General Hospital’s Blake Gibbons on The Mentalist

General Hospital’s Blake Gibbons (Coleman) made an appearance on tonight’s episode of The Mentalist. I didn’t catch the episode because I was watching Fringe, but as I was flipping channels during commercials I spotted Gibbons and had to quickly take a screencap. Against my cookie cutter procedural dislike and judgement I’ve taken a slight liking to The Mentalist so I’d love to know if anyone caught Gibbons appearance.

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    i FLOVE Patrick Jane & The Mentalist and it was real kool to see another GH’er on.

    Blake was good. though i couldn’t figure out if he was supposed to look like he’d been crying or if he was high :/

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    I love some procedurals (L&O–the original baby!–is the best) but loathe much of the CBS copycats. But…I gotta say the Mentalist has drawn me in, almost 100% because of Simon Baker’s charm. He should’ve been a star for years. I highly recommend the undiscovered gem of a rom com called “Something New” that he starred in–put it in your Netflix ques tonight, ladies, because it is honestly a great (Ok, not GREAT, but very enjoyable chik flick) movie.

    As for Gibbons, I have not seen his guest starring role yet, but its on my DVR. He was great in his guest starring role on Dexter. Frankly, he is one of the more interesting characters on GH. I think I would prefer watching Diane, Alexis, Maxie, Spinelli, and Cole all day over what is usually on….

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    Don’t get me started on Something New. He was so freakin cute in that movie. And the scene where he sees her without her weave (that he asked her to take out) was so cute. The look on his face.

    I love the Mentalist but I have to say, I hate The Boss. I didn’t like her in that witch movie and I still hate her now.

    ***Can someone tell me how to do screencaps and clips**** Can you leave me the instructions in a message please.

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