Breaking News: Is Rick Hearst Returning to The Bold and the Beautiful?

Sorry Guiding Light fans. It looks like Rick Hearst won’t be reprising the role of Alan-Michael after all. According to sources, Hearst who also had popular runs on Y&R and DAYS, is thisclose to signing with The Bold and the Beautiful. Hearst played the character of Whip Jones III, one of Brooke Logan’s many husbands on the CBS sudser a few years back. No word yet if he will be reprising the role of Whip, or creating a new character. The actor was recently bumped to recurring on General Hospital, where he plays fan favorite Ric Lansing.

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    The Bold & the Beautiful is preparing to add another “big name” male actor to its canvas? Hmm. Either we are going to see the exit of some actors/characters. Or… could B&B be expanding to an hour once Guiding Light last airs on CBS in September?

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    I liked Whip when he was on last time. I hated that they only kept him around a short amount of time. He had good chemistry with Katherine Kelly Lang last time. (if I remember correctly)

    I think I might turn B&B back on now since they have finally ended Rick and Steffy.

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    To bad I would of loved to of seen him back on GL but I’ll be happy as long as he has a storyline somewhere GH was not using him at all. This could be a good thing to for GL I heard he wanted to come back if the show was ending kind of like a final hurrah type of thing maybe this means the show isn’t ending completely just on cbs ;) hey we can hope cant we.

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    I would love for Rick to return to B&B and be a love interest for Brooke. I want Ridge and Brooke to be the end game but for now they should pair him with that HO Taylor to add some variety to the show.

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    Why get excited? B&B will use him until they get a new toy, then do him the same way that GH did. I would prefer him going back to Days or finishing GL.

    B&B expanding to an hour would help nurse my broken heart over losing the LIGHT (God forbid it comes down to that).

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    If it weren’t for Brad Bell’s repeatedly poor use of new male characters, I’d be excited for Rick H’s return. If I recall, Whip was a breath of fresh air and had great chemistry with Brooke. With Owen, Bill Jr., and Whip, the show really is staged for a comeback with new blood. But I’m sure Brad B will just screw it up and continue with the same nonsensical Ridge Show that it’s been for the last 20 years, or he’ll have Whip fall in love with Donna too.

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    Awww I was looking foward to him returning to GL. He could follow GL to its next home. I already told my sister and mom that GL was trying to get him back, why break all our hearts now?
    And you know B&B will only use him for the first six months and then dump him when they can’t figure out what to do with him. Seems like Brad Bell has ADD issues, brings big actors and drops the ball after a few months (Eileen Davidson, Leslie Kay, Mario Lopez, Lorenzo Lamas).

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    I was hoping he’d go to GL for a least the last 3 months if they didn’t get picked up. Just to help it wind up. He could have gone to B&B afterwards. At least if he does join B&B, I won’t need to fast forward as much as I do now! I hope they put him with Leslie Kay.

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    Please Soap Gods let this be true! I know with Don Diamont joining the cast, B&B doesn’t necessarily need another male lead, and knowing Brad he’d probably write for him for six months and then dump him, but if we can have Rick Hearst back even for a short stint, I’d be ecstatic.

    Rick Hearst is one of my all-time favorite daytime actors, and I think letting him go was one of the worst mistakes B&B ever did. I loved him as Whip. There was so much potential with that character. He and KKL had great chemistry, but as usual he was sacrificed at the altar of Bridge.

    My favorite scene with Whip was when, in an effort to cheer Brooke up, he got in bed with her, dressed in one of Brooke’s teddies from the Bedroom line. That was hilarious! :D

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    Well even though I just love Rick on GH if this is true than all the power to him cause for some godly strange reason GH is certaintly not using Rick and hasn’t used him in quite some time.

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    This just makes me furious. I’m angry with GH for MANY reasons, but this is at the top of the list. Rick Hearst is an AMAZING actor and if they weren’t so intent on letting Sonny and Jason eat the show, maybe Rick/ Ric could have had a storyline of his own and he would’ve nailed it. He’s simply wonderful. I might even have to check out B&B if he does sign with them. Still, can’t help but feel sad that he might be leaving GH.

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    GH crapped on RH’s talent for years for the Sason show.
    He would never keep a love interest who he sizzled with.

    He would be good on The Bold and The Beautiful.
    I would love to see Rick Hearst with Heather Tom.
    Katie and Nick do not belong together.

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