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Looking for a sudsy, sizzling good time? Then turn off SOAPnet, log on to your PC or laptop and order Manhattanites. Directed by Gregori J. Martin and All My Children‘s Darnell Williams, Manhattanites is set in the same universe as We Love Soaps editor Roger Newcomb‘s popular online radio soap Scripts and Scruples.

Manhattanites is the story of a Marilyn Marsden (One Life to Live‘s Ilene Kristen), a successful entertainment lawyer who discovers her conservative magazine editor fiance, Blake (Lev Gorn, The Wire) is having an illicit gay affair with one of her clients, Matt Malone (OLTL’s Forbes March), a rising star in the art world. 

Marilyn’s sister Gretchen (Caroline Hay) is paying her dues, working at a greasy spoon, while dreaming of a career as a news anchor. Fate pays her a visit when she meets cocky anchorman Kyle Carpenter (All My Children‘s Aiden Turner in his breakout role). 

The soaptastic movie’s C storyline features Hannah Richards (Tasha Guevara), a dreamy secretary engaged to the man of her dreams, or should that be nightmares?

Rounding out the cast are AMC’s Jill Larson and Alex McCord from The Real Housewives of New York in memorable cameo turns.

As soap fans, you will absolutely love how Newcomb interweaves his three, well-developed storylines in and out of the main narrative. Kristen, as desperate fiance Marilyn, is fierce, emotive and engaging, a modern day Maggie the Cat by way of Manhattan. Turner proves you can’t always judge an actor by his day job. With a decent script to work from and a character that fits like a glove, Turner shines. ABC should hire Newcomb to write for him on AMC STAT! The most likeable and engaging character has to be Gretchen. Hay screams dramedy starlet-in-the-making in every scene.

Newcomb and his partners made this film on a shoe-string budget, because like all of us they yearn for the days of classic, melodramatic storytelling. We all talk about how we want soaps to survive, well now’s the time to stand up and show the industry that we are willing to put our money where our DVD player is!
Brian Frons passed on airing Manhattanites on SOAPnet, despite the project starring several of his own network’s actors, as well as being co-directed by one (Hello, cross-promotion?). Let’s show Frons how shortsided he was by helping to make Roger Newcomb’s movie a monster success. Purchase your copy of Manhattanites: The Movie today! 

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    Thanks for putting up the description of Manhattanites and that it is being released today. I’ve read things and have seen the video previews and have to say that it looks pretty interesting, but still not sure if I’m going to or not. Jamey or anyone else, are you planning on the getting the movie? If so, let me and everyone else know how you liked it. This may help me decide whether I want to buy it later or not.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Soapan0328, I really enjoyed the movie. Roger created some interesting, dynamic character and the actors were amazing. The stories were so real and intimate and despite being low budget it was filmed beautifully. The movie gave me inspiration that being rejected by a Frons or a Bloom doesn’t mean it’s over for an aspiring soap writer. You can pave your own way, but separate from that, it’s a very nice first indie film, from a talented group of people.

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