Caption This: Lady Gaga Wedding Chic on The Young and the Restless

Take your best Caption This shot at this preview of tomorrow’s episode of The Young and the Restless.

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    Cane: “Help! This stupid TWIT has sucked the LIFE out of me. I need a REAL woman! Don’t condemn me to 30+ years of being pussy-whipped day in and day out!”

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    lily: and this is the house where we will live fashion-senseless until graz leaves and they throw amber back in our orbit and i will lose miserably because i have no personality.

  3. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    They look like Ken and Barbie before the breakup, LOL.

    Lily: Like, we got it made, I got everything I wanted and a dream home.

    Cane: Yes, dear, we got everything you, I meant, we wanted.
    Help me.

  4. Profile photo of nolanspice

    Cane: Neil! What are you doing here?
    Lily: See Dad? I told you you’d have a lot in common with THIS husband. You’re both practically the same age. And to prove it, I got this wedding garb at the Blond Ambition Garage Sale.

  5. Profile photo of syreeta

    Lily: I’m so happy I married a real man this time instead of a boy aka Mr. porno

    Cane: Chloe, wth are you doing here? I thought I got rid of your trifling ass. Humphrey! Go get her boy.

  6. Profile photo of fewfew50

    Lily: Those DC posters are a bunch of poeple with no life;’

    Cane: You are right love. Who would spend that much time writing about someone they hate, anyway.

    LILY: I guess they have nothing better to do with their time.
    Cane: I guess they have ruined everything is their orbit they just hate to see something good happening to someone else.
    LILY: I guess you are right My Love. I wish they could get their lives back. Or maybe they can go where all the other haters are and stay the he**l out of out lives

  7. Profile photo of fewfew50

    In all seriousness, this it the most amazing thing I have seem in my whole life. Do you think i will click on a promo of ADAM/Heather or Nick Phyllis or Chloe/BILLY. NO. I have zero interest in these people. I sure as he** am not going to waste one word on posting something about them. If i found them boring. I do not have the time.
    Haters maybe if you did not come on a LILY Cane thread you attitudes and your life outlook will change. Don’t go places that hurt you or bore you or make you feel uncomfortable. Learn how to live. Give yourselves a break. Chill go to things you enjoy! There is a whole lot of living out there. Go get it. I am. I LOVE LANE!

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    Cane–“Look at the Prize I picked up after I stopped shopping the K-Mart Blue Light Specials where I got the first two slags I allegedly married!”

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