Cassie) and Nicollette Newman. :-)

    And we should discover that Summer is Jack’s daughter.

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    LOL, love Billy’s reaction and response to Sharon…

    I like Sharon, though. Hope the baby is Nick’s.

    Beside the obvious ‘scandal’ (which I don’t think will rock Genoa City for too long *lol*), can’t see much else happening after the fact with the baby being Billy’s. Unless you wanna turn Chloe into another Phyllis!

    Jack being the father is o.k. but really (imo), that’s the safest choice of the three since it’s a straight foward “happy ending”. No mess, no fuss…no contention with another woman (Phyllis/Chloe).

    GO SHICK! END PHICK!!!! lol

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    As for me and my wishes for the father: This is Shick’s baby girl named Faith…


    I third that soapjunkie88!

    Sharon and Nick are the supercouple that Victor and Nikki are! Only moronic HW like LML tried to say otherwise and change the great Phyllis into a Stepford wife.

    Phyllis is back to her old self, and Sharon and Nick will be back together soon enough! I am only enjoying th ride!

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    :) I’ve had it with Nick. He decided to move on and didn’t want to stay married to Sharon. Thought nothing of leaving Noah, who was very young at the time to take up with Phyllis. Really hoping Sharon’s baby is Jack’s. It’s time that Jack becomes a real daddy and has another baby that’s his own. Jack will be the one who will be the most appreciative. He still loves Sharon and I think they should be given a chance. Nick deserves crazy Phyllis.

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    No,no. To right the all the wrongs done to Sharon and the deplorable way they broke up Shick, Sharon’s baby should be Nick’s. They lost a child together and because of that tragedy, their marriage fell apart because Nick couldn’t deal and had an affair. I would LOVE it if having another daughter helps pave the road back to their long overdue reunion. It’s already been established that Nick still loves Sharon and she loves him, and they both said that if Cassie hadn’t died, they’d still be together. There it is: the death of a child is what separated them, so the birth of another child should be what brings them back together, IMO.

    Summer needs to be Jack’s daughter because he’s always felt an unexplainable connection to Summer, and we all know NO ONE is better for Phyllis than Jack. Those two are at their best with each other!

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    I want to make myself clear. patience, unconditional love, a soft touch. caressing the face with your eyes that makes you whole body tremble. that yearning everytime you hear hat other persons voice. the thist that make you drink every word that comes out of the other person mouth. that’s what guiding light has done with these charectors, Otalia. An old fashion love that every human being wants. going back to the way dating and love use to be. not so quick to hop in bed but to build the desire of what falling in love is all about. a real love story written at the top of it’s game. and the music they are using is pretty darn good, instead of the old organ music. keeping it real to life. sorry GL has to go but I’LL ENJOY EVERY MOMENT UNTIL IT’S PASSING.
    what a love story!!!!

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