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Here’s the Scoop! 05.06.09

Nursing a Cinco de Mayo hangover? Be warned that this may make you nauseous. According to a report in this week’s TVGuide, Holly comes to town to tell Luke he is the father. Say it isn’t so! There is much more story potential if Robert Scorpio is the pops. Interesting tid bit… Nathan Parsons (Ethan) read for the role of Dante but didn’t fit the part because he is Australian despite most fans thinking his accent is a fake. TPTB – or TIIC as I like to call them – were so taken with Parsons, they created the role of Ethan for him. They should have stopped at him not being right for the role of Dante. CAUTION: Another interview with Emma Samms had her playing coy about Ethan’s paternity.

Speaking of yet another Corinthos child… lord there are way too many of them. Dante is still being cast according to sources. The original plan was to have Dante already in town when Michael woke up but the casting wasn’t going as planned. Do we really need more of Sonny’s offspring? Jason can’t be around the one child he has but Sonny has them literally coming out of the woodwork.

Kristina, Morgan and Michael all got new faces. What about Molly? They’re still casting the role of the SORAS’d Lansing-Davis offspring. With an older Kristina what’s coming up? We’ve already dished on the teenage rebel who isn’t too fond of her father. She’ll tie into Michael’s story as he gets better and some RUMORS have suggested that Helena MAY be involved. Kristina will definitely give her mother some grey hairs. Sisterly advice? SHOULD be happening. Sam has been RUMORED to step in a try to help a sister out. Kristina MAY be finding a confidante in her former step father.

Does anyone seriously believe that Elizabeth and Lucky won’t be backburnered? I don’t. Once their reunion serves its purpose, don’t expect to see them much. Is that why Greg Vaughan has been auditioning so much? Remember he revealed he auditioned for a role on the Melrose Place update.

Now I love my Liason but I am not so jaded to believe that the pair alone can give the ratings a saving boost. Will Liason fans that deserted the show come back? Most likely but I would never assume that one pairing could save the ratings. Help? Sure. Save? No way! Brian Frons however is putting all of his eggs in JaSam’s basket. When and IF he fails, who’s to blame then? Here’s a tip to Mr. Frons… TELL BETTER STORIES. The lack of unoriginal writing and lazy storytelling is what is killing your shows. That and your own personal need to meddle. If you wanted to be a soap writer, that’s the job you should have applied for.

Scrubs fans want a little love in the afternoon for their couple when Robin returns. Will they get it? Some say no, others say yes.

Is Kate Howard done in Port Chuck? RUMORS say she is. Spinelli uncovers a secret of Kate’s. Great! I love secrets, can’t get enough of them, especially ones that never come out yet most of the world knows.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Why is it always Lulu? REPORTS say that the actors auditioning for Dante have done so opposite Julie Marie Berman. There was also a mention that new Michael ran some scenes with potential Dantes. It APPEARS it is Olivia who Johnny takes to bed. Is there a reason for this? RUMORS have Johnny being moved towards the older set of characters and away from the young adults. Luke asks Lulu to do some digging.

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    Regan Cellura

    I wouldn’t say all the eggs were in Liason’s basket. There was alot of story going on at the time including Sam and Ric, Alexis’s cancer, Lucky’s drug addiction… then it moved to the Alcazar mess, the MetroCourt hostage crisis, Emily’s death and the text message killer. There was much more story and BETTER story going on when Liason kicked off. Right now, there’s really nothing. Michael’s storyline only interests me to see if he sticks it to Sonny. I like CarJax but I hate this ZBT nonsense. The Claudia story is not holding my attention and the thought of more Supergirl and Superman capers … well lets just say if I had faith that they’d be written as well as the adventures were written in the 80’s and 90’s I wouldn’t be so hard on them.

  2. Profile photo of kgbmc

    GH is not a happy place for many fans anymore.

    I turn on other shows and they provide escape, which is what soaps are supposed to do.

    It is not about Liason, even though that couple was vindicatively yanked after 2 years + of story telling and in a cruel sadistic manner by TPTB.

    It is that GH takes too much out of me to watch regularly so I read your spoilers and watch when I can handle it. It is as bad as the evening news.

    I turn on Gh and it drags me down.

  3. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i’m no fan of liz and jason, but is jason trying to hide something in that picture by having both hands in this jeans like that?;)

    no more kate and here comes dante – gross.

    ok so maybe the new name of the show should be all sonny’s bastard children – since i’m pretty sure none of them were born when he was married or at least with their mamas and the show seems to be turning into all about them.

  4. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    Cancel the mob and ho show and from the looks of it they are about to turn it into nickelodeon what happened to this once great show there are no good people on the show anymore everybody is a hot mess.There are no rootable characters, no love in the afternoon,no families and i am not talking about sonny’s football team, no good friendships and no adventures. This show needs a complete makeover starting at the top because i can’t believe they are looking at the ratings and not concerned about the state of this show it is quite pathetic and sad.

  5. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1

    Regan I can say I like that you are awear that one couple can’t save the show that good writting and good storylines is what it takes. And he shouldn’t place all his eggs in JaSam cause that didn’t go well when he did that wit Liason and we are still workig hrough that mess.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t understand Guzza and frons they are seeing that ratings are down people don’t seem to be interested on the show , every new story is getting bad reactions , people still hate the Liason/LuSam breaking up and round 2 – of LnL2 and JaSam .
    People don’t ,love Ethan
    WHY DON’T THEY DO SOMETHING?????????????????

    I am not so excited about the New Corinthos football team……
    I think it will be like Lulu and Luke three years ago, so what’s new???
    Michael it could be good So maybe I am looking forward to that but the rest Noooo

    I am so mad about LIASON cos I do think it had a great potential and could have improved the show ..
    It could have helped Lucky make him more interesting make the Q’s more important and So on…
    Why Why Why Why Why..

  7. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Wow..really so its called placing all your eggs in one basket on a couple that was never really a couple.
    What got flipped upside down? Sam was allowed to grow and evolve even if it meant thru some process and error. Get over it already all female characters on this show are subject to character assasination..not just SAM. I saw this as another chance to give Liason fans hopes up because Fruza knew they would pull it all away and they did.

    Would I like Liason to be endgame…hell yeah..but I know this is a one is ever end-game not even our beloved Luke and Laura..though they may ride off into the sunset ala John and Doc on DOOLs

  8. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    If JaSam is the way they are going to go…they need to write new and creative stories for them. That much is obvious. Even though I have a feeling that the writers are gonna fail to deliver yet again. Anyway, even though JaSam was together for 3 years, I believe that there is still story left for them. Some may argue that there is not as much as Liason, and that may be true, thanks to the son they have together and the relationship that they never got to have, lol. But anyway, once Jason and Sam work through all of that baggage and all of those issues that they have, the writers have an opportunity to write something fresh, that is rooted in their history.

    For example: we all know that most of the JaSam relationship was basically Sam loving and depending so much on Jason, that Sam wasn’t her own person. But now, Sam has her own PI business and she now has a sense of self that she developed all on her own, without Jason. So if JaSam are to reunite, they can show the similarities and differences between the relationship that they use to have and the relationship that they have now. They could show the struggle between the both of them to easily fall back into their old habits, or the choice to REALLY grow as a couple. IMO, that is the writing choice that is the most glaring. It may not be the most innovative or the most intriguing, but its a simple, and if written correctly and acted flawlessly, I’ll be happy.

    All I know is that I want to see JaSam involved in a well-written, satisfying and distinct story. If TIIC and the writers just throw JaSam together and not have good quality stories, I won’t be able to enjoy the reunion of my couple.

  9. Profile photo of blackjack21

    i for one am interested in watching jason and sam reconnect even if an intimate relationship takes time. growth is important, but what always makes me so crazy is sam was one of the first to tell jason to claim jake, even after she dumped jason, she told jason he’d be a great father and quit judging himself too harshly. but few remember that. to me that speaks to their friendship: she was willing and able to support him after he lied to her – that is what i’ve missed most – their friendship.

    i enoyed bitch sam and i enjoy independent sam, but i like sam and jason as friends and if written well more

    basically i guess please don’t say that no one is interested in this story – i am. i am also interested in kate, jax/carly, sam the pi, and other stories.

  10. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Ash – I can totally agree, even if it is JaSam, but as we all know when was the last time TIIC wrote anything well or satisfying.

    I mean the minute they get Sam back into Jason’s world she is falling off ladders in her bikini, she forgets how to aim a gun and almost became a pancake during our last sweeps event.

    All I want is independent Sam

  11. Profile photo of ides55

    I’ve become so disappointed with GH. The spliting of Liason really was huge for this long time fan..but to put Lucky and Liz back together is for me the final straw. I have no desire to watch anymore. Though Jason and Liz have unfinished business, it doesn’t look like TIIC are going to give in to it so at least put Liz with someone else. Matt, or maybe Nik for awhile or hey how about Johnny; what a twist that would be.. Lucky and Liz are boring. But Liason aside, the other stories are just not doing it for me. At this point the only thing I’m waiting for is Sonny to find out about Dante and for this I’ll just check the updates each day…How sad for someone to be a fan for so long and now, I just don’t care to watch.

  12. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    I am so sick of this show, hated how on yesterday’s eppy LL5000 was shoved down our throats. If Frons/Guza wants to put them on the backburner he’s doing a great job of it. Loved (sarcasm) how Liz made a point of saying she’s not going down the Jason road again and how Lucky said Jason would of never been in Liz’s life if it wasn’t for the fire. WTF way to totally trash my favorite couple of all time, let’s just pretend it never happened, like I said WTF!!!

  13. Profile photo of dinkydawes

    ahhh I hate Frons and Liason looks so pretty.

    And what happened to Holly? She looks so completely different.

    And I still refuse to watch this crap.

    I will not have frons belittle Liason like it never happened,they loved each other they were friends, thhey have a son and if Frons ever expects me to forget that he’s a hell out of luck!

  14. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    I don’t give a sh.t about Jason, spamzilla or Liason they are so played out to me it is boring.I want the old GH back before it was taken hostage by the mob and these so called women where are the strong women on this show the men are losers and the women are weak.

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m not really into the whole debate thing but I do not agree that all that story I mentioned was to prop Liason. While the storytelling quality at that time was still decent it was on a one way track to crapville… some would say it started with the Black and White Ball. There were plenty of stories that were dropped/not explored that could have improved the show and drawn on it’s history that the writers chose to ignore.

  16. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    If you read the TV Guide article closely, you will see that the writer Michael Logan says Holly reveals Luke is Ethan’s father. And Guza just stated recently that Holly isn’t always honest. Casting director Mark Teschner says that Ethan is the son of “two legendary characters” but he doesn’t name the characters. After all the secrecy concerning Ethan’s parentage, I don’t think GH is going to broadcast the news in TV Guide before Emma Samms even appears on screen.

  17. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I’m not really into the whole debate thing but I do not agree that all that story I mentioned was to prop Liason. While the storytelling quality at that time was still decent it was on a one way track to crapville… some would say it started with the Black and White Ball. There were plenty of stories that were dropped/not explored that could have improved the show and drawn on it’s history that the writers chose to ignore.

    that in a nutshell explains all, again thanks Regan for all you do

  18. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    Regan – I did see your CAUTION note. It’s just some people are already jumping to conclusions. I have to admit, GH is doing a pretty good job keeping Ethan’s identity under wraps. But if Ethan turns out to be Luke’s son, I am done with this show forever.

  19. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Regan I do want to ask you question cos I don’t think I understood that early what was the reason the broke Liason???????
    I heard it was because Guzza didn’t want to make Jason domestic or that Frons loved JaSam and wanted them Do You know why??
    Because I think we all know that the all Kaprov was to end Liason and not something else so can you explain me the reason they did it??? Please

  20. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There is some debate on the matter of Jason… over the years Steve Burton has said he didn’t see Jason with the white picket fence and Guza is in love with the mob. But as far as the Liason break-up, that was Frons dictated in that he felt pairing Jason back with Sam would boost the ratings.

  21. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    But it didn’t Sorry JaSam fans this is not working …
    And also Liason were not together together they were not family , and Jason could still be in the mob and with Elizabeth…
    And I did heard that Steve said that but now Steve is saying that he wants Jason with his son and I heard that he is also not liking Jason with the mob everytime and we all know that he wants Liason……………………

    I think someone needs to take control on GH and change everything on this show and I am not talking because I want Liason I want change in all Story lines , the only good story was Scrubs it had a lots of low points but it was so good in the end .
    and we did have a really good scenes with Jason and Carly some of them broke my heart but that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Profile photo of ewise5

    I feel real sorry for all you bitter people out there!!
    I am a true true JaSam fan to the end and always will be. The last month is the first time I came online to see stuff about my GH and Young and the Restless. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions that is for sure. But no matter what I am a “loyal fan”!!!!
    I watch even when I don’t like what they did to JaSam and even when they destroyed Sam altogether. I do not like Liason I think they are the worst couple to watch on GH and I think they have no chemistry. But I still watch even if the writers do not do what I think they should. I do not care about your 200,000 thousand votes for Liason.There are how many millions out there that have not voted and are true fans and watch the show? They didn’t vote Because they have better things to do!!! IF you are a loyal fan you still watch even when you can’t stand what is going on because the nice things about soaps there is redemption for every character including Sam and Jason. And we all know that when we are angry we say things in the heat of the moment like Jason telling Sam I will kill you , or when Sam was so hurt by Jason she watched Jake being kidnapped ; not by a horrible person but by a women who was grieving the lose of a child which Sam understood. Also Jason has said to Sam I have never loved anyone as much as I have loved you , I would die for you!! Has he told Liz this! Liason fans Jake was an accident!!!!!!! A one night stand!!! He felt obligated to Liz because of it!!! That is the only reason they tried to be a couple. Also IF you are a loyal GH fan you would know for months while Sam and Jason were having problems Liz was always in the background lookin for her way in ! What do you call a women like that! Think about it. Also someone else said Liz would protect her kids better then Sam would being with Jason in the mob! OK NOT! Who saved JAKE ??? Ahhh SAM!! WHO went to the lake house to keep an eye on them ? SAM!!

  23. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Ethan should be Holly and Robert’s son. When Robert and Holly were married and Holly was thought dead after the plain crash those couple fo years, could of been then. Didn’t Holly come back from the dead after Robert and Anna started to reconnect. They could of written stuff acording to history. They could of had Holly not remember stuff after the plane crash, or being held hostage, all sorts of shit. Ethan would be just a little older but hey, better story. Instead we get Ethan being the great new Spencer we have to love. I bet Lucky is goner, dying in the line of duty after Liz and he get back together. Not to fear, we have Ethan, yuck.

    I’m putting the blame of Ethan at JFP and Frons feet solely. I know people like to blame Guza and Frons, together or apart but lets not forget JFP over here. When Guza left, I forgot the writers name, she wrote the Liz rape story, she was promoted to head writer. There was some good stuff going on, then JFP fired her for McTrash. JFP hasn’t been very good to GH, back burning and firing core characters and making shitty calls. Everyone blames Frons or Guza, start throwing some blame at the JFP. Fire her ass and get soemone who knows what they are doing, get Wendy Riche back, GH was on fire when she was on. Sure she made decisions that some fans hated, looking back, it was a good decade under her. Let’s not forget the excutive producer, alot of this blame is on her to, she’s not a victom here. All the crap she pulled on One Life, that was before Frons. I’m tired of people forgetting that she’s a big part of the problem to.

  24. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    I agree LadyoftheLake. Nathan Parson is 20 years old and they had the perfect story for the “coma” baby. Holly was in a coma and either Holly’s family or one of Robert’s enemies stole the baby from her. Lots of storyline potential. But Guza AND PHELPS have to sleaze everything up by insinuating (so far) that Luke cheated on Laura and Holly cheated on Robert. Holly was so over Luke in 1983. It just makes me so mad that they had this wonderful storyline opportunity, and Guza and Phelps just sleaze it up.

  25. Profile photo of shawas001

    Ewise. You like what you like and I like what I like it just happens that I am a Liason fan and I was also a Sonny fan and an Epiphany fan and many others but the show sucks period. And bring JaSam back is not helping. Sam in her underwear does not impress me, neither does her dangling from buildings for the umpteenth time. As I said before her character needs to grow.

    Also the woman that she watched was not safe no matter how you try to spin it. Sam had no intentions of telling anyone anything had Jason and Amelia not found Jake he would still be missing. She saved Jake from the Russians goody for her she owed it to JAKE not Jason or Liz. Debt paid move on. I also said independent Sam would be great but we already see her relying on Jason too much and they are just friends if it goes romantic she would never leave the PH again.

    I FF through most of GH because the stories suck no matter how much of a fan I am I refuse to watch crap and IMO you don’t have to rewrite history to move a couple on. Jason loved Liz and he loved Sam hell he even loved Courtney. It doesnt mean he will be in love with either of them forever.

  26. Profile photo of dinkydawes

    I absolutely loved Liz and Jason today, so emotional.Crying for both Michael and Jake

    Talking about Jake and his birthday and hoping Michael wakes up on Jake’s birthday.

    Liz trying to comfort him. Jason still blaming himself.

    It is not selfish to fall in love. My tourtured couple

  27. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I Hated the Liason scenes , hate that everytime they meet they are saying Jake is better of without Jason in his life and than seeing the loser and Liz talking about Jake and her saying that Jake is better of with the loser instead of a real guy makes me want to yell…………………………
    And wasn’t she stupid asking him does he know what day it is of course he will know he was the one who brought her to GH he is the one who saved Jake and he is the one who is Jake’s real father not the loser……..

    So I hated the liason scenes……….
    At least with JaSam I don’t need to hear the all not safe stupid speech,,……………..

  28. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    All you Liarson fans saying that JaSam is not helping the ratings…. They aren’t even back together yet!! Hell, Sam is only on about once a week right now cuz of KM’s Vegas show. I can guarantee that things will change once they actually put them back together and give them some good story lines. I agree with anyone that says Sam should stay independent and not rely on Jason so much. That would actually be really great because it would show her strength and growth. They should have them start over like a whole new relationship with them going on dates and stuff, since they never had a regular courtship. She was living with him already by the time they got together!! I think she should keep her apartment and stay out of the PH, at least for a while!! I understand why the Sam haters would be pissed about the scenes with Sam in her underwear, but as a JaSam fan, I saw it as a reminder of how close they were and how comfortable they are together. You can watch the whole scene and see that there was nothing sexual about it, since any couple that were together 3 years would not trip out about seeing the other person in their underwear. They were just really at ease with each other and Jason opened up to her because she’s the only person he can open up to, plain and simple. Just like Carly needs to talk things over with Jason, Jason has to talk things over with Sam.

  29. Profile photo of BigDede

    Since Frons is obessed with Sam, why did he try to develop the Lucky/Sam relationship more. Those two had me hooked. THey had amazing chemistry and just looked beautiful together.

    Those two were on tv all the time together when channels would do stories on soaps.

    Yeah I was a Liason fan but LuSam is the couple that had my heart. Why Lucky told Sam that he will always catch her :x that stole my heart.

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I am a JaSam and a LuSam fan, but the reality is that tptb simply dont want to write for Lucky. Look at them bringing in ethan as a faux son for Luke. PLEASE. And by pairing Sam with Lucky, instead of moving Lucky to the forefront, they slashed Sam’s airtime. As a Sam fan, I hated that.

    As for JaSam, I dont understand saying how all of the eggs are in the JaSam basket and what will they do if it flops and then turn around and say its the writing. Of course its the writing. And with all the things going on or possibly going on, it seems to me there are some pretty big non-JaSam oriented storylines coming up. Add to that the fact that Sam hasnt even been on – a fact that mayjador correctly points out – I dont see how anyone can tag JaSam as being responsible for either the low ratings now or even future bad ratings if thats what happens (any more than I will say oh see, its all about JaSam if they go up)

    And on a final note, with all this talk about how Jason needs to be with Lizard because Jake is story and growth for Jason, but really there is NO reason Jason cant claim Jake down the line and go for visitation with Sam by his side. In fact, it would probably be MORE powerful if that choice comes about while he and Lizard are apart. That custody battle might just be a tear jerker, esp. if there was a good (or altruistic) reason for Jason to make the move. Maybe a year or so down the line, Sam has a miracle baby and drawing from the history with Alexis and Kristina, the baby needs a transplant. Would Jason allow his miracle child to die in order to protect Jake. And once the cat is out of the proverbial bag, then it would in fact make sense for Jason to be in Jakes life. I could see Kristina and Michael encouraging him to fight and if he is already raising one child safely, then he would obviously think Jake could be safe too. Or maybe Lizard gets sick – nothing fatal or even necessarily permanent (although I would love fatal) – but something where she couldnt give Jake 100% and Jason deciding he cant trust Lucky with the custody. What ever happened to the spoiler about Lizard getting amnesia. Could you imagine JaSam claiming Jake and totally getting settled in only for Lizard to make her way back to PC. Maybe Zander returns from the dead, that ric set it up, and he kidnaps Lizard and cam. Lucky has to go rescue Lizard and is forced to leave Jake with JaSam. Again, TONS of possible ways to give Jason a relationship with his son, without doing the no-chemistry pairing of Jiz.

  31. Profile photo of Jack661

    ladyofthelake is right on the money about Holly and Ethan. The perfect fit would have been the “coma baby” scenario so that it doesn’t compromise the character of Holly anymore than they’ve already done with the 2006 debacle. I kept thinking… how can they possibly make this Luke’s child… they will have to completely trash history to do it: 1) Will they pull a stunt like AMC and the unabortion and have the 1983 miscarriage turn out to be a fetus spirited away and given up for adoption?? sheesh … or, 2) will they rewrite the 1983 DVX storyline where Holly, Celia & Luke were being held hostage by the DVX on the Expo grounds? To do this, they would have to say that in desperation, Luke & Holly slept together while in captivity (even though in reality Holly realized it was Robert she was truly in love with now). Then they would have to totally forget the fact that Holly was always seen onscreen after that storyline and was never pregnant or off the canvas!! Once again, a ludicrous option! Option #3: After Robert & Holly moved to Australia in 1985, will they now say that Holly crossed paths with Luke (while Luke was living life around the world with Laura) and just for kicks they decided to have a roll in the hay for good times’ sake! Guza would then be trashing both relationships of Holly/Robert and Luke/Laura. (Remember what he did to poor Rick Webber in 2002 by making the guy a serial cheater who screwed any nurse he could find during his marriage to Lesley when we KNOW his only affair was with Monica and that was because they shared a history). Sure it’s fine for them to tease the audience that it might be Luke’s as long as the end result isn’t that. But in doing so and for Luke to even think it’s plausible, that means they still have to change history that Holly and Luke cheated on their spouses with each other. Otherwise, Luke would be saying, “Hey the kid isn’t mine because the last time I slept with Holly is before I headed up to the mountains and got hit with the avalanche in Jan. 1983!” The only plausible options are: 1) the kid is Robert’s (the “coma baby’ and Holly’s family spirited the kid away); or 2) the baby is Bill Eckert’s which could be possible since Holly wasn’t heard from again when she left town in 1993… they would just have to have Ethan SORAS’d like Lulu, Lucky & Nikolas all were.

  32. Profile photo of engradypind

    Jason doesn’t need to be with Sam or with Liz. He needs to be out of the mob and back with the Quartermaines for the future. Let him battle Tracy for control of the family businesses, or let him go into medicine as he had planned to way back when. Just get him away from Sonny and company.

    I HATE the rewriting of history with the insertion of characters who were conceived and born off-stage. That is sloppy storytelling on the part of the writers and powers that be. Ethan is a prime example of this sort of bullhockey. Not to be outdone Sonny is also going to be presented with another progeny, young Master Dante from Bensonhurst. This was done also to introduce Nicholas who Laura had off-stage.

    How much history will Ethan’s parentage change? Holly lost the child she was carrying when Luke was thought lost in the avalanche. She stayed with Robert for a long time. If Ethan is her son she wouldn’t have sent him to PC to Luke if Luke were the father. That is NOT Holly. She runs a tight con. Miss Holly Sutton is a grifter from a long line of grifters. I could believe that she sent Ethan to PC and to Luke just to test out the waters again. Then again, Ethan just may be running his own con independent of anyone else.

    I am not happy to see the Lucky Liz reunion because they are boring together. There is nothing smokin’ about them as a couple. Nick and NotEm don’t sizzle either. St. Emily was bad enough but this Emily lookalike is gawdawful.

    I miss Kate. She added class to the show much like Lila did. Olivia is not a vital character but she is better than Claudia. I won’t be sorry to see the back of Rick Lansing either. If the show is to continue it has to cut down on the cast and use them to tell stories that have been thought out and researched before they are delivered.

  33. Profile photo of shawas001

    Just wondering. How can they have a teen romance when all of the teens on the show are related to Sonny.LOL

    Kristina- Daughter
    Morgan- Son
    Michael- Son
    Molly- Niece

  34. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    I’m hoping Kelly Monaco gets a primetime gig or something and leaves GH. I used to like the character of Sam. Now I’m just annoyed by her. Actually I think I just started really disliking the character when she slept with her mother’s husband and the whole “hot tub in my bikini trying to seduce Lucky thing and calling over Jason to tell him my seduction plan” thing. I don’t care how upset or drunk you are, you should know not to sleep with your mom’s hubby or not to use sex for revenge. Then I started to like her again with Lucky and she was redeeming herself. Now she’s back to being a Barbie. I hope she just leaves Port Charles. Fronz is too much of a pig to allow the character any growth. I hope JaSam blows up in his face… LuSam and Liason had so much potential. But ofcourse, Fronz couldn’t allow his beloved Sam to be with Lucky, and his beloved Jason to be with Liz.

    And I’d rather have Steve Burton leave the show too if all he’s gonna be is Sonny’s enforcer and solve everyone else’s family problems. Not interested in seeing another story where the superhero mobster saves the day with his bikini bandit sidekick tagging along. Pathetic…

  35. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Actually, as a KeMo fan, I would love that for her. I could have seen her in the role that went to ex-Amelia on 24. I could have imagined her in the Kate role on Lost. SVU is losing a cop at the end of this season – she would make a great replacement for whoever bites the dust. How about bringing her in as a love interest for SImon Baker’s character on the Mentalist and then spin her off to her own show – she has the charisma. Kutner is gone on House. Would another brunette on his team be out of the question?

    So yeah, I could imagine her in a lot of different places, but in the meantime, I want to see her with JASON on GH.

  36. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I would love to be pleasantly surprised and find out that Kelly Monaco could play a smart, fiesty, strong, and hardnosed cop on another show but GH is the only thing I have ever seen her on and I have never seen her do anything on GH that shows she has any range.

  37. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    LostHope4GH I just read that SVU said the show will be back with or without the 2 leads. Then I read that Mariska (Olivia) is in the process of signing a new contract. She said Chris (Elliot) is also. I’m wondering if its Ice-T because he hasn’t talked contract with the show.. If so… Lord knows I will not watch cause I started watching due to him!

  38. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    Thanks Jillian. Ice-T is sooo funny, I don’t want him to go. And I doubt NBC would let Mariska or Chris go. But I like Munch too. I don’t care if any of the lawyers leave.

  39. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Sam spent the majority of her relationship with Jason bawling her eyes out. Kelly Monaco constantly had tears running down her face. Let’s see, Sam’s baby died…she cried. Jason lost his memory and needed surgery…she cried. Jason broke up with her after she was shot…she cried. During that entire breakup…she cried. Poor KeMo probably had to put ice on those little buggers because they were so swollen, lol. It’s obivous the girl can cry, but KeMo also plays bitch very well. Hello Sam/Liz fights? In additon, she is fabulous when she plays fun, flirty and sweet. Also, someone mentioned it above but, I think she would be excellent as a cop in primetime. We have seen her portray the kick butt type on GH several times. Maybe some people don’t see her range, but I can see it clearly.

    Personally, I would love to see her leave daytime and move on to other projects. I think she would be amazing. But, I think she is happy with daytime right now, so I’m just going to enjoy whatever it is she is doing on GH. I seriously can’t wait until Kelly is finished in Vegas because having Sam on only once a week just isn’t cutting it for me, lol. Although, I guess I should be happy because whenever she is on, most of her scenes are with Jason. Muahhhahahahaaa!!

  40. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    KeMo does the crying and sad thing really well, I agree. But being a cop doesn’t involve crying, or being bitchy, or lauging, or being sweet, which are the things that she’s good at. When was the last time you saw an SVU cop cry or be a bitch. Playing a bitch is not the same as playing a harda$$. Being a cop involves all the stuff that she’s not good at, like making serious, hardnosed, frustrated faces. Doesn’t anyone else notice that she only closes her eyes, or rolls her eyes, or makes weird hand gestures when she’s trying to portray those emotions?

  41. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington


    SVU needs to get rid of the new ADA the McManus chick, I’m sorry but I couldn’t buy her as a kindergarten teacher much less an ADA that prosecutes sex crimes. Katie Holmes was much more believable in Batman Begins than that girl, do you think KeMo could pull off an ADA? Personally, I’d much rather Nancy Lee Grahn leave GH and be the SVU ADA.

  42. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    I’m a huge SVU fan too. I agree, Belzar is funny and one of the longest running characters on TV.

    NLG really would make a great ADA. I don’t like McManus in that role either. At first I thought she was OK, but she never really grew on me.

    Ya know, with GH sucking lately and putting actors on recurring and cutting their salaries, I’m suprised other networks haven’t started to try and snag some of the very talented actors from GH for primetime. Nancy and Rick for example can totally succeed on primetime. Why are they letting their talents go to waste on GH. Well I guess Rick is leaving but I wish he was leaving for primetime tv. I’m not about to start watching another soap.

  43. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I think Ice is a goner. I suspected that was the direction the minute he called Benson out. But who knows, maybe it will be more of a background character like the psychiatrist that BD Wong plays. I could see NLG as an ADA and I could see KeMo as a detective.

    I agree with Ash, KeMo has shown her range and her skill time and time again. But hey, thats just me, I dont think someone has to be rolling their eyes, raising their brow and poppin their head every five seconds to convey emotions. Thats not skill, thats Tourettes.

  44. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    When did Fin call Benson out? Lost there. I don’t think Ice is gone I’m just chanting that as my mantra! Mrs. Adam Carrington, the ADA has been let go since April. That’s why she’s not on anymore.That chick NEVER grew on me, she came across as annoying and trying to be badass in a squad filled with badass cops.

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    OOPs – its late, I meant stabler. They had the fight about Stabler being a hot head – I thought that was the end of last season. I hope he isnt leaving. I just thought when that happened that they were laying the groundwork. I suspect if he does go, it will be either because HE wanted to leave or because they had to pay through the nose to keep MH and CM

  46. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Nah Fin was stating the obvious. Stabler likes to go gunz blazing after someone and then when he’s wrong he gives a weak apology like he did Fin. That was cold. Fin’s always got El’s back. Ice-T gets a good chunk of L&A money…

  47. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1

    I wouldn’t say all the eggs were in Liason’s basket. There was alot of story going on at the time including Sam and Ric, Alexis’s cancer, Lucky’s drug addiction… then it moved to the Alcazar mess, the MetroCourt hostage crisis, Emily’s death and the text message killer. There was much more story and BETTER story going on when Liason kicked off. Right now, there’s really nothing. Michael’s storyline only interests me to see if he sticks it to Sonny. I like CarJax but I hate this ZBT nonsense. The Claudia story is not holding my attention and the thought of more Supergirl and Superman capers … well lets just say if I had faith that they’d be written as well as the adventures were written in the 80’s and 90’s I wouldn’t be so hard on them.

    He did to place all his eggs in on Liason. Just look at the aftermath every last thing got flipped upside down for one couple. You may get sick of hearing that but it’s pretty true. By the time they got done they wanted us to want Liason and say to hell with everybody cause Liason didn’t do wrong and cloudn’t be wrong then we see she had his baby. They banked on Liason like ppl bet on NewEngland to win the Suerbowl 2 years ago uh-oh. You know it Regan they wanted Liason and for eveybody to want Liason with that heavy handed handwritting.

  48. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    SVU is losing a cop??? WWhhhyy?? Who? I like that whole cast :(

    I though NBC or some major network had KeMo on contract promising her a role in their next pilot. Anyways, I liked her on Dancing With The Stars. I just don’t like her as SAM. I don’t like the character of Sam. She’s ruined, in my opinion anyway. And I hate her with Jason…

  49. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    oh and Amelia rocked it on 24. I don’t think KeMo would have done the same. I see her in a different type of role, one that has her laughing and being silly more. She has a really cute smile and laugh. I don’t like her serious/frustrated faces as much. Again, just my opinion.

  50. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    I can’t see her playing a hardnosed anything. Too much eyes rolling/closing and hands flailing when she tries to the serious/concerned/frustrated looks. She’s better off in a sexy comedy type show. She’s adorable when she’s being cute and funny and smiley.

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