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Here’s the Scoop! 05.07.09

So Ric Lansing is a goner… well MOST LIKELY he’ll be the murder victim in the big murder mystery for the summer. Rick Hearst will vacate his two time Emmy winning role in June. It’s a sad day, whether you loved or hated the character of Ric Lansing, Rick Hearst is a top notch actor who wasn’t used to his potential on General Hospital. What does that mean for all the Ric SPOILERS and RUMORS I already dropped? Rewrites most likely as WORD on the street is that Hearst was still in negotiations for another gig as early as last week.

Ric and Kristina… They were RUMORED to have a bonding time of sorts when the new Kristina hits the screen but with her step father not long for this Port Charles world that MAY not be happening.

Ric and Claudia… He wants a paternity test as soon as Claudia pops out that baby. Too bad he won’t be around to enforce his court order. Is Claudia the culprit? Her hits usually go wrong.

Ric and Sonny… Will the brothers make peace or will Sonny finally order a hit on his own flesh and blood.

Whatever it is, however it goes down… ABC Daytime is promising that Ric goes out with a bang.

Despite some close calls… Michael makes it through the surgery and we all know that he wakes up to Lulu. Will the two form a bond? Is that what they have planned for Lulu? IF Ethan turns out to be her brother there goes that possible romance and it looks like Johnny is being moved away from the young adult set when he beds Olivia and gets deeper in the mob. So is the Michael storyline a good fit for Lulu? Back to Michael coming out of his coma. He’s upset that his parents aren’t there to welcome him back to the land of the living when he awakens. Lulu tries to call Carly with no success. She gets a hold of Sonny who spreads the word and rushes to GH with Jason not far behind. How will Michael react when he learns he lost a year of his life and why?

Holly hits town and stays with Patrick? WTH? I know they flirted while in the Markum Islands but does a little flirtation mean ‘hey come stay with me next time you’re in town?’ Is the Metro Court not good enough for Holly Sutton?

Robin comes home. The Scorpio-Drake family is reunited and it feels so good. Patrick is happy to have Robin home and his family back together. More Robin – Ethan interaction? Yep! Ethan’s maybe sister offers him some sage advice. Don’t trust everything Holly has to say.

This brings us to Ethan and the paternity debacle. Emma Samms said she tells Luke he is the father in a recent interview. In a previous interview she alluded to the fact that she may not even be Ethan’s mother. What’s a GH fan to believe? Tony Geary was pushing for Ethan to be a Spencer and with Luke confessing to cheating on his angel, well anything is possible. I would like to go on the record and say despite me not being an Ethan fan all these secret sons and daddy issues that seem to be coming up… not interesting at all.

Spixie stakeout coming up… Will the pair get back on the right track? I like them but they are yet another couple/pairing on this show that has the same conversation over and over again. I’m starting to tune out one of my favorite duos and that is not a good thing. According to SPOILERS, Spixie get a little “hot and heavy” while on their stakeout and they miss their intended target.

Will Michael want to live at Greystone? There SHOULD be drama on both sides of the parental front for Michael. His desire to reside with his father MAY be a plot point to get Michael in close proximity to Claudia. Remember there are OLD RUMORS that Michael and Claudia become friends of sorts. COULD this all be a big set up? Claudia’s fearful that Michael will remember her declaration of guilt for his shooting. Will Michael be plotting from his hospital bed to get back at dear old dad for marrying the woman who took a year of his life away from him? Plot point number two… daddy issues. Michael’s getting another brother and the plan from the get go has been for Dante and Michael to butt heads. Originally, Dante was to be in town before Michael woke up but the casting of Dante has them flip flopping the order on the story board. What’s Sonny to do? Concentrate on the son who lost a year of his life because of the choices his father made or the son he never knew he had?

CRAZY and RANDOM … Luke is convinced Tracy is hiding something. Jason tells Claudia he knows everything. Carly faints again. Claudia has a miscarriage and pretends to still be with child. Classic soap storyline. Matt and Maxie scenes coming? Maybe. Jason has some questions for Johnny. Kristina is RUMORED to be trouble with a capital T.

How about a section I’d like to call some of the CRAZIEST RUMORS (possibly FANFIC) I’ve seen? Could be fun… I’ll dish on some of the more “out there” RUMORS and you can laugh or cry depending on how you take them. Remember, these are some of the CRAZIER items out and about so get your salt licks out! We’ll start with the Quartermaines. Nothing gets the fans of General Hospital going more than the possibility of losing another Q. What if another Quartermaine is RUMORED to be kicking the bucket? There has been some CHATTER that John Ingle would like to retire and killing Edward Quartermaine would be a huge story that COULD give longtime fans some closure on the character. Some are comparing this to One Life to Live killing off Asa Buchanan. Now, the RUMORS that go along with this one say TPTB would try to lure back another Q to fill the void. Wally Kurth perhaps? Here’s where a little FANFIC comes in. IF Edward does die, would that spark another storyline? Could Edward’s will uncover some truths that have been hidden?

Still under the CRAZIEST heading let’s talk Ric Lansing and his impending demise. As I mentioned earlier, it seems his death is coming as Rick Hearst’s big exit. Who kills him is where the CRAZY comes in. One RUMOR that just crossed my screen this am is that Kristina offs her step daddy. WTH!? Could this be another FANFIC? How about another attempt at redeeming the character of Claudia Zaccharra? These RUMORS said that there MAY a who pulled the trigger story coming after Ric completely loses all his marbles and goes after Kristina as a way to get back at Sonny. Is Kristina defending herself with her step-mother taking the fall to protect her? Is this the big murder mystery?

No Spoilers tomorrow… ask away today!

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  1. Profile photo of blackjack21

    ugh- again why should claudia need redeemed? poor sarah, being yo-yoed back and forth on this character! poor us for having to watch.

    oh ric please don’t leave us!

  2. Profile photo of ithacaone

    I think Dante should come to town on a mob hit and find out he killed his uncle! Wonder if Alexis will get any screen time with Ric before his demise…

  3. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    ohhh, ok, mike changed it. That would make sense. Thanks guys : ) One more question. Do you guys call Ethan “Teethan” because of his unattractive smile or because he was in the horror movie “Teeth”?
    My new theory is that because the birth certificate Helena had was “1965” that Holly is a Cassadine and Ethan is a Cassadine, which could still make his father Luke or Robert. If it’s Luke, could make sense as part of Helena’s Spencer obsession.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I Just hope that Jason isn’t the one who kill’s Rick and Also I hope we won’t have more scenes of Jason in jail I am sick and tired of that……………….

    Also about Toussaint DuBois do you know anything about him?


  5. Profile photo of blackjack21

    why can’t ric just expose claudia, set sonny and jason up on rico charges, negotiate with alexis to raise molly away from the danger and mind-numbing repetiveness of port charles and just fake his death?

    that i would love!

  6. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    I hope its not Jason who kills Ric. I’ll cry. And even if Jason does kill Ric, he’ll cover it up and get arrested anyways, spent like 24 hours in lock up and then Diane will get him released!! Haha its the same thing every time. Even if Jason doesn’t kill Ric, he’ll get arrested because everyone that gets murdered in Port Chuckles some how ends up connected to Jason. And its no secret that Jason and Ric hate each other. Can you say PRIME SUSPECT? Lol.

  7. Profile photo of BbyBoi06

    Talk about making an entrance. NuKristina comes fresh on the canvas and offs her stepdad? I hope they dont go there. The Michael/AJ mess was enough and you’d think they’d learn by now that children and violence don’t mix. The last good murder mystery I can think of was Luis Alcazar, when Brenda came back. Ric is such a big character that this could be a good umbrella story if done right……

  8. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Remember…. they are under CRAZIEST RUMORS I’ve seen.

    I really haven’t seen much on NotEmily and Nikolas the ping ponging of partners was the extent of what I had. Alexis offers her cash to leave town today or tomorrow.

  9. Profile photo of justloveskate

    I will assume that what TPTB mean re Ric “going out with a bang” is that he will die a violent death. Is there any other way for a character to leave this pathetic show? Can’t anyone EVER leave this show just by going away for awhile? That at least always leaves the door open for the actor or at least the character to realistically return.

    I was planning on tuning in to see Michael wake up hoping we may get some interaction with the Q’s. I will not be able to watch if he moves in with Sonny and gets close to the Claw. I won’t have a big enough barf bag to handle that.

    Good casting in the young actress to play Kristina. She looks like a younger Alexis.

    Question about Dante. If Olivia had Dante when her and Sonny were in their teens, shouldn’t he be quite a bit older than Michael, since Sonny got together with Carly & Michael awhile after leaving Bensonhurst? But does anything on GH ever make sense.

    It’s time for the great TG to retire, before they destroy the character of Luke and one of the greatest pairing on the show, any further. Insinuating that Luke cheated on Laura at or about the same time she had Lulu is just plain insulting to the show’s history.

  10. Profile photo of blackjack21

    so i haven’t really been watching. so luke said that he cheated on laura around lulu’s birth? it would make more sense to have him be with someone after the lullaby shootings since laura kicked him to the curb around that time.
    but when was the last time the show tried to make sense?

  11. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Your so right blackjack, the show has major problems when it comes to making sense. Anyways, yesterday Luke told Lucky that Ethan might be his son and of course, Lucky wasn’t too thrilled. Lucky said that Ethan is around LuLu’s age, which meant that he cheated on Laura. Luke said he wasn’t perfect and then that idiot Ethan said that no matter how much a man loves he can still stray. (?!?) And then Lucky tried to attack Ethan and Luke stepped in to stop it. What a party pooper.

  12. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    Since they are SORASing all the kids, any word on if Spencer Cassadine will be part of this group? I know Nik forgets he has a kid and it’s so hard to keep track for how old Spencer is since it’s a new actor the few times a year he appears on screen. And Mike conveniently forgets he has a 3rd grandson too.

  13. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Guza and Frons don’t put anything on air that doesn’t have plotholes the size of the Grand Canyon. Kate runs a magazine with 3 employees 2 of whom have full lifes outside of work and 1 of whom you never see. Ugly Betty is a comedy and it is 1000 times more realistic. I understand the economics of hiring extras but how about one scene where they refer to the rest of the staff in a rented Manhattan office space.

    When Jason is in jail he might as well be in his penthouse with all of the visitors he is allowed. Also Sonny and Jason are mob bosses but any and everyone simply shows up at their home. Would Sonny’s guards allow Ric the free rein he seems to have, Jerry broke in twice, Olivia and Kate might as well have rooms in the house, they are there so often.

    Guza doesn’t want tight, well plotted stories, he wants what the movie business refers to as high concept stories. Characters are chess pieces to be moved from place to place as the story dictates. I really hope one his movie scripts get picked up one day and that he takes Frons along to exec produce. I miss Claire Labine.

  14. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Regan, How old are Lulu and Lucky supposed to be? Ethan has to be at least 21 to work at the Haunted Star…I thought Lulu, since she started college about a year ago, would at the OLDEST be 20 and Lucky would be 28-32? Anyone else’s ages that we know what they are? Sonny is 43 and that’s all I know.

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t want them to replace Cameron and Jake
    I want Jason to raise his son before he will be in his teens or at age 8
    And they so cute why to replace them

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I hope Ric’s “death” is staged – that he figures out that Claudia and Sason and Jerry all have their own individual plans to kill him and that this is the perfect time for him to get revenge on everyone by faking his own death. I could see each of them thinking they themselves did it (if he died in an fire or something) or thinking someone they care about did it and making a mess of it trying to cover it up.

    What happened to the rumor that Sam might get accused because she is covering for her sister? Wouldnt that be good if Kristina thought she did something and Sam helped her akin to what she did for Danny? I could see Ric know being thrilled at the idea that Jason’s woman was taking the fall. Them JaSam could get wind of the fact that Ric is still alive and go after him together.

    The other thing I keep thinking is if Rebecca is Emily because of something Helena did, why dont they use this opportunity to bring back Georgie for Spinelli. I am sure Lulu and Ethan are going to be like Tina on OLTL when she dated her fake brother David Vickers (posing as the missing Lord heir) behind everyone’s back, and that would leave Maxie for Johnny.

  17. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I remember Rick Hearst as Scotty Banning on Days, Alan-Michael on GL, and Whip on B&B. Did I leave any out?
    He’s a hell of an actor and I look forward to seeing him turn up somewhere else. He wasn’t being used on GH and we all know it.

    And damn skippy that “go out with a bang” means he will get shot. Or pushed off a building. Or burned. Or tortured. Or stabbed. Or maybe a combo. You know how they roll at GH.

    And I am so tired of hearing about this casting for Dante! Cast Sonny’s little bastard already. If Pelphrey and Lago don’t work then get someone else.

  18. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    I’m looking forword kinda to this storyline about Sonny and his kids. It might get him less mob story. I mean he’ll still be in the mob, but maybe this summer it’ll be Sonny dealing with his kids, mob stuff aside. I know people that hate Sonny are gonna hate it, but I don’t care. I hate Jason and he’s still on, I gotta deal with that, I feel for GH fans. Michael and Dante butting heads, classic story of brothers loving/hating each other. Kinda like the book East of Eden, their was that love/hate involved with the brothers in every generation. Lord, I am such a nerd.

  19. Profile photo of McD720

    I remember Rick Hearst as Scotty Banning on Days, Alan-Michael on GL, and Whip on B&B. Did I leave any out?


    Just one – recast of Matt Clark on Y&R in 2000/2001.

  20. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    ladyofthelake- What makes you think Sonny’s kids won’t be in the mob? They have been doing the brothers thing for years. Jason vs. AJ? Sonny vs. Rik? Lucky vs Nikolas? They always set it up so one is always the winner and the other always the loser. Who wins all of the time?

  21. Profile photo of engradypind

    The actor is fantastic; the character is sleaze. It is really too bad they used the actor in such a way as to make him an unsympathetic psycho who is even less appealing than his mobster brother.

  22. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    ladyofthelake- What makes you think Sonny’s kids won’t be in the mob? They have been doing the brothers thing for years. Jason vs. AJ? Sonny vs. Rik? Lucky vs Nikolas? They always set it up so one is always the winner and the other always the loser. Who wins all of the time?

    sueboo54321, I did say that the brothers butting heads in a love/hate relationship is a classic storyline period. I never said it wasn’t done on GH before, what am I stupid. I’ve been watching this show 20 plus years, I know it’s been done on GH. I’ll add Mac/Robert Scorpio, Jeff/Rick Webber, even some sisters in that to, such as Brenda/Julia. So many more examples. I’m looking forward to see what the relationship will be like with Sonny and his kids, mob or no, I don’t give a shit.

    Oh, and Jason always wins, period.

  23. Profile photo of KLE

    He is finally FREE of that crapfest show.

    I would love Rick Hearst to go on Bold and The Beautiful and he is a love interest for Heather Tom, since it looks like they will reunite Nick and Bridget.

  24. Profile photo of svexsal

    I was always hoping that Cameron was secretly Ric’s kid and that Liz was hiding it from him just like she was hiding Jake’s paternity from Port Charles.

    It’ll never happen though…

  25. Profile photo of pisces

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Rick lost all his marbles and suddenly went after Christina to get back at Sonny. Look at Diego and Trevor.

    Suddenly Diego is the text message killer. Suddenly Trevor is going after Sam with a toxic sphere. It was all random and out of the blue, so why not do it again with Rick?

  26. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    The role of Dante is so hard to cast because the real GH casting department went on vacation or something which is why whoever they left in charge is casting people such as Nathan Parsons. I hope they are able to wait until whoever did that leaves before they cast Dante. The new Soap Opera ABC in depth issue had pictures of four potential Dantes and they were all horrible. Looked nothing like Sonny or Olivia to me.

  27. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I suspect that Michael will be mean to Dante – jealous of any attention, esp. if dad starts hanging with Olivia. Remember Michael isnt Sonny’s biologically and he is use to being the eldest, so it would be tough to see Dad, the mother of his child and his first born.

    I am with Lady – it will be nice seeing sonny dealing with issues of fatherhood and his relationships instead of only doing mob storylines like Karpov.

  28. Profile photo of mayjadjor

    EricasEvilTwin… I was thinking the same thing about NuKristina killing Ric and Sam taking the blame. That would bring up the history of her taking the blame for Danny AND of Jason wanting to take the blame for Michael when everyone thought he killed AJ. Ahhhhh… as this JaSam reunion comes closer to reality, the storyline possibilities keep coming!!

    I gotta say I’ll miss Ric, though. He truly cracks me up and is actually one of my favorite characters on the show. I never really watched during the LiRic days, but he really loved Liz and I wouldn’t have been mad at a LiRic reunion.

  29. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    ITA with you guys about Kristina killing Ric. That would be sooo good and juicy. Lol also, wasn’t there a rumor out there that Kristina was gonna have this like crazy crush on Jason? Hahahaha lmao if that’s true it will be interesting to see how he deals with it. That will give Jason and Sam some more fun scenes. In addition, Sam will be interacting with both her sister and mother, which is something that I’m excited about.

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Love all the Sam love around here these days. I just hope that the ric exit gives us lots of good story and a good platform for the reunion. I know that if necessary SuperSam will show her nobility and will do what it takes to help shield Kristina if necessary.

  31. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    Will someone please explain to me how they determine the ratings? I thought it was based only on a certain group of people who have some box attached to their tv? Can they determine it with DVRs and Tivos? What if all of us who don’t have the Neilsen box attached watch GH? I guess I’ve just never understood how the rating system works….HELP

  32. Profile photo of ides55

    OMG, another summer of watching Jason Morgan sitting in a court room is just too much. Enough, the man spends as much time in the PC jail as he does in his penthouse. Give it up already. I’m wondering if it’s Sonny who will stand trial for it even though rumors say it might be Kristina who does him in.

  33. Profile photo of LuvSonny

    If Olivia had him when she was 16 or 17, then Dante would be 25/26. Regan, everyone, why would a 26 year old be mean to his 16 year old brother who just got out of a coma? I could see him sparring with Johnny, but not Michael. I hope NuMichael is still a good big brother to Morgan. Keep your fingers crossed.

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