RUMOR REPORT: Setside Sources Say TeleNext Talks with Guiding Light Cast About Lifetime and Oxygen!

Sources have revealed to Daytime Confidential that Telenext Media Corp. allegedly met with the cast of Guiding Light last Thursday morning to discuss an update on the show’s future. Telenext reportedly admitted to the cast that they were in talks with both Lifetime and Oxygen and said talks were going "very well". 
"Guiding Light will more than likely find a new home", says the source. "Jill Lorie Hurst has been asked to write and map out stories for a complete first year on a new network. There was also a lease drawn up for studio space."
It seems everyone over at the Guiding Light camp is very hopeful. Sources also told yours truly that "Now is the time to hit Lifetime and Oxygen hard with email’s, snail mail, phone calls, and postcards. They love Guiding Light’s loyal fans." I think that says it all.
Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential for more updates on the developing story.


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    Thank you so much Melodie for the update!!

    Jill Lorie Hurst is a genius and I am continually amazed by her creative talents so I do hope it’s true about her mapping out the stories!

    I couldn’t agree more that now is the time to bombard Lifetime and Oxygen to show them just how loyal Guiding Light fans are! I really hope they see the fan video because I think that says it all!

  2. Profile photo of Alicatcuz

    GL is a fantastic show and any network will be getting a gem to pick it up. It also comes with a ton of loyal viewers. I am a new viewer since November but I am committed to the Light now that I’ve seen what an excellent show it is.

  3. Profile photo of south

    I have a feeling GL is about to make history. The producers, writers, cast, and crew deserve our full support. I’m sure they have had a rough month with the cancellation and I feel for every one of them.

  4. Profile photo of D28IF

    Thanks for the update. Things sound hopeful. And the best news is that Jill Lorie Hurst is the one being asked to do the writing. Nothing could show a great start more than that.

  5. Profile photo of ahhiker

    Hope this is true! Guiding Light still has a lot of life left in her! The producer, the writers, the cast and crew have been doing an outstanding job! They have some awesome story lines going on and deserve all the support we can give them!

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    I think lifetime would be the logical choice considering in most homes oxygen is a pay per view channel.Jamey do u think guiding light will have to stay in the same filming format.I guess atwts will go there too.

  7. Profile photo of riot

    Mel, thank you so much for keeping us updated.

    I’ll definitely continue to make Lifetime and Oxygen aware of my support.

  8. Profile photo of nathan77

    Best news I have heard all day, and it does give me some hope. I believe Lifetime would be the better fit for the Light, and I am so relieved that its Hurst who was asked to write up something for the show and not anyone else. The show has so much life in it left, so if anyone can provide some contact info for Lifetime (especially) or Oxygen it would be appreciated!

  9. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Lifetime is a great fit for GL and the representation of what women suppose to be written as smart, strong, good head on their shoulders instead of Frons misogynistic tones on ABC soaps. I think that if this deal comes through, it means that soaps can be saved and be reinvented into something new and exciting and I think it is a good thing for this industry that needs a good boast in good news.

  10. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Mel – you ROCK girl!! Thanks so much for the hopeful news!! All we needed was just a lil bit of hope to keep fighting strong and hard!!

    Anyone wanting Lifetime and/or Oxygen snail mail addys, email addys, phone numbers can go to BPD site,, Sweetestsparks, SOC – anywhere — the info is EVERYWHERE!

    Keep Fighting to Save the Light!! We CAN do this!!

    Thanks for hooking up the Lifetime link Jamey!! :-)

  11. Profile photo of Rocker

    I really hope that Guiding Light finds a new home. Lifetime or Oxygen would be great. The show really deserves to continue. Let’s Keep The Light Shining!

  12. Profile photo of DavidsMuse

    If GL continues under more solid financial backing and JLH is the HW, then I’ll continue to hope that my beloved sons of Alex will return one day, BOTH of them! :)

  13. Profile photo of clcborah

    This is great news…I am so happy to hear this….I have been e-mailing, calling, and writing letters everyday since April 1 and I will not stop until my Guiding Light is saved..Keep the light shining!!!

  14. Profile photo of BBK

    Hallelujah!!! Please let this be true!!! DOING DANCE OF JOY AROUND THE ROOM!!! More postcards and emails going out tonight and tomorrow!1

    We can make a difference, keep it up and KEEP THE LIGHT SHINING!!!

  15. Profile photo of zurge

    Thank you for sharing this news, Mel. I know nothing is set in stone at this point, but to read that there is still hope for GL…it made my night.

  16. Profile photo of GLFanLongBeachNY

    Thank you so much for this update!! It is exciting – we will keep fighting for GL until is placed with a network that will treat it like the gem it is! Am so glad to hear that JLH is handling the long term writing and that they are leasing studio space. Bye Bye CBS and Barbara Bloom. Good riddance!

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    To replace the longest-running drama on television, CBS may order remakes of two of the longest-running game shows.

    CBS is weighing pilot orders for Let’s Make a Deal and The Dating Game.

    The network wants to check out updated versions of the shows as part of its effort to fill the daytime slot to be voided by Guiding Light, the recently canceled soap, which ends its historic run in September.

    The original Let’s Make a Deal hosted by Monty Hall aired from 1963 to 1973 on ABC and NBC, followed by various syndicated versions and remakes over the years. The original Dating Game ran from 1965 to 1980 on ABC, followed by several syndicated versions.

  18. Profile photo of nycwriter

    Fantastic news. Personally, I cannot wait for another network to make CBS eat crow. GL is at the top of it’s game and that should have been honored by CBS. GL will thrive at a network where TPTB are as excited about the show as the fans and viewing audience are. So as scary as it is to leave CBS… ultimately, the network change may be the best thing that ever happened to GL. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  19. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    Thank you so much for the update Mel! This is very good news, but I still cannot fully get my hopes up until something is set in stone. I will definitely be sending Lifetime and Oxygen more postcards and making more calls! One of the things that excites me most is that they will have an actual studio to work at!

  20. Profile photo of sassyfevacolin

    I’m really hoping GL will contract with Lifetime…it’s the only cable channel I get without digital/satellite which Oxygen is on. Please Lifetime, since I’m a loyal viewer of the channel! 0:)

  21. Profile photo of RoseVioletDaisy

    Aren’t Lifetime and/or Oxygen worried that the ratings are sinking like a stone and hit their lowest HH and total-viewer count EVER last week despite the Otalia and “save GL” buzz? The longer it takes to make an announcement about continuation, the worse the situation will get because people are already starting to detach themselves from the show in preparation for it being gone and the is far less compelling than it was just a few weeks ago.

  22. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    Conspiracy theory…

    P&G purposely wants out at CBS. They can still do their commercials there, but don’t feel they can work with them anymore on such an intimate level. Why else would they do what they did to GL and appearently to ATWT? They waited till the last minute to make an effort on CBS to get a gig on cable. Maybe ATWT will get better at the last minute too. Yeah, this theory doesn’t completely wash given GL isn’t totally better, but this is all I got.

    Also, is GL on two cablers (Lifetime/Oxygen and Soapnet) better than one pain in the neck network? If this doesn’t work out, P&G can finally say enough is enough and get out of the business.

  23. Profile photo of rockermom58

    This is very encouraging! I’m hoping the show goes to Lifetime because I think it’s carried by more cable companies, but I will follow the Light anywhere. I just tuned in a few months ago, but I’m hooked on the best writing and acting I’ve seen on soaps in decades! I think the use of handheld cameras and the way they weave the music into the scenes really enhances the story and pulls me right in!

  24. Profile photo of soapsphile

    great news, i check repeatedly in hopes of learning something positive. i really hope that ‘jill’will use this opportunity to put gl on the right track, and bring the bauers back to the show, their stories are THE GUIDING LIGHT…and can easily be interwoven into the highlights and buzz being generated by this years hot storylines….as a loyal fan for the last 38 yrs, oh, how i’d love to be a story consultant just about now…..any p/t positions or advisory groups???, have always dreamt of seeing my name on the credits as medical consultant since my pre-med yrs at school….


  25. Profile photo of chris345

    JLH & EW have done lots to improve this show from the month of Dec on. Clearly we are starting to see the stress of the situation play out on our show.

    Imagine a network that is going to promote you, really promote you. Imagine a network that is interested and values 2 to 3 million viewers. New, that’s enough to make me happy, new sets.

    Imagine that the venue is slowly dying and GL has a shot at making history and taking the whole industry in a new and valuable direction. Network TV is also not your only choice these days, many shows continue on cable and other venues and their quality is greater than the junk most soaps are feeding us.

    The lastest seems to be, via gossip. that the show is reaching out to the actors, working out contracts, deciding who wants to come, who doesn’t, who the network really wants to come and how it’s going to work out the contracts.. There are to many indications that the show is going to be a spalding/Lewis/Otalia centered show. Right now folks are hinting that you will see RN & KZ taking on a nice role in the new GL, which makes this fan happy.
    Of course the spaldings make me happy…

    If the rumors are correct then GT & JF are on the fence. I hope that pgp steps up and perhaps some fans express their support for them. I really cannot see GL without Dinah (OLTL sucks right now and they are in a downward spiral while GL is on an upturn) I love the energy the JB’s Shayne has given the show and josh & reva… I hope the opt to stick with the show.

    For me Otalia, Bill/Lizzie, Dinah/Shayne, Phillip & the Spaldings and Josh/Reva is a great place to start this show off on..

    All the

  26. Profile photo of blake3b

    Thank you for the update! Nice to see a site constantly update us on GL’s status!
    I have emailed Lifetime, Oxygen, WE and TVLand and I have fowarded the information to other GL fans who want the show to continue on.
    I personally hope it goes to Lifetime since it’s already on my satellite cable. But if one of the networks I don’t have pick it up I will just call and try to add it to the channels.
    I feel bad for the fans who only have basic cable and the ones who can’t afford to get cable to keep watching GL. They are the ones who are really losing out. Thanks CBS, morons.

  27. Profile photo of niauoil

    This is very encouraging. Please keep the pressure up on both Lifetime and Oxygen. One of my biggest concerns has been whether or not Jill Lorie Hurst would be part of the package to whatever network GL went to. With the story lines in her (and Ellen Wheeler’s) competent hands, I’d feel much better.

  28. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    With the story lines in her (and Ellen Wheeler’s) competent hands, I’d feel much better.
    I think Ellen needs a co-executive producer who gets why people watch soaps. I applaud her recent efforts, but I don’t think her vision can sustain a daytime soap opera on cable. The show will need to be hotter, sexier, more risque, more pot boiler, basically, more of a soap opera, and she has proven that isn’t how she sees soaps. Let her run around in open fields directing scenes till her little heart is content, but bring in a show runner who gets why people love soaps to help her out.

  29. Profile photo of chris345

    I sometimes wonder if the part of the issue is the filming formate when it comes to making the show sexier. Perhaps new sets can and will improve that.

    I do agree with Jamey, nobody wants to see their sexy pairings kissing on swings or having sex during the day at theme parks.

    I did read a recap from the Pittsburgh cancer event and one of the bloggers said that Jeff Branson thought going to a network that wanted them and that might be cable would be good. He said that on cable they can do more things and the show would be sexier.

    For pairings like Dinah/Shayne and Bill/Lizzie that is a must for daytime TV. Viewers don’t want cute all the time, they want sexy.

  30. Profile photo of Bellabalara

    I have watched GL since 1976 and I really hope it finds a new home. When I was in college I would even schedule my classes around GL to go home a watch it. Then I went into the working world I still figured out a way to watch it before going to work or when I got home. I love it and it is the only thing on TV I watch besides the news. I am forty something and really have grown up with everyone on the show. Please find GL a new home. I kind of like the way they have been filming it outside lately. It seems more real. Who needs a studio of fake rooms and such. Keep it real GL. No matter how you film it the show is about life! Live on GL!

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