There’s Something About Y&R’s Mary Jane?

On The Young and the Restless today, Paul (Doug Davidson) noticed that Mary Jane (Stacy Haiduk), the mysterious PR wizzard Victor (Eric Braeden) is using to play Jack (Peter Bergman), looked familiar. This has caused major online debate and speculation that Mary Jane could in fact be Paul’s long-absent sister and Jack’s ex-wife Patty (previously played by Andrea Evans). Meanwhile, some online fans still think that Mary Jane will turn out to be Jack’s psycho ex Mari Jo (previously played by Diana Barton). What do you think, is Mary Jane really Patty Williams Abbott, or is she Mari Jo Mason?

There's Something About Y&R's Mary Jane?

  • Mary Jane is Patty Williams Settling An Old Score (65%, 329 Votes)
  • Mari Jo Mason is Back in Action (35%, 176 Votes)

Total Voters: 505


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    Mari Jo or Patty Williams are (mostly) plausible real identities; Sheila Carter would be the utmost delicious ultimate revelation the writers might dare put forth. After mistaken prison inmate plastic surgery scams, coming back as Phyllis (brilliant, yet somehow flawed), and any number of other diabolical schemes, Mary Jane as Sheila would rock everyone’s world. Although Sheila had no direct link to Jack or Victor, worming her way back in to Genoa City via The Mustache would be the ultimate plot twist, and could the best hope yet to get Kimberlin Brown back on the canvas :)

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    I’ve never thought about her being Patty. That could be hot, but I would have preferred Andrea Evans back. I loved AllistairCrane’s idea of Patty and Amber’s mother Tawny Moore being the same person (the only thing that I have ever agreed with AC on, LOL). Mary Jane should turn out to be Mary Jo…

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    This Mary Jo Benson character and who she really is, is rather intriguing b/c now Paul recognizes her as being someone from his past and some folks seem to think she’s his “long lost” sister Patty. But this character’s main plot-line is to somehow take down Jack Abbott by doing Victor’s bidding. It seems TGVN has done his homework so to speak, or research as to why this character is going to play Jack Abbott. The actress herself, Stacy Haiduk, did a convincing job of playing off the encounter she had with Victor when Jack approached her about it and she also did a convincing job with Paul.

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