Terrel Tilford Joins One Life to Live

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that One Life to Live has cast Terrell Tilford as Dr. Greg Evans. His first airdate is June 23rd. Tilford’s other work includes the upcoming Dark Horse, which is post-production. Days of Our Lives fans may remember him as Dr. Carrington while Guiding Light fans may remember him as David Grant No. 3.

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    Yay!!! This is GREAT news. Terrell is, as you can see, an incredibly handsome man. And he is a very good actor. I am very much looking forward to seeing him on OLTL.

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    I remember him as David on GL, and while he is a good enough actor, he was never the David Grant that I loved, since Monti Sharp made that role. With that said, I think he will be a good fit on OLTL in a new role like this. Good for him. FYI, he is married in real life to Victoria Pratt, who was the last Vicki Spaulding.

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    I see Terrel Tilford at the gym almost every day and that man is BEAUTIFUL. I practically swoon when he’s working out next to me. Sad that he’ll now be in NYC and I won’t get to see him every day in person but good for him.

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    SHUT UP! I saw Terrell on a show called The DL Chronicles, and holy crap I swear I my thoughts watching him were definitely not suitable daytime television. God Bless Valentini for knowing the cure to some laughable casting choices lately.

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    Dsrbroadway, you took the words right out of my mouth. I have always like him as an actor, but the DL Chronicles really made a believer out of me!

    *Fans self*

    PS- I could have sworn that his character on Soul Food messed around with Maxine, not Bird.

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    Haven’t watched OLTL in a while but it has brought back Hank Gannon (Nathan Purdee) yay; Rachel, Nora and Hank’s daughter – yay, of which I was/am a huge fan of the character though she’s been played by several actresses; RJ (not a fan of this character). I’ll definitely tune in and watch him and see how I feel about this character. Kudos to OLTL casting an African American.

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