Who Is Your Soap Opera Guilty Pleasure?

In the latest Nelson Ratings TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco lists Vail Bloom, Judith Chapman and Kyle Lowder as his "Top 3 Guilty Pleasures."

Who are your Top 3 Guilty Pleasures?

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    3)Vail Bloom-It’s funny to watch Victor yell at Heather
    2)Daniel Goddard-Nothing to do with his acting,Cane’s just an amusing, slightly pedophile like, doofus.
    1)Aiden Turner-The man can’t act and his diction sucks, but damn he’s fine!

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    I really enjoy watching Ethan on General Hospital. He is very complimentary to Luke, and is nice eye candy to look at. It’s nice to see a gorgeous man in scruff. If you look good this way, imagine how good he would look cleaned up??

    And let’s not forget about that voice!!

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